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ISAE UNIVERSITY Opened its doors as SUPERIOR INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION In 1985, being the first post-secondary education institution approved by the Ministry of Education of Panama, within what is distinguished as the third level of higher education. They were its founders Dr. Plutarco Arrocha and Dra. Xiomara de Arrocha.

In the eight years of operation as Higher Institute of Business Administration graduated, as technicians, more than 600 Panamanians in different academic modalities of the business sector.

In 1994, through Decree No. 272 ​​of May 27, 1994, the University was created and called ISAE UNIVERSIDAD, changing the meaning of its acronym for SUPERIOR INSTITUTION OF ADMINISTRATION AND EDUCATION.



  • Form Professional, competitive, up-to-date with high moral values, with a critical, socio-cultural and global vision, by strengthening their skills and acquiring knowledge through scientific research, social projection and an independent study process, Mixed with support of technological tools.
  • Emphasize a theoretical and practical learning process, where the participant and the facilitator plays a leading role in the teaching - learning process.


Provide access to higher education and offer a wide range of possibilities to the population that, due to their working, personal, social, marginal or other conditions, can not be educated through study modalities that require physical, daily or Frequency to classes.

We aim to be a front-line institution, with international recognition, and permanent innovative character, with a view to contributing to the social changes necessary to create a climate of well-being, equity and culture of peace. An institution that integrally forms its professionals, to undertake tasks with a high sense of responsibility, both in the public and private sectors, with a successful role in the social and work environment, with the purpose of supplying the qualified human resources that the country demands for its development , Through the training of suitable professionals, with modern and efficient technology and tools, adequate to the complexities of the globalized world and; Therefore, to an increasingly difficult, demanding and competitive labor market.

Our values

  • SOCIAL COMMITMENT : Our Organization is seriously committed to society for the opportunity it has given to train its members in knowledge and know-how.
  • OPEN HONEST COMMUNICATION : It is one of the vital norms in the presentation of the services that we offer, since it is required that all the information is accessible to all our users.
  • INTEGRITY : It gives us the moral strength to present ourselves before society as a reliable alternative to achieve academic and professional goals.
  • ORIENTATION TO RESULTS : "Quality is not controlled, it is produced" is one of the main values ​​in the work of our University and our organization works daily to achieve this.
  • TEAMWORK : Our projects have guarantees of success because they are developed with the support of the whole organization, which has led to develop this value as a daily work mystique.
  • SATISFACTION OF OUR USERS : All our daily efforts are aimed at achieving this value, which we have as a tool to achieve our organizational growth "A satisfied user is the best advertising"
  • RESPONSIBILITY : As a professional training organization we have in this value the rule that governs us in developing programs, issuing titles, etc. And so to present ourselves before society as a reliable institution.
  • PROFESSIONALISM WITH ETHICAL SENSE : The goals are projected with a high ethical and professional sense, values ​​for the integral right of the human resource.
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ISAE Universidad

The Master's Degree in Higher Education, constitutes a scientific and integral formation that allows the graduate the development and teaching development in the current ... [+]

Career Description

The race of Master's Degree in Higher Education, Constitutes a scientific and integral formation that allows the graduated the development and educational development in the current university education.

It is a career where the professional will develop competencies to design, develop and evaluate research relevant to the quality of higher education. This professional will be able to propose and reformulate curricula according to the university possibilities, as well as contribute to the elaboration of didactic proposals and evaluation strategies. It will also operate as an agent for transforming current teaching practices, generating innovative actions and a climate of institutional renewal.... [-]

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