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Lupane State University

Master Zimbabwe Bulawayo

Building Communities Through Knowledge. Lupane State University The university was established through an act of the Zimbabwe parliament in 2004 and opened its doors to 14 pioneer students in the faculty of Agricultural Sciences in August 2005. The expansion of university education in Zimbabwe is part of government policy adopted at the onset of independence. In 1980 the government of Zimbabwe embarked on a major program to extend educational access to the hitherto underserved… [+] at both primary and secondary school levels. This exercise was primarily meant to address historical imbalances in the human resource base born out of the discriminatory educational system prevalent before independence. By 1988 the enrolment in primary schools had risen from 819 000 in 1979 to 2.2 million, with enrolment in secondary schools rising from 66 000 to 653 353 over the same period. With such an expansion it became imperative that the ministry of higher and tertiary education had to provide more access to tertiary institutions so as to absorb more secondary school graduates in view of the influx of students at the sole University of Zimbabwe at that time. It is thus not surprising that within a period of about fifteen years the government of Zimbabwe has facilitated the establishment of seven state universities and three more are earmarked to complete the cycle of provincial universities. Our Vision To be an international premier university in research-based knowledge, te, ching, and learning. Our Mission To contribute research-based knowledge and learning for the development of humanity by working closely with communities and attracting the best researchers and students from Zimbabwe and beyond. The University will be a one-stop shop for knowledge-based solutions for challenges faced by community groups and the private sector nationally and internationally. LSU Mandate Areas Semi-Arid Agriculture Hospitality and Tourism Language Development and Performing Arts Wildlife Management Agricultural Engineering Biotechnology Building Technology Energy Resources Wood Technology Forestry Rural Community Development LSU Core Values Professionalism Accountability Transparency Innovativeness Diversity Social and Environmental Responsibility Envisioned Future To be an international benchmark of research-based knowledge and learning by 2025. Vivid Description We shall be an internationally acknowledged center of research-based knowledge and learning. The best researchers in the fields of our endeavor will seek to be associated with us. We will also attract the best students in Africa and beyond and will play a leading role in making the people of Zimbabwe, the region and indeed mankind, in general, enjoy a better quality life. [-]

University of Zimbabwe

Master Zimbabwe Harare

About Us The University of Zimbabwe is the oldest, leading and finest University in Zimbabwe which is involved in teaching and research and offers degrees, diplomas and certificates in various disciplines which include arts, agriculture, law, medicine, social studies, science, engineering, education, commerce and veterinary sciences. The rigorous academic standards and high-quality research output demanded by the University of Zimbabwe on its academic staff has raised… [+] both its academic and training profile to make its graduates highly sought after in the industry, commerce, Government departments and other organisations. All University of Zimbabwe programmes are accredited by the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education and other professional bodies in medicine, law, engineering, accountancy, social work and veterinary science. Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best Public, comprehensive Universities in Zimbabwe and Africa and we are still the best. We understand the importance of putting students in the right environment for academic success. We accept applications from prospective students for February and August Intakes throughout the year. Those interested are encouraged to contact the University by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to get information. In order to gain more insight into our programs please get in touch with our Admissions office. Vision To be the leading centre of innovative higher education, research and service provision that is responsive to the developmental needs of Zimbabwe and beyond. Mission To provide high quality and innovative higher education, training, research and services in line with the clients’ needs to enable a significant contribution to sustainable development. Strategic Plan The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is propelled by the need for a new strategy aligned to the changing socio-economic environment. Overview The University of Zimbabwe's Strategic Plan is inspired by the need for UZ to maintain its relevance in Zimbabwe and beyond as a leading institution. This strategy builds upon learning experiences drawn from the 2011-2015 Plan. To ensure its effective implementation, a robust results-based management system (RBMS) will be promoted at all levels and through offering appropriate incentives. New Focus The new strategy, therefore, prioritises channelling energy and resources towards the most promising and attractive opportunities where the UZ has a competitive edge in its contribution to the country’s overall economic growth and development. Notable strengths include unparalleled expertise in research, teaching, extension and community services. The University of Zimbabwe desires to be a leading centre of innovative research, education, and service provision that is responsive to the developmental needs of the nation and beyond. Key Strategic Thrusts Post-graduate Programmes Innovative Research; Industrial Attachment & Entrepreneurship Talent Management; ICT Competence; Quality Assurance; Social Skills Development and Sports; Infrastructure Development; Revenue Generation; Institutional Management and Ethics; Marketing and Internationalisation. [-]

Edu Africa

Zimbabwe Harare South Africa Cape Town Tanzania Arusha Kenya Limuru Town. + 2 more

EDU Africa offers authentic, hands-on and unique educational experiences across 13 countries in Southern and East Africa. We cover a broad range of interest and subject areas on our expertly-planned Faculty-Led, School, Study Abroad and Service Learning programs. All our programs are fully-inclusive and customized according to your needs. The main goal is always to meet your requirements and to achieve the desired learning outcomes for each group or individual. Our Team is… [+] based in Africa, across our four regional offices in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. This means our programs are inspired from first-hand experience and are refined to open students’ minds to new places and people. We are passionate about people, our environment and education, and believe that through each African journey lives are being changed, locally and internationally. Why EDU Africa? We’re Rooted in Africa Africa is our home and we are passionate about people, our environment and the power of education. We believe that our unique educational programs offer life-changing experiences for each and every participating student, faculty member and staff, as well as the communities we partner with. These are our promises to you. We’re Experienced We provide depth of experience and a well-established network of partners, affiliates and academic minds that few other companies can match. Our programs are inspired by our first-hand experiences of living, traveling and working in Africa – and these evolve continuously to include new learning opportunities that are meaningful in the African context. The fact that we have so many returning guests pays testament to the exceptional quality and ongoing relevance of the experiences that we offer. We’re Local We work from four regional headquarters in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe, with several satellite offices throughout these regions. We are on the ground where it all happens, giving us the local savoir-faire to invite you to Southern and East Africa with confidence. We also understand and care about the local communities we work with building long-term relationships. We’re Safe With our hands-on approach and years of experience, we are proud to say we have a credible record of no serious incidents on our trips. We have a sound safety and security framework in place to protect our valued guests, most of whom are young and therefore more vulnerable. We also conduct regular in-depth risk assessments in all our locations so group leaders can be well informed and up to date. We have a comprehensive Child Protection Policy that is based on the UN Standards for Child Protection. We’re Sustainable We believe in sustainable development and all our community and environmental programs are based on long-term commitments according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to make and see a positive change. We’re Financially Secure Edu Africa has relevant public liability and passenger insurance that cover group leaders and groups throughout the trip. We’re Connected We choose our industry partners carefully and build relationships based on excellence, reputable service, safety and reliability. With groups visiting us for over 10 years, we have confidence that we can pick accommodation facilities and service providers that have our guests’ interests at heart. We’re Supportive From the first point of contact with your program manager, until you greet your program facilitator to go back home, you will have the necessary information and support you need. We believe that communication is key, and we will guide you through each step of the planning process to compile a unique educational program that meets your expectation. Our professional, qualified program facilitators will guide the group with excellence and provide 24-hour on-location support. Our Story Born out of a deep passion for the continent, EDU Africa was launched out of Harare, Zimbabwe during 2003 – a couple of years after the founding members first began exploring the concept of offering travel experiences in Africa that benefitted the community and environment. Our organization soon expanded and opened offices in Cape Town, Nairobi and then Tanzania, as our core leadership team moved to live close to the communities they formed partnerships with. EDU Africa initially served groups who visited the continent for non-profit and service-related reasons. Our offering developed organically from there. Today, we have built our organization as a specialist provider of life-changing educational programs and service learning experiences in Africa – for both groups and individuals. Many people and organizations who have traveled with us from the get-go still do so today. Barry Rawlings, Managing Director & Southern Africa (Central) Director, explains why our offering is so unique: “We understand education. We aren’t a tour operator putting an educational spin on what we do, we are genuine educationalists and appreciate outcomes, curriculum and pedagogy.” He adds that EDU Africa is committed to keeping pace with developments in education on a global scale. “We understand that education around the world is undergoing a revolution and will look quite different just a few short years from now. We are pushing our programs to increasingly be in step with the global competencies that will be required for the world of tomorrow. I believe more strongly every day that Africa, in its richness, is the perfect canvas against which to learn about culture, worldview and some of the planet’s great challenges.” We are extremely excited about what the future holds for our continent, our communities and each and every person that places their feet on African soil. Thank you for being part of our story. May we continue to change lives in and through Africa together. [-]

Midlands State University

Master MA Zimbabwe Gweru

Historical Note The idea of a University in the Midlands dates back to the foundation of the National University of Science and Technology when Gweru, which was identified as a possible site for a second university campus in the country, lost its bid to Bulawayo. Two other opportunities to host institutions of higher learning (the Open University and the Catholic University) were also missed by the Midlands Province, when the two universities went to Harare instead. It was… [+] in the midst of such disappointments that two initiatives gradually converged to give birth to what has since become the Midlands State University. His Excellency, the President R G Mugabe, on the nudging of the Provincial political leadership of the Midlands, accepted to the idea of a national university being built in the Midlands. This coincided with the then Ministry of Higher Education and Technology’s policy of devolution, which was aimed at expanding access to higher education by converting teachers and technical colleges into degree granting institutions. It was through the process of devolution that beginning in 1998 Gweru Teachers College started to enrol students studying for the Bachelor of Commerce with Education and the Bachelor of Science with Education degrees offered by the University of Zimbabwe. Establishment of the University In the meantime, although the devolution policy inaugurated an irrevocable process of bringing university education to the Midlands, there was a strong feeling, especially in the Province, that what was being done did not quite amount to the President’s promise of a fully fledged state university in the province. Responding to these feelings, but without losing sight of constraints imposed on Government by declining national funds, the Minister of Higher Education and Technology transformed the devolution project at Gweru into Zimbabwe’s third state university by means of the State University in the Midlands Act of April 1999. The new University, whose name was later changed to the Midlands State University, was to be initially housed at the Gweru Teachers College premises. The mandate of the institution was contained in its broad objects which are the advancement of knowledge, the diffusion and extension of arts, science and learning, the preservation, dissemination and enhancement of knowledge that is relevant for the development of the people of Zimbabwe through teaching and research and, so far as is consistent with the objects, the nurturing of the intellectual, aesthetic, social and moral growth of the students at the University. Campus Site The University started using the former Gweru Teachers’ College facilities, which included Batanai campus in Senga Township. The City of Gweru originally offered the new University the piece of land used by the Zimbabwe National Army as a shooting range for training purposes on condition the Defence Forces were willing to cede it. When the Army found no suitable alternative, the University had to look for other options. Fortunately Government came up with a 164 hectare piece of state land conveniently adjacent to the former Gweru Teachers’ College. In addition the University purchased 188 hectares from Tel One, where more teaching and student facilities are being developed. The University was founded as the country faced its worst economic challenges arising out of illegal sanctions imposed by western countries. This in turn severely limited state capacity to support public institutions, especially Universities. The institution had to come up with strategies of raising income to provide minimum physical infrastructure for both teaching and its management, to provide for contractual requirements of staff beyond the Government salaries and to support a massive staff development programme especially following the 2008/9 exodus of human skills from Zimbabwe. Quite a number of fundraising and income generation initiatives were tried but only one in the end was a success. And that was the establishment of the parallel programmes, which we borrowed from East African Universities. It is an initiative which supported spectacular infrastructure development and production of suitably qualified teaching, administrative and support staff, when the rest of the country was going through its worst economic crisis. This impressive growth translated itself in the successful operationalization of the multi-campus concept leading to the establishment of the Zvishavane, Harare and Kwekwe campuses. In recognition of its strong-willed efforts as well as sound leadership Midlands State University was also mandated to incubate the Manicaland College of Applied Sciences until it became a fully-fledged State University of Applied Sciences. [-]

Africa University - Zimbabwe

Master MSc MA Zimbabwe Mutare Zimbabwe Online Harare + 1 more

"Greetings and Welcome to Africa University, the School of Hope in the Valley of Dreams! Africa University is the first and only fully-accredited institution of higher learning established on the African continent by the action of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church. This amazing institution was founded in response to the call by African Bishops for a university for the whole of Africa to foster intellectual, moral, ethical and spiritual growth in its students. As… [+] the flagship mission of higher education of The United Methodist Church on the African continent, Africa University remains true to the enduring pan-African vision of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa. Africa University is pan-African by design and is home to students, faculty, and staff from more than 28 African countries. Thanks to this diversity, which is stronger than ever, Africa University is a place where Africa happens every day. Africa University is a private institution that is self-governing and independent. Africa University is governed by an international Board of Directors that represents stakeholders from Africa, Europe, and North America. The University offers over 50 cutting-edge undergraduate and graduate programmes that focus on meeting Africa’s vital needs such as food security, improved public health, peace, good governance and sustainable economic growth. We award degrees, diplomas, and certificates from the following Colleges: College of Health, Agriculture and Natural Sciences; College of Business, Peace, Leadership and Governance and College of Social Sciences, Theology, Humanities and Education. Guided by the faith-inspired vision, commitment and action of United Methodists and with steadfast investment from a diverse group of partners and friends, Africa University has developed into a world-class center of academic excellence and institution of choice for leadership development in Africa. We kindly invite you to take a virtual tour of our beautiful campus and witness the results of our endeavors to diversify our institutional mission to fulfill the needs of our communities with innovative ideas and solutions. I hope you will be inspired to study with us or to support this dynamic project of investing in Africa’s future. Thank you." Prof. M. FurusaAfrica University Vice-Chancellor Mission, Vision, and Values Vision Africa University aspires to become a world-class university for leadership development in Africa. Mission The mission of Africa University is to provide quality education within a Pan-African context through which persons can acquire general and professional knowledge and skills, grow in spiritual maturity, develop sound moral values, ethics, and leadership qualities. Values Academic Excellence God Fearing Integrity Professionalism Diversity Ubuntu AU by the Numbers 1500+ Courses Offered 1:20 Lecturer-Student Ratio 26+ Countries Represented 7000+ Trained Leaders 30% + on Financial Aid 99% Wifi Coverage [-]