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Who We Are Le Cordon Bleu is one of the oldest and most respected in the world of gastronomy, hospitality and management schools. The name Le Cordon Bleu was coined in the 16th century by King Henry III - when he created L'ordre du Saint-Esprit, which was symbolized by a cross hung on a blue ribbon. From his great prestige and tradition won over more than a hundred years of history. Le Cordon Bleu is currently the school more international recognition in the training of professionals of gastronomy, culinary arts and hospitality. In the last 20 years Le Cordon Bleu has carefully developed various educational and training programs specifying alliances and partnerships with leading companies and institutions in the world. Le Cordon Bleu currently has more than 40 schools in 15 countries, one student community of over 20,000 students from 70 nationalities, and a distinguished team of more than 100 international chefs. Since 1998 the Anahuac University establishes an important alliance with Le Cordon Bleu International to offer undergraduate programs, courses and diplomas in the tourist-gastronomic, same areas that, from 2010, extends to the Anahuac University Network. LE CORDON BLEU INTERNATIONAL World Leader in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Management. Le Cordon Bleu is a world renowned network of educational institutions dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary and hospitality instruction through world class programs. Le Cordon Bleu continues to evolve by combining innovation and creativity with tradition by creating bachelor's and a master's in business administration focusing on the demands of a sector of growing international hospitality. Le Cordon Bleu is considered the guardian of French culinary technique through its culinary programs that continue to preserve and pass on the mastery and appreciation of the culinary arts that have been the cornerstone of French gastronomy for over 500 years . Our Chefs The great chefs of Le Cordon Bleu have extensive professional experience, most have worked in renowned restaurants and awarded by the Michelin guide and many of them are winners of prestigious competitions. Every year, chefs share their experiences and knowledge to students in more than 70 countries to teach the techniques and cooking methods that have been codified in France during the last 500 years, giving students a culinary education that can be apply their knowledge to any kitchen and develop a successful career.



Av. Lomas Anahuac No. 46
Lomas Anahuac Huixquilucan, Edo. de Mex.

C.P. 52786 Buenavista, State of Mexico, Mexico
+52 (55) 5627 0210 Ext. 7132


Universidad Anáhuac del Sur
Avenida de las Torres # 131,
Col. Olivar de los Padres
C.P. 01780, Del. Álvaro Obregón,

Buenavista, State of Mexico, Mexico

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