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About NCC Education

NCC Education is a leading international provider and awarding body of high-quality British higher education qualifications. We provide flexible and affordable qualifications in Business and IT to more than 200 schools, colleges, and universities around the world. We operate in 45 countries enhancing thousands of students’ lives every year. Among the first bodies to award IT qualifications, starting in 1966 as a government initiative, NCC Education gained a worldwide reputation for educational excellence. Today, NCC Education offers a portfolio of internationally- recognized business, IT and foundation level qualifications. Our flexible programmes have been designed with you in mind, meaning that no matter your location, a British qualification is easily available to you. NCC Education believes that higher education must be adapted to your needs and to the industry demand. We pride ourselves on enhancing your employability credentials and offer you a choice of progression routes and the tools you need to succeed. Whether you are studying to improve your career prospects, wish to pursue an undergraduate University degree or a Master’s degree, you can be assured that there is an NCC Education qualification to suit your needs. We have enriched the lives of over one million students across the globe. Make the next step to achieving a high quality, affordable British qualification.

Setting the Standard for Quality Education

NCC Education is global consistency in the processes adopted to accredit and monitor its Accredited Partner Centers. Standards throughout the world are uniform, with examination papers, marking, moderation and issuing of certificates being controlled from the UK by the Academic Board. All student, irrespective of their location, will take the same standard of examination paper which is marked and moderated to an equal standard globally, thus all students are equally assessed and certificated. All NCC Education Accredited Partner Centers, regardless of the qualification being offered, undergo the same accreditation process. The global consistency in quality and service, which Accredited Partner Centers and students can be assured of, is one of the reasons why NCC Education has maintained its position as a leader in transnational education.

External Recognition and Accreditation

  • Regulated by the Office of the Qualification and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual)
  • Recognized by the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS) as a listed body
  • NCC Education’s IT awards are supported by the e-Skill UK sector skills council and its Business awards by the UK Council for Administration (CfA)
  • NCC Education’s Accredited Partner Centre’s may be inspected by the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education(QAA) as part of its review of university collaborative provision

Industry Recognition

NCC Education is committed to enhancing the career opportunities for its students after graduation by establishing strong links with respected employers and increasing recognition of its qualifications throughout the industry. Previous NCC Education graduates have progressed to rewarding jobs with respected international companies.

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