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ISAE Universidad

Master Panama Panama City March 2019

ISAE UNIVERSITY Opened its doors as SUPERIOR INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION In 1985, being the first post-secondary education institution approved by the Ministry of Education of Panama, within what is distinguished as the third level of higher education. They were its founders Dr. Plutarco Arrocha and Dra. Xiomara de Arrocha. In the eight years of operation as Higher Institute of Business Administration graduated, as technicians, more than 600 Panamanians in different… [+] academic modalities of the business sector. In 1994, through Decree No. 272 ​​of May 27, 1994, the University was created and called ISAE UNIVERSIDAD, changing the meaning of its acronym for SUPERIOR INSTITUTION OF ADMINISTRATION AND EDUCATION. MISSION Form Professional, competitive, up-to-date with high moral values, with a critical, socio-cultural and global vision, by strengthening their skills and acquiring knowledge through scientific research, social projection and an independent study process, Mixed with support of technological tools. Emphasize a theoretical and practical learning process, where the participant and the facilitator plays a leading role in the teaching - learning process. View Provide access to higher education and offer a wide range of possibilities to the population that, due to their working, personal, social, marginal or other conditions, can not be educated through study modalities that require physical, daily or Frequency to classes. We aim to be a front-line institution, with international recognition, and permanent innovative character, with a view to contributing to the social changes necessary to create a climate of well-being, equity and culture of peace. An institution that integrally forms its professionals, to undertake tasks with a high sense of responsibility, both in the public and private sectors, with a successful role in the social and work environment, with the purpose of supplying the qualified human resources that the country demands for its development , Through the training of suitable professionals, with modern and efficient technology and tools, adequate to the complexities of the globalized world and; Therefore, to an increasingly difficult, demanding and competitive labor market. Our values SOCIAL COMMITMENT : Our Organization is seriously committed to society for the opportunity it has given to train its members in knowledge and know-how. OPEN HONEST COMMUNICATION : It is one of the vital norms in the presentation of the services that we offer, since it is required that all the information is accessible to all our users. INTEGRITY : It gives us the moral strength to present ourselves before society as a reliable alternative to achieve academic and professional goals. ORIENTATION TO RESULTS : "Quality is not controlled, it is produced" is one of the main values ​​in the work of our University and our organization works daily to achieve this. TEAMWORK : Our projects have guarantees of success because they are developed with the support of the whole organization, which has led to develop this value as a daily work mystique. SATISFACTION OF OUR USERS : All our daily efforts are aimed at achieving this value, which we have as a tool to achieve our organizational growth "A satisfied user is the best advertising" RESPONSIBILITY : As a professional training organization we have in this value the rule that governs us in developing programs, issuing titles, etc. And so to present ourselves before society as a reliable institution. PROFESSIONALISM WITH ETHICAL SENSE : The goals are projected with a high ethical and professional sense, values ​​for the integral right of the human resource. [-]

Outward Bound Costa Rica

Costa Rica San José Panama Bocas del Toro Province Nicaragua Managua February 2019 + 1 more

OUTWARD BOUND COSTA RICA challenges participants to expand capacity in leadership, intercultural competence, Spanish language, self-awareness, and life skills. For over 70 years, participants have chosen to embark on a life-changing journey with Outward Bound worldwide. The objectives of Outward Bound Costa Rica programs are to facilitate personal growth and success in the following areas: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Demonstrating increased self-confidence and self-actualization Demonstrating… [+] compassion toward others and living a healthy and balanced life LEADERSHIP Demonstrating the ability to set goals, and inspire and guide others to achieve them Demonstrating the ability to collaborate, communicate, and resolve conflicts effectively SERVICE Demonstrating social and environmental responsibility Actively engaging in service to others ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Demonstrating success against traditional measures of school achievement Connecting concepts and Spanish learned in the classroom with real-life experiences HIGHLY SKILLED, safety-conscious, trained staff lead OBCR adventure-based programs. Our team is comprised of both local and foreign national staff dedicated to creating the highest quality program for our students. The majority of our Instructor staff has completed their training with Outward Bound Costa Rica and hold certificates in Wilderness First Responder, First Aid, CPR, AED for the Professional Rescuer, Whitewater Rescue, Technical Rope Rescue, International Rafting Federation Guide Class I-IV, Instructor Judgment Training, Land Instructor Training, Sea Kayak Training, Whitewater Kayak Training, NAUI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver, and Waterfront Lifeguard, depending on their area of specialty. For each course, we strive for one male and one female instructor, one English speaker, and one Spanish speaker. There is one instructor for every 5 – 6 students. The minimum number of instructors per course is 2. Intern instructors are those outstanding students who have completed our fall and/or spring Outdoor Leader Semester in which they earned their certifications. This hands-on training prepares them to take leadership roles within OBCR in subsequent years. OUR HOMESTAY FAMILIES have worked with Outward Bound Costa Rica since its beginning in 1992. Most sons and daughters have been course instructors at varying times, and are called upon regularly to assist with our hikes. The families live along the hike route in Piedras Blancas on which we travel and own the land, farm the land and teach our students traditional methods of farming, harvesting, cooking, and camping. The students stay as a group of the family farms. Students on course are with their instructors at all times. Evening activities include a nightly meeting where the discussion takes place regarding learnings of the day, highlights, and lowlights of the day, open questions or discussions brought to the group by the students and the Moon Frog Ceremony marking an exceptional student’s transformation that day. Students are assigned roles each day, with roles rotating between all students on course. Roles include the Cacique (Leader), the Awa (Spiritual Leader), the Shaman (First Aid Person), the Cocineros (Cooks), Trapos (Dishwashers), the Hanashita (Journal Writer), the Professor (Teacher), Naturalista (Environmentalist), and Agua-Mono (Water Monkey). Food and supplies for the hike are split between all on the hike including the instructors, and any dietary specification for food allergies is kept separate from the main food supply. OBCR routinely has students who have dietary food restrictions and we will accommodate any conditions that arise. OBCR COURSE descriptions and pricing is located on our website Pricing is all-inclusive, with the exception of airfare. All students fly into SJO, Juan Santamaria International Airport located in San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. Groups range in size from 5 - 15 students on our open enrollment summer courses, 8 - 12 students on semester courses and 5 – 20 students on custom courses. Group accommodations vary from course to course. While in Costa Rica students either camp outdoors under large tarps or tents or stay in dorm rooms with host families or on our basecamps. In Panama students camp near the beaches on approved host family land, and in Nicaragua students camp at community centers. Students and instructors are within sight of each other. Students are in sleeping bags or on mattresses depending on where they are staying. All of our activities involve physical exertion and take place in remote and rugged terrain. The most “pampered” of our courses are the surf and community service courses. All-terrain has its unique and impressive beauty whether in the mountains, on the rivers or by the sea. Course activities include hiking, wilderness trekking, mountaineering, backpacking, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, river and sea kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, rappelling, wakeboarding, surfing, boogie boarding, rock wall climbing, tree climbing, zip lining, cultural activities and service projects. All of our courses offer extensive service components. The community service projects focus on people, construction, animals, marine biology and environmental/reforestation/ecological issues. Our semester courses, River to Sea, Coast to Coast each earn students 12 hours of academic credit and Outdoor Leader Semester earns students 10 hours of academic credit. OUTWARD BOUND COSTA RICA offers a mix of courses to a wide range of students. They share a number of traits in common. They have a passion for the outdoors, are high achieving students, welcome opportunities to push themselves beyond known limits, and are open to diversity and the unknown. They are willing to unplug from their electronic world and live in the moment in Costa Rica, Panama and/or Nicaragua, living “Pura Vida,” as we say in Costa Rica. Summer open enrollment students range in age from 14 to 18, semester students range in age from 18 to 24, custom courses range from Girl Scout troops, to high school classes, to university freshman, to families and everything in between. We contract with several other Outward Bound schools, local Tico schools, and high school/university scholar societies. OBCR’S ALUMNI and their families serve as OBCR Ambassadors and are happy to answer questions about their experiences and courses. Please contact us at, or call us at 800.676.2018 for a list of recent participants. [-]

Winterline Global Skills

USA Cambridge Estes Park Panama Panama City Costa Rica San José Thailand Bangkok Cambodia Phnom Penh India Mumbai Italy Rome Austria Vienna Germany Munich Czech Republic Prague Boston Spain Granada France Paris China Beijing Singapore Austin Belize Belmopan Honduras Tegucigalpa Mexico Buenavista United Kingdom London Philippines Manila September 2018 + 35 more

Programs to fit your passions Winterline Global Education offers skills-based gap, semester and summer programs for young adults with an adventurous spirit and an interest in the world around them. You will learn real-world skills to prepare you for college, life, and career while traveling the world and exploring your passions. Produce a documentary film. Launch a business. Learn to scuba dive. Build a tiny house. Practice authentic Thai massage. These are just a few of… [+] the experiences you could have on our programs. Do something new. Learn by doing. Prepare for life. Welcome to Winterline Global Education! We are a unique and innovative global gap, semester and summer program organization, offering high school graduates and young adults the opportunity to step out of the ‘rush to and through college’ and explore what they really want to do with their lives. We believe that high school graduates are much better prepared for college – and for a career – when they take the time to explore and pursue a wide variety of possible interest and skills. What specific skills will students learn on the program? Winterline Global Education introduces students to a wide diversity of skills – but all of them very practical. Students learn life skills such as cooking, caregiving, and personal money management; job skills such as customer service and negotiation; communication skills such as effective public speaking and the making of digital media presentations. These are just a few examples of the core competencies students will learn while on the program. Here is a more detailed listing. How is the Winterline Global Skills Program different from other “gap" programs? Most “gap” or “bridge” year programs offer students the opportunity to volunteer in another country, or to “get to know themselves better” and “make a difference in the world.” As praiseworthy as these efforts are, at Winterline we feel that in order for young adults to actually offer something, they need to have the skills to do so. A gap experience is an extremely valuable time when students can lay a foundation for a successful college experience by gaining a diverse set of skills and being introduced to a wide range of job and career options. Add to this the value of international travel and exposure to global issues and concerns, and you have a program unlike any other. How will this program better prepare young adults for college or university? The Winterline Global Skills Programs offer very practical life and career building skills. They are not “college prep” programs offering to coach in academic subject areas, yet by giving students a chance to explore their interests, gain skills and consider career options, they enter college or university with a much clearer sense of direction and purpose. They know what they want to get out of life and they know how to get there. additional support and guidance in the college application and decision-making process. Are there any prerequisites for joining your program? There are no specific prerequisites to joining a Winterline Global Skills Program besides an inquisitive mind, a “can do” attitude, and a willingness to take risks, make mistakes, and grow through the process. Students are expected to be physically fit and flexible enough to meet the stresses and demands of traveling in the developing world. Do you have an age requirement? Applicants must be between 18 and 22 years of age as of Sept. 1, 2016. [-]

ADEN campus Panamá

MSc Panama Panama City March 2019

La sede ADEN Panamá se encuentra ubicada estratégicamente, en las Torres de las Américas, la zona más dinámica y empresarial de la ciudad de Panamá. El país es el escenario geográfico del canal de Panamá, obra que facilita la comunicación entre las costas de los océanos e influye significativamente en el comercio mundial. Por su posición geográfica actualmente ofrece al mundo una amplia plataforma de servicios marítimos, comerciales, inmobiliarios y financieros. A través de … [+] los años la economía panameña se ha consolidado como una de las de mayor solidez en el continente. Debido a las pujantes características económicas y comerciales del país, es que apostamos al acompañamiento y formación de sus profesionales con una amplia oferta académica que busca adaptarse a los requerimientos y exigencias de un país en desarrollo. WORKSHOPS INTERNACIONALES Como parte de la propuesta educativa para nuestro Allumni hemos desarrollado una serie de Workshops internacionales a realizarse en las ciudades de: Miami , Panamá y Bogotá. La globalización, la competencia y la tecnología han desdibujado las fronteras de los negocios. Durante la semana académica, se brindan herramientas de gestión que otorgan armonía y sincronización entre las distintas variables involucradas en el concierto de los negocios internacionales. Se integra la teoría y la práctica en procesos geopolíticos, comerciales, financieros, y de gestión humana de equipos interculturales. Lo que debe ser esperable de este curso es la visión de la Dirección, es decir, la decisión política por sobre las decisiones de gestión y decisiones operacionales. El curso se desarrollará a partir de una exposición dialogada, con ejemplos reales y con casos “vivos” a partir de ideas, situaciones y planteos generados por alumnos en su vida real y que se conecten con los conceptos planteados durante el mismo curso. El objetivo es lograr una instancia de diálogo, networking e intercambio de nuevas tendencias en el mundo de los negocios. Los workshops se realizan en diversas ciudades y durante diferentes meses del año: Panamá, mes de Julio Bogotá, mes de Septiembre Miami, mes de Octubre [-]

ADEN Business School

Argentina Mendoza Panama Panama City Colombia Bogotá Medellín Guatemala Guatemala City Ecuador Quito Costa Rica San José El Salvador San Salvador San Miguel de Tucumán Honduras San Pedro Sula Tegucigalpa Bolivia Santa Cruz de la Sierra Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Paraguay Asuncion Nicaragua Managua Chile Santiago Peru Lima Mexico Buenavista Buenos Aires Cali Spain Barcelona Madrid Barreal Resistencia Neuquen February 2019 + 36 more

ADEN is an international educational network accredited by ACBSP, whose main activity is its Business School, Founded in 1992. It is focused on the professional development of executives and business managers, both modality as e-learning; and currently it has 26 offices spread across 17 countries in Latin America and Europe. It relies on applied research conducted within the University Senior Management. It also enjoys the endorsement of prestigious American and European… [+] universities to certify their training. It is characterized by the innovation of learning models aimed at the practical application and use of methodologies interactive, experiential and recreational classes by teachers who pass on their vast managerial experience and transfer best practices among companies throughout Latin America and Spain . EDUCATION ORIENTED PRACTICE The pioneer ADEN transfer system is different from traditional business schools, it emphasizes action-oriented learning, applying the theory to the world of business. 26 VENUES in 17 countries Advanced technology training programs with global vision THE BIGGEST BUSINESS NETWORK OF LATIN AMERICA Since its inception, ADEN was essential not only to expand their teaching methodology executives, but also prepare them to face an internationalized world. For this reason he decided to implement an educational network that allows each of its students to gain valuable experiences from other cultures who share the same language. MISSION Form business leaders through an international educational network for the study and application of the most advanced knowledge and management tools, based on a community of executives who promote the professional growth of its members and cooperate with improving the competitiveness of enterprises and development of the countries where ADEN is. VALUES Dignity: consider the person as an end in itself, recognizing its intrinsic value, their freedoms, rights and responsibilities. Solidarity assume the commitment to cooperate, through the educational role and actions of solidarity with the common good of those who live in countries where ADEN is. Consensus / Community: develop a sense of community among members of the group, made up of students, teachers and staff of ADEN Business School. Pragmatism: understand and promote the value of knowledge, theory and truth, with a practical approach, to contribute to the cultural development of the region and entrepreneur. Diversity: integrate and accommodate executives without differentiation of gender, nationality, race, religion, or political or ideological affinity. [-]

IESA - Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración

Master Venezuela Caracas Panama Panama City China Shanghai Colombia Bogotá France Paris Mexico Buenavista USA New Orleans October 2018 + 10 more

  IESA - Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administration &nbsp IESA School of Management is a private, nonprofit organization that provides a public service to all of society and is independent of current economic groups, political, religious or governmental. Venezuela seeks to offer a school of international prestige, and the rest of Latin America, an academic and intellectual production that understands your challenges and realities of management. &nbsp It is … [+] one of the four schools of management and business in Latin America and 34 of the world to have the three most important international accreditations, which account for the quality of its academic, teaching performance and intellectual production, according to the most demanding quality standards. &nbsp Among its strategic objectives for the period 2009-2015, include: The growing number of participants in postgraduate and executive education. Profitable new generation models, creation and dissemination of knowledge. The deepening of the teaching method Participant Centered Learning. The development of distinctive teaching and research in international and local relevance, especially in the area of ​​entrepreneurship. It has presence in three major cities of Venezuela (Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia), to meet local market needs. Additionally, through the Foundation for Advanced Studies in Management (EGF), located in the City of Knowledge (Panama), strengthens its outreach and service to Latin America.     [-]