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Yonsei University

Since its establishment in 1885, Yonsei University has been synonymous in Asia with international education and the student exchange programs. This reputation continues to be enhanced by its participation with 568 partner institutions in 58 countries around the world, the largest such network in Korea, and its enrollment of the largest number of international students - almost 4,000 in the academic year 2009 -of any Korean university.

Located in Seoul, the capital of Korea, the Yonsei campus offers both a picturesque and park-like setting while being located in Shinchon, a dynamic and vibrant enclave of Seoul, just minutes away from downtown central and the financial district areas in Yeouido.

Why Yonsei GSB

Yonsei Graduate School of Business is the oldest Business School and the pioneer of global MBA programs in Korea. Yonsei University Graduate School of Business (GSB) proudly presents our efforts to innovate and deliver management education that can guide you to excel in the new business environment.

Yonsei GSB offers an unparalleled learning experience in developing your managerial capabilities.

The dedicated faculty has produced a successful group of business alumni leading both Korean and global corporations. Our alumni have created a strong network among themselves, offering lifelong business and social connections. Becoming a part of the Yonsei tradition and excellence will provide you a jump start in your managerial career.

Uncertainties caused by rapid globalization and ever-changing innovations require business managers to get ready for unprecedented challenges. A significant number of active business leaders graduated from Yonsei MBA program testify that the Yonsei MBA is the solution to the challenges. Becoming a Yonsei MBA will be the right choice for your future.

In order to train creative global leaders, Yonsei GSB has invited world-famous scholars from top business schools such as Columbia University, New York University, and the Wharton School. We also have student exchange agreement with the University of Chicago, the University of British Columbia and Purdue University in North America, ESSEC Business School, SDA Bocconi, Norwegian School of Economics, ESCEM in Europe, and Peking University, Keio University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore in Asia. We also have dual degree agreement with the University of Washington and Peking University.

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