THE EUGENIUSZ GEPPERT ACADEMY OF ART AND DESIGN IN WROCLAW is a higher education institution which was established in 1946.
The Academy provides instruction in four Faculties: Painting and Sculpture, Ceramics and Glass, Graphics and Media Art, and Interior Architecture and Design, to about 1 000 students. The students can select one of the six majors: painting, sculpture, graphics, design, interior architecture and media art on full-time five-year MFA or part-time two-tier BFA and MFA courses.
The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw can boast remarkable artistic achievements, and its professors and graduates win awards and honorary mentions in a lot of exhibitions and competitions in Poland and abroad.
During the sixty years of its existence, the Academy in Wroclaw has become a significant cultural and opinion-making center. It organizes cyclical competitions which promote a high quality of artistic creativity, eg. the International Eugeniusz Geppert Drawing Competition or the National Exhibition of Young Painters.
The Academy publishes a quarterly "Format", one of the best Polish art magazines, and "Dyskurs", containing theoretical and critical texts on arts.
The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw is actively developing its international relations. It facilitates the exchange of students and tutors with more than 60 partners within the EU Erasmus Programme, and also with non-European partners on the basis of bilateral agreements (USA, Japan, Israel, Canada, Korea). There are joint exhibitions and workshops organized, students and professors participate in national and international open days and festivals. The Academy continuously strives to broaden its didactic and artistic offerings. This we hope will benefit not only our Academy but also the City of Wroclaw and Poland.

The course studies cover graphic design and printmaking with an appropriate intermedia and photography programme that allow students to distinct specializations. The area of course education indicates graduates’ skills in applying traditional and the newest electronic means of graphic communication.
MEDIA ART course
The course studies focus on educating a graduate conscious of the role of contemporary electronic media, adapted to operate in the area of activity related to individual and practical use. Graduates acquire skills of creating and recording motion pictures, abilities of editing and transforming motion pictures, skills of creating and applying a photographic picture, skills of transposition and using photographic and motion pictures in interactive media and multimedia projects (www, interactive CD-R). They learn rules of intermedia activities, multimedia space creation, and media persuasion.
The Faculty offers different forms of studies of the above-mentioned courses:
Graphic Arts full-time complementary master’s degree studies, specializations: Graphic Design, Printmaking;
Media Art full-time studies include 1st-grade bachelor’s degree studies and 2nd-grade master’s degree studies;
Graphic Design part-time studies include 1st-grade bachelor’s degree studies and 2nd-grade master’s degree studies;
Photography and Multimedia part-time studies include 1st-grade bachelor’s degree studies and 2nd-grade master’s degree studies;
Printmaking part-time studies, 2nd-grade master’s degree studies in English,
The Faculty received a distinction for education at the course Graphic Arts given by the National Accreditation Commission.
THE FACULTY OF GRAPHICS AND MEDIA ART continues the didactic tradition of Prof. Stanisław Dawski, Prof. Maciej Urbaniec, Docent Leszek Kaćma, Prof. Halina Pawlikowska merited for graphic arts in Wroclaw.
Teaching process related to the faculty courses and specializations is based upon the competence of the three departments of the faculty:
— Graphic Design Department
— Printmaking Department
— Media Art Department
The Departments run studios, theoretical courses, and related workshops. In care of the faculty graduates’ artistic and market qualifications all the above-mentioned departments take part in profiling.
Department of Graphic Design
Within the structure of the Department, there are Studio of Typography, Studio of Book Design and four diploma-awarding Studios of Graphic Design. The programme covers also subjects run outside the studios – computer science, practice in a computer and bookbinding workshops.
Department of Printmaking
The Department of Printmaking comprises seven diploma-awarding studios of a distinct original character: Studio of Serigraph Printing, Studio of Intaglio Printing, Studio of Intaglio and Relief Printing, Studio of Lithographic Printing and Graphic Arts Promotion, Studio of Creative Drawing, Studio of Digital & Experimental Printing, Studio of Printmaking Expansion.
Department of Media Art
Within the Department of Media Art, the following diploma-awarding Studios were established: Studio of Intermedia Activities, Studio of Photo Media, Studio of Multimedia Space Creation, Studio of Media Persuasion, Studio of Multimedia Design.

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The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw

MA Study Programme in Printmaking engages students in a variety of printmaking processes. ... [+]

MA Study Program in Printmaking engages students in a variety of printmaking processes.

Programme participants obtain the possibility to investigate and learn methods of intaglio (etching and engraving), silkscreen printing, flatbed printing (plate and stone lithography), relief printing (woodcut, linocut) and digital printing. Students participating in the programme will have an opportunity to specialize in unique practices and techniques, namely mezzotint, photo-etching, or collograph. The programme curriculum presents printmaking in agreement with Polish traditions and artistic achievements and encourages contemporary and experimental approaches as well.

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