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Ana G. Méndez University, Online Campus makes higher education accessible to the local and international community with the highest quality standards. To achieve this purpose, we have used innovative technologies to offer an agile and efficient service to the student. We create academic programs and continuing education courses that follow an educational model and an instructional design that seeks to promote the integral formation of the student.

In today's market, the use of the computer and the use of the Internet are factors that increasingly promote distance education. In the UAGM Online Campus you can prepare yourself with the best tools to compete successfully in the global work world. Our courses are aimed at professionals who, due to their work itinerary and multiple commitments, cannot attend a traditional program; But they want to finish their studies or aspire to a higher academic degree.


The Ana G. Méndez Online Campus will be recognized in the local and international community as the main Puerto Rican distance university. It will stand out for the highest standards of quality and academic excellence. Our institution will contribute to the economic and social development of Puerto Rico. The UAGM will also be recognized for educational services to Hispanic communities in the United States and Latin American countries.


Ana G. Méndez University Online Campus is a distance education institution that offers an alternative to traditional university education through emerging technologies. It promulgates an inclusive philosophy of appreciation and respect for diversity. Offers and grants undergraduate, graduate and continuing education certifications; all aimed at promoting the integral formation of the local and international community.

Institutional Goals

  • Promote online academic programs for competencies tailored to local and international market demand.
  • Diversify the academic offer by designing bilingual programs for undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Provide continuing education opportunities in non-traditional educational environments for the development of the professional and the community in general.
  • Promote an environment that allows teachers and associates opportunities for growth, continuous professional development and participation in institutional processes.
  • Provide the necessary tools for students to persist in achieving their goals and obtain the academic degree to which they aspire.
  • Establish a component of academic and institutional assessment to develop a plan for continuous improvement of the quality standards of institutional processes.
  • Strengthen the online student services program by guaranteeing support and response in an approximate period of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Promote institutional values in academic, student and administrative initiatives and processes.
  • Promote community programs and projects that contribute to improving the quality of life of the population we serve.
  • Maximize the use of technological infrastructure associated with the offer of online courses and the provision of student services.
  • Identify emerging technologies to update efficient and innovative processes and services.



At the Ana G. Méndez Online Campus, values are the foundation of the behavior that our associates must exhibit. The values we have established are based on the nature of our institution, the purpose for which it was created and its projection in the future.

The following values inspire the attitudes and actions necessary to achieve our goals and objectives:


Inspire excellence in teaching, research and service.


Promote innovation in services, processes and the use of technology.


Respect for diversity and I appreciate inclusion.


Promote freedom of expression.


Act with equity to assess impartially and using reason.


Support effective, participatory and sincere communication, and promote the exchange of information and ideas in a positive and productive way.


Act with integrity and mutual respect.

Social responsability

Promote social responsibility to help improve the quality of life of society.

About Ana G. Méndez University

The Ana G. Méndez University (UAGM) Online Campus is one of four venues of the Ana G. Méndez University in Puerto Rico and is the first Puerto Rican university completely online. The UAGM is recognized as a transformative organization in the field of education and a pioneer in the integration of technological resources in the teaching and learning processes.

The UAGM is a non-profit institution, composed of:

  • Four (4) university campuses.
  • 13 University Centers located in different parts of the Island.
  • Three (3) University Centers in the state of Florida: the Orlando Campus Metro, Tampa Bay Campus and the South Florida Campus; one in Maryland, the Capital Area Campus and the Dallas Area Campus in Texas.


San Juan

1399 Ave. Ana G Méndez
San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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