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Universidad Europea de Monterrey

Mexico Monterrey July 2019

YOUR RHYTHM IS OUR RHYTHM Never will you brake your learning, if you decide your course load according to the investment and the time you have. TEACHING WITHOUT LIMITS Learn from the device you have and where you encounter. KEY TOOLS It grows with the latest technology that will always find you. MOTIVATION AND COMPANY In Genesis always you have the hands of our facilitators, teachers and experts, ready to help you grow and improve your performance. What Motivates Us? Our… [+] institution: KNOWLEDGE GENERATES FREEDOM We are an institution of Higher Secondary Education, We create a new way of learning and teaching so that together build the future of our society and the world. We take technological progress and become our main tool to improve the quality of knowledge and that anyone has available the same opportunities to study and fulfill dreams. MISSION At Genesis we are able to educate for life and for work, we care about discovering the skills and attitudes of our students to empower them and each of them will become a great professional with global thinking and a fully integrated person with great character and an overwhelming personality to function as a citizen, inventor, a family member, entrepreneur or whatever become. VIEW We want to grow education worldwide and be the institution that promotes a new culture of learning, in which the only requirements for a person to study whether their desire to learn and the enthusiasm with which you see your future, hope in a few years thanks to Genesis, everyone has the same opportunities to learn and make technology the most important ingredient. [-]

LCI Monterrey

Mexico Monterrey July 2019

50 years of international supportLCI Monterrey is part of LCI Education, which was founded in 1959 in Montreal, Canada. For more than 50 years we have worked to create an educational model that goes beyond borders, that provides multiple creative options and that allows you to achieve international recognition with the support of our institution.Our goal is to train creative and committed professionals so that they have the knowledge and enthusiasm to offer an innovative… [+] proposal to the labor market.We prepare people with ethical and aesthetic principles, always respectful of their neighbors and their environment, capable of interpreting the profound global changes and responding with original and effective proposals.MISSIONWe seek to train integral professionals, autonomous, with projection; people with ethical and aesthetic principles, always respectful of their neighbors and their environment.We generate a transformative process of constant updating, whose purpose is the academic excellence focused on the national and international scope and, therefore, generator of research processes, social projection and progress, principles of the philosophy of our institution.VIEWWe will be recognized in the medium term as a flagship institution of the Mexican educational community that interprets the profound changes of the national and international environment and that responds to education with proposals and innovations.Consequently, it will be an example of educational development in applied arts, based on quality, equity and respect. [-]

Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua

MSc Mexico Chihuahua July 2019

The Autonomous University of Chihuahua (UACH) is a higher education institution based in Chihuahua, Mexico. It is the highest seat of learning in the state and the institution of higher education with more students and academic programs in the state of Chihuahua, is also heir to the Scientific and Literary Institute founded in 1835 Chihuahua. UACH is an autonomous public institution of education; mission is to generate, implement, disseminate, and integrate knowledge transfer;… [+] using high-quality university programs, whose application is useful to society and herself. It maintains its original commitment to contribute to social development and preserve, conserve and enhance the various manifestations of culture in favor of a better quality of life for quiting in particular and Mexicans in general. Mission, Objectives and Values MISSION We are a public institution of higher education and socially responsible is committed to contribute to sustainable social and economic development of the entity and preserve, conserve and enhance the various manifestations of culture, in favor of a better quality of life Mexicans and in particular the Chihuahuenses. We endorse the task of forming whole people, with universal and able to give relevant and creative responses to a changing world values ​​and to generate, implement, disseminate, transfer knowledge and develop technologies through academic plant high and university programs of recognized quality, the application is useful for society and for herself. GOALS Assist in building a society with better quality of life, generate, apply and disseminate knowledge, promoting culture, sports and other activities that promote the formation of a new man capable of driving the transformations that society demands of Chihuahua. Values EFFECTIVENESS: We aspire to academic excellence in teaching, research and extension; taking responsibility to respond to the needs of society Chihuahua with a permanent self-critical attitude and a desire to search for quality and productivity of all institutional activities. PLURALISM: We accept and recognize the scientific, artistic, professional, ideological and religious diversity. CONGRUENCE: We respect the ideas and opinions of others, even if they are different from ours. We respect the diversity of people who make up our community. [-]

Tecnológico de Monterrey (Educación Continua Presencial)

Mexico Monterrey Buenavista Mexico City Zapopan Puebla City Santa Fe Santiago de Querétaro Tampico San Luis Potosi Ciudad Juarez Leon Saltillo Cuernavaca Toluca Chihuahua Aguascalientes Culiacán Hermosillo Tijuana Morelia Torreón Cancún Heroica Veracruz Ciudad Obregón Pachuca Reynosa Irapuato Mexicali Mérida Oaxaca Villahermosa Nogales Campeche July 2019 + 29 more

USThe Tecnológico de Monterrey is a private institution, non-profit, independent and unrelated to political and religious parties. It was founded in 1943 thanks to the vision of Mexican businessman Eugenio Garza Sada.Its work is supported by civil associations composed of outstanding leaders from all over the country, committed to the quality of higher education and to the development of Mexico.It has 31 campuses and 21 international offices and liaison offices. Its objective … [+] is to train leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit, a human sense and a high level of competitiveness./>The institution is in the top of the best private universities in the world , according to the QS World University Ranking; while the EGADE Business School is considered the best business school in Mexico and Latin America.According to Quacquerelli Symonds University Rankings, it is the best private university in Mexico and in the opinion of employers, the number one university in Mexico, placing itself at the same level of University of Michigan, Boston University and Duke University.Our DifferenceThe Graduate and Executive Education programs of the Tecnológico de Monterrey offer a value proposal that incorporates various products and services to contribute to the development of internationally competitive entrepreneurs, focused on business results and with a high human sense.The programs are characterized by:The content quality of development programs taught by highly qualified teachers in knowledge and experience.A teaching-learning methodology that focuses on solving real problems at work using tools of immediate application.Generation and integration of high performance teams committed to the development of projects that contribute to the improvement of the results of their organizations.The transformation of individuals who participate in courses and programs, whose training allows them to achieve higher levels of performance and gives them tools to achieve a breakthrough in meeting the objectives of their company.A Multicampus System that offers national and international coverage, in addition to having alliances with various universities and institutions.For this and more the Tecnológico de Monterrey is the best option in Postgraduate and Executive Education in Mexico.Educational ModelThe Graduate and Executive Education programs of the Tecnológico de Monterrey are based on a current, innovative and cutting-edge educational model that uses case methodology, project development and / or experiential activities that increase productivity due to the immediate application of knowledge. acquired and the opportunity to generate networking./>The focus is on the student, who is responsible for generating their own knowledge , accompanied at all times by their teacher, who assumes the role of guide.Programs supported by professors with a doctoral degree and high potential executives with an excellent work profile.High priority to the use of technology as a facilitator in the teaching-learning process and, in the case of masters and doctorates, emphasize international preparation through agreements and exchanges with renowned universities around the world.Online programs that ensure access to communication, collaboration and learning networks among students, teachers and specialists from all over the world; as well as associations of graduates with the aim of strengthening the student's learning process.With the above, the Tecnológico de Monterrey contributes to train professionals capable of taking on the challenges generated by globalization and the constant change of science and technology, while opening new opportunities for executives, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. [-]

Universidad Tecmilenio

Master Mexico Mexico Online Chihuahua San Luis Potosi Culiacán Mazatlan Guadalajara Cancún Heroica Veracruz Puebla City Mérida Hermosillo Ciudad Obregón Santiago de Querétaro Durango Cuernavaca Mexico City Buenavista Monterrey Torreón Ciudad Juarez Villahermosa Nuevo Laredo July 2019 + 19 more

ABOUT US? We are an educational institution with a unique model in the world for the flexibility and empowerment it gives the student, since he can choose his own educational program according to his purpose of life. Sustained in the science of positive psychology, our university model ensures the competitiveness of our students in the global market economy and boosts the well-being and happiness of the members of our community. Currently, with 29 campus located in 18 states… [+] of Mexico and Tecmilenio Online®, we offer 2 high school programs, 28 Professional careers, 8 executive careers and 7 masters Having as its vision "to form people with life purpose and the competencies to reach it", our community is composed of: 60,000 graduates More than 51,000 Students More than 4,500 teachers 1,600 employees Just as students have to develop competencies that are those sought by employers, Tecmilenio University also pursues the process of continuous improvement of the academic quality it offers. The advantages obtained by having the Accreditation are: Nested and systematic processes that help the continuous improvement of the University. They give a position in the market to be able to affirm that its parameters are of recognized quality. Get more alternatives to reach agreements with international universities. HISTORY 14 years after its founding, Tecmilenio University is undergoing a transformation that responds to global megatrends and the demands of the labor world in order to empower the student to develop his life purpose and become the actor and organizer of his learning. The New University Model has 3 innovative features. The combination of all makes this model unique in Mexico and the world. The tailor made educational experience gives the student the opportunity to choose 40% of his curriculum in Specialty Certificates that adapt to the professional interests of the student to strengthen his graduation profile. Learning by doing is the basic component of each and every subject. The practical experience is designed so that the student reinforces and internalizes in a much more important way the obtained learning and thus becomes significant. The student covers four essential points in each subject and in all educational programs: he experiences, conceptualizes, reflects on his learning and demonstrates the acquisition of competences. The best place to study and prepare to be happy is the third characteristic, and for this, the University incorporates in the student the necessary skills to acquire tools and practices that allow him to develop his well-being, to be happier and to have a life purpose. This implies that the student interacts with different disciplines such as Positive Psychology. And to ensure their successful incorporation into professional life, the student lives a Business Semester the two Business Tetramasters through the accreditation of their subjects through an immersion in a work situation planned and evaluated by their teachers and managers of the company in which they are collaborating. [-]

Universidad Latinoamericana

Mexico Mexico City July 2019

The ULA defines the course that it will take in the future through its Mission and Vision that allow to guide the strategic decisions of its growth and prosperity.The strategies that frame the actions of the Development Plan are governed by 5 Axes:High Academic QualityExpansionInnovationProductivity and improvementCommunication, Advertising and ImageJezael Melgoza / UnsplashBeginningThe student is our reason for being.We will seek to provide you with the best and most relevant… [+] educational experience.We will provide an excellent level of service in all areas of the University.The staff is our most important asset.We will attract, develop and retain the best teachers and employees.We will try to create an attractive work environment.We will provide an education focused on the profession and focused on the student, which facilitates the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for them to achieve excellent results in their profession. As a result of your educational experience at ULA, our graduates will have developed:A deep knowledge of his profession.The ability to learn continuously in a self-directed way.The mastery of a set of skills and abilities necessary to succeed at work:Pose and solve problems.Time management.Critical thinking.Teamwork.Verbal and written communication.Leadership.Good habits, such as self-discipline, personal integrity and respect for different ways of thinking.We will provide an education that facilitates the transition between theory and practice, through teachers who bring to the class both an advanced academic preparation and skills acquired in their professional practice.We will seek to innovate continuously in our educational model, in order to increase the value for the student and for the employer.Vanta EducationVanta Education, formerly Apollo Global, is a global education group that counts among its members prestigious institutions of higher education such as BPP Professional Education in the United Kingdom; University of Arts, Sciences and Communication (UNIACC), in Chile and Western International University in the USA, in addition to the well-known University of Phoenix, Institute for Professional Development, College for Financial Planning, Insight Schools and Meritus University, among others.The family of educational institutions of Vanta Education is recognized, worldwide, for its high quality education and excellent student service; its educational model optimally balances theoretical knowledge and relevant practice.Since its incorporation into Vanta Education, the Universidad Latinoamericana has evolved into an avant-garde institution. [-]

SHG Mexico

Mexico Playa del Carmen July 2019

About Us Learn Hotel & Tourism Management at SHG México SHG MEXICO is a hotel management school based in Playa del Carmen in Mexico. SHG MEXICO is part of SHG Swiss Hospitality Group. We are a Swiss school in Mexico with Swiss Quality, Swiss Experience, and Swiss Education. Our goal is to offer top quality education to the maximum of students around the world even if they don't come to study in Switzerland. SHG MEXICO offers several options to study Hotel Management: … [+] Bachelor Degree (3 years), MBA Degree (2 years), E-Learning for students who work, and the "SHG Exchange Program" where students can study each year in a different SHG campus. About SHG Swiss Hospitality Group (SHG) is an international group specialized in Hospitality. SHG has 3 departments: SHG Swiss Education SHG Swiss Hotels SHG Swiss Consulting Thus, SHG manages hotels and schools with the highest standards thanks to the Swiss Hospitality experience and know-how. International Accreditations: Contact Us SHG MEXICO - International Hospitality School c/o Agora Language Center, Calle 6 bis entre 25 y 30, Centro, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, 77710 México info@SHGMexico.com +529841476430 [-]

IPADE Business School

Mexico Mexico City Monterrey Guadalajara July 2019

About IPADE IPADE Business School was founded in 1967 by a group of prominent businessmen with the aim of developing future leaders with the ability to drive social and economic growth, rooted in personal integrity, social responsibility and global vision. IPADE at a Glance History IPADE Business School was founded in 1967. Faculty Our 11 academic departments engage in the education of participants from the different IPADE Programs. Alumni Over 37,000 students have graduated… [+] from IPADE’s classrooms It is a select group of businesspeople from different sectors, with diverse interests, that share IPADE as a nodal point; for IPADE its graduates constitute the most important value. Rankings IPADE has had an outstanding presence in different international and domestic rankings, published by Financial Times, Forbes and CNN Expansion which consider and assess the best business schools and their programs. Accreditations IPADE’s quality and consistency have allowed it to obtain three of the international accreditations that are awarded to the world’s most important business schools. Advisory Committee IPADE Business School has promoted the international dialogue by involving two of the most prestigious business schools in the world: Harvard Business School and IESE Business School. Campuses IPADE has three main campuses located in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. In order to meet the needs of communities in smaller cities within the country, IPADE also offers its programmes in temporary satellite campuses throughout Mexico. Methodology Using the Case Method, participants perfect their managerial skills by exercising the detection, analysis, and diagnosis of real business problems. The Case Method uses academic materials (business cases) based on real organizational challenges are analyzed from different perspectives. This process is divided into three stages: personal study, teamwork, and a plenary session led by an expert professor. Drawing on the cases and accompanying technical notes, participants acquire the necessary knowledge about the fundamentals of business management. Guest speakers and visiting professors provide additional hands-on inputs, expertise and life experience. 1. Personal Study Participants use their personal experience with the situation outlined to assess the issues and make an action plan. 2. Teamwork The team of participants combine their personal and plenary analysis to make decisions as though they were the company’s board of directors. 3. Plenary Session The case is analyzed using input from the whole class under the guidance of an expert professor. Social Work El Peñón Foundation and Colegio Montefalco are two educational institutions for disadvantaged families that live in eastern Morelos state. Both schools are part of IPADE’s social responsibility initiatives. The Institutional Development Department connects both participants and alumni with the specific initiatives promoted by the schools to help support the education of children, adolescents, and their families. [-]

Instituto Superior De Estudios Psicológicos ISEP

Master Spain Barcelona Madrid Valencia Mexico Culiacán September 2018 + 2 more

The Higher Institute of Psychological Studies , ISEP, is a private European institution of higher education and clinical intervention in the areas of clinical psychology, neuroscience, psychopedagogy and speech therapy founded in 1984 that has trained more than 25,000 professionals and treated more than 20,000 patients in their clinics. ISEP is constituted as an independent institution with a clear international dimension and practical and social spirit.It is the most important… [+] training center for psychologists, educators and speech therapists in Spain and with the largest number of students, based in Barcelona and delegations in Madrid, and Valencia.The Institute divides its activities into training, intervention and dissemination:- ISEP EDUCATION , master's and postgraduate training programs.ISEP Training offers professionals in the psychological, educational and health fields high quality and up-to-date training programs that allow them to acquire a specialization in a specific field and obtain an outstanding professional competence in the exercise of their respective disciplines.- ISEP EDITORIAL , specialized publications for professionalsISEP Editorial publishes specialized texts for professionals in the educational and clinical fields. The publishing house is characterized by the practical value of its works: the works are willing to cover new or poorly attended topics and provide tools for professional practice and case management.- ISEP CLÍNIC , multidisciplinary clinical intervention officesISEP Clínic is a network of multidisciplinary cabinets specialized in the assessment, assessment and treatment of problems related to psychology, learning and health. The principle that governs his performance is the personalized attention of all his patients.40 Psychological tricks that will change the way you see the world and the people around youAntoni Bolinches: How to favor the professional success of the psychologistThe Law of the Mirror | Your Personal Growth tool | Self-knowledge [-]

A-STATE Queretaro

Master Mexico Santiago de Querétaro USA Jonesboro July 2019

A Unique World-Class Opportunity Arkansas State will escalate its mission of creating globally competitive opportunities for its faculty and students by leading the development and management of the first U.S. university campus in México. In partnership with Arkansas State University CQ A.C.(ASUCQ), a México foundation, and government leaders in Querétaro, Arkansas State will lead this innovative project to influence the trajectory of higher education in a country ambitious fo… [+] r a sustainable democracy and socioeconomic progress. The campus will generate new revenue, provide access to multinational companies for strategic partnerships, and develop unique academic opportunities and professional exchanges. Mission Statement Arkansas State educates leaders, enhances intellectual growth, and enriches lives. Highlights A groundbreaking event was held in February 2014, and classes are planned for a start in 2017. The campus will be built on approx. 370 acres privately donated to ASUCQ as part of a master development plan. The $75 million first phase develops 87 acres, including 17 acres of athletic fields and 800,000 square feet of academic and residential space. The campus will incorporate the A-State brand and logo and the university’s curriculum. It will have a fully self-supporting operating budget based primarily on revenue from student tuition and fees. A-State will utilize funds generated from private gifts for startup costs, and ASUCQ will underwrite any operating deficits for up to three years after course offerings begin. A-State expects to generate $8 million in net revenue annually when enrollment reaches 5,000 within five years. The project will expand A-State’s market through new students, access to new private individual donors, and new relationships with multinational companies. ASUCQ will offer the same general education program as A-State with classes taught in English. Initial academic targets are engineering, business management, science, humanities, social science, agricultural technology, and communications. Both campuses will promote English/Spanish as a second language program. A-State faculty will be able to teach, conduct research and provide service at ASUCQ for summer or semester terms. Students will have the chance to study at the campuses interchangeably, build bilingual skills, and gain experience with international companies. [-]

EGADE Business School

Master Mexico Mexico City Monterrey Guadalajara July 2019

The most prestigious business school in Mexico in the development of global leaders. #1 in Mexico and Latin America. Currently, corporate governance transcends the horizon of the organization and its leaders demand a comprehensive and global vision, which in turn is specialized and experienced. That is the reason why EGADE Business School is the most prestigious business school in Latin America, not only for its high academic standards but also for developing leaders with… [+] a global mindset and responsible conduct that inspire others with their exemplary leadership. With locations in Mexico City (Santa Fe), Monterrey and Guadalajara, as well as executive MBA programs in Querétaro and Panama City; EGADE Business School is the graduate business school of Tecnológico de Monterrey, a university recognized throughout Mexico and Latin America for the development of Mexico´s executive leadership in the global context. Vision We develop internationally competitive leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit and a humanistic outlook. At EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey we create ideas with power and under that philosophy we base our MBAs and master’s degrees in business, recognized globally as the leading postgraduate programs in the most prestigious international rankings: the best full-time and part-time masters degrees as well as the best MBAs in Mexico and Latin America. At EGADE Business School, we educate for change – mindful that change, and the challenge and opportunity it brings, is the only motivator for all progress. We are a community of minds – gifted faculty, talented students, successful alumni, distinguished business leaders, and prestigious international academic partners – dedicated to a powerful idea: MINDS IGNITING CHANGE. World-class recognition in prestigious rankings Ranked among 45 “Global Elite” Business Schools Worldwide #1 in Research Excellence in Latin America QS Global 250 Business Schools Ranking 2017 #1 business school in Mexico and Latin America Eduniversal Business Schools Ranking 2008-2016 #1 Executive MBA en Mexico y América Latina #56 Executive MBA worldwide The Economist EMBA Ranking 2013-2015 #1 MBA programs in Mexico and Latin America AméricaEconomía Ranking MBA 2015 #1 Master in Finance in Mexico and Latin America Best Masters Ranking 2015-2016 1 Executive MBA (OneMBA) in Mexico and Latin America #29 Executive MBA (OneMBA) worldwide Financial Times Global EMBA Ranking 2007-2016 Triple Crown of Global Accreditation EGADE Business School has received the prestigious triple crown of international accreditation, from the three most highly influential global organizations in global business education: AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS. EGADE belongs to the exclusive group of 1% of global business schools that have obtained these three accreditations. The business school with the highest global reach We have more than 50 international academic agreements with leading universities and business schools for double-degree and joint-degree programs, international professional certification and possibilities for study on five continents. These agreements also enrich our faculty development programs and promote internationally shared academic projects and research. The EGADE Difference ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE The development of entrepreneurial, innovative leaders is an integral part of the EGADE mission where the culture of entrepreneurship is a hallmark of its oustanding students and graduates. GLOBAL VISION A key differentiator at EGADE is its recognized global proyection and reach. With the widest range of dual-degree and international programs in Latin America in alliance with the most prestigious universities and business schools worldwide, EGADE provides its leaders, students and executives with a truly valuable global business vision and experience. DISTINGUISHED NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL FACULTY Over 200 faculty members represent a solid combination of international academic and business experience. A key feature of the EGADE academic experience is the participation of globally-renowned professors assuring impact and influence in our teaching, research and thought-leadership. TEAM-TEACHING The participation of outstanding global professors alongside senior business leaders in academic programs ensures an ideal balance of theory and practice. We prepare our students for enhanced career success by connecting their classroom experience with the real-world where theory is immediately put into practice. FLEXIBLE STUDY FORMAT Executive programs and part-time master’s degrees designed for students who work full-time, provide a balance between study, work and personal commitments, to strengthen the competencies that will open the way to professional success. ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP EGADE is the recognized leader in business education in Latin America. Globally renowned ranking and accreditation organization attest to the relevance and innovation in the academic programs. Just 1% of global business schools, like EGADE, have received the triple crown of international accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS y AMBA. [-]

China Study Abroad

China Beijing United Kingdom London Mexico Buenavista Shanghai Australia Sydney Italy Venice Spain Madrid USA San Francisco Canada Toronto September 2018 + 12 more

Study in China with CSA China Study Abroad is a comprehensive, affordable, service-oriented company offering language programs at Chinese universities all over China. We pride ourselves on keeping our costs down in order to keep studying abroad in China open to as many people as possible. At the same time providing all the necessary support needed for studying abroad in China. China Study Abroad offers easy access to language programs, higher education and opportunities in… [+] China through the following: Free advice and information on any university program in China Help to get you out to China, including general advice and help with visas Help to get you settled in when you arrive Help you maximize your time in China so you can take full advantage of the experience How do we do this? Free advice - Ask us about cities, universities, courses available, life in China. We'll give you all the info you need. For free. Getting to China - If you need some help with the paperwork to get on the program you want, we'll help. That includes completing your application, collecting the necessary admission letters/visa documents from the university, have them couriered back to you, and help to get your visa (in selected countries). We'll do all this for US$150, which includes the application fee to the university and the postage of the documents! Get settled in - We strongly believe the faster you settle in, the more you'll get out of your experience in China. Unlike some countries, China takes a bit of getting used to, and we're here to help with that. Coming out to China by yourself is certainly an adventure, but it can also take months to figure it all out. We'll help speed that process up meaning you'll get more out of your experience. With our customizable program planner, everything is very simple. You sign up for what you want, nothing else, no more, no less. This can be as little as an airport pickup or include accommodation or a private language tutor or our 24/7 CSA Assistance Package. Maximize your time in China - We do this by offering a few extra things on the side that will really add to your experience here. Volunteering, interning, travelling, or teaching, we've got plenty of choices available for you. Not only will they be fun and challenging, but they will also significantly add to your résumé. These types of extra opportunities are hard to organize yourself and while you are busy settling in, the weekends will fly by. We can't emphasize enough how important these extra options are to your time in China. Ready to start your adventure in China? Give us a call, Skype (info-chinastudyabroad) or drop us an email at info@chinastudyabroad.org and together we'll plan your perfect trip to China! The Top Ten Reasons to Study in China: 1. The language, obviously! There’s nothing as effective as learning a language in the country it comes from – especially if more than a billion people live in that country! You'd go to France to learn French, Italy to learn Italian, Japan to learn Japanese… so learning Chinese in China is a natural choice. By studying in China you can use what you learn from your classes and your one-on-one tutoring right away; to order food at a restaurant, to haggle at a local market, to converse with cab drivers, and even to make new friends. After all, when more than one-fifth of the world’s population speaks some form of Chinese, you’re likely to meet one of them sooner or later! 2. The history. A country as populous as China didn’t get so large overnight – it took a long, long time. The earliest examples of written Chinese history date back to 1600 BC, though the stories refer to events occurring up to 4200 years ago! Since then, China has undergone episodes of expansion and contraction, of war and peace, of poverty and prosperity, of invasion and rebellion, of unification and civil strife, of empire and warring states. Even the imperial dynasties of foreign invaders like the Mongols and Manchus respected the long history of their conquered land – both assimilated themselves into Chinese culture, rather than imposing their own on the people. As you study Mandarin in China you'll also immerse yourself in this rich and fascinating history, which never fails to captivate visitors. 3. The food. Before you come study in China you'll probably have sampled plenty of Chinese food in your home country, but there is so much more to the Chinese cuisine than sweet and sour pork balls and General Tso’s chicken! In fact, there is such a wide range of tastes and flavours in China that it’s pretty difficult to define a singular style of “Chinese” food. From the sweet and tangy Cantonese food in Guangdong to the numbing spiciness of Sichuan cuisine, and from the many varieties of dumplings in stacked bamboo steamers to the elegance of the classic Beijing roast duck, you are bound to discover something to delight the tastebuds! 4. The culture. As you can imagine, a civilization of over 4000 years has developed a culture too rich to describe in a few words… but let’s give it a try: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Mandarin and Cantonese. Kung fu and tai chi. Shaolin monks and Buddhist temples. Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi. Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Farewell My Concubine. The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. Feng shui. Yin and yang. The lunar calendar. Chinese New Year and Spring Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival and mooncakes. The Chinese zodiac. The dragon and the phoenix. Porcelain and calligraphy. Ming vases, jade ornaments and silk robes. Terracotta warriors and Buddhist statues. Chinese opera. Zithers, fiddles, drums and gongs… just to name a few. 5. The people. If you’ve met Chinese people before, the chances are that you’ve met someone from the Han Chinese ethnic group. With over 1.2 billion people in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, plus a diaspora of over 40 million more around the world, the Han Chinese are the world’s largest ethnic group. But China’s population also includes 55 other distinct ethnic minorities, from the Manchus of the Qing dynasty to the Hui people of the Silk Road, from the Uyghurs of Central Asia to the Mongol descendants of Genghis Khan, each of which has their own history and culture. Learn Chinese in China and you'll have the opportunity meet many of them for yourself. 6. The land. As the world’s third-largest country by size, there’s no shortage of places to go and things to see in while you're living and studying in China. From the desert dunes and grasslands in the north to the sub-tropical climate of the south, the country will mesmerize you. Check out the seemingly never-ending mountains and vistas of Yunnan province, experience the surreal limestone formations of Guilin and Yangshuo or imagine yourself as a warrior in Genghis Khan’s army when horse-riding on the Inner Mongolian steppes. Follow the lifeblood of river trade down the Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) as it divides China into north and south for more than 6000 kilometres. All this is possible, and we haven’t even mentioned the pandas yet! 7. The cities. Most people can only name Beijing or Shanghai when it comes to Chinese cities, but there are, in fact, more than 160 cities in China with a population greater than 1 million. With regional differences in climate, physical environment, cuisine, and even spoken dialect, it’s no wonder that even Chinese people have trouble getting a handle on things. As you learn Chinese you can choose to see Beijing in all its imperial splendour or live close to the postcard scenery of Lijiang, get energized in Shanghai’s hustle and bustle or chill out on the beach in Qingdao. Alternatively, if actual chills are more your style, visit Harbin in January for the ice sculpture festival where you'll see entire buildings carved out of ice! By studying in China you'll have every chance get beyond the major cities and experience everything the country has to offer. 8. The economy. Does anything more really need to be said about China’s economy? It is the second largest in the world, after the USA, having grown at a rate of about 10% per year for the past 30 years. Yet with an annual per capita GDP of less than $4000 US dollars, there’s still a lot of room to improve. And what another country can boast being a player in as many areas as China? Besides the traditional industries of agriculture and manufacturing, the country has also become a world leader in areas like mining, solar panels, high-speed trains, and telecommunications. China has even become the world’s largest car market, overtaking the USA for the first time in 2009. 9. The schools. Whether you’re looking for a short-term Chinese language course or applying for a degree program, there is an institution in China that suits your needs. Tailor your language classes to your own schedule at the Beijing Mandarin Academy. Spend your summer learning Mandarin by the beach at Ocean University in Qingdao. Take a class at the Beijing Language and Culture University, the best school in the country for Chinese teachers. Challenge yourself at an institution like Peking University or Tsinghua University, both ranked in the top 60 in the world by the QS World University Rankings and The Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here. 10. The future. In our interconnected and globalized world, China is and will continue to be a part of our lives whether we like it or not, so why not get involved? The opportunities here are endless, the possibilities unlimited. Coming to China is not only the best way to learn Chinese, it's also a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and make new contacts. Even if you don’t plan to stay here long term, the experience of studying in China will be worth putting on your resume or CV, at the very least. While the rest of the world languishes in economic and social doldrums the Middle Kingdom is racing forward, building the future: learn Chinese in China and build your future to Contact Us Want to know more about one of our study abroad programs in China? CSA's professional and experienced international staff strive to provide reliable and efficient information and advice. Please note, you can reach every office via email on info@chinastudyabroad.org Or on Skype at office-chinastudyabroad [-]

Access Masters

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The 2018 Access Masters Spring Tour begins on 24 January with an event in Brussels, offering Masters aspirants the opportunity to meet the best schools One-on-One. Between January and April 2018, the Tour will enable prospective applicants to meet leading international universities and business schools at 17 events in Europe, Latin America, India, and the Middle East. The Access Masters Tour will visit Berlin and Brussels for the first time. Find the full schedule at the… [+] events page on accessmasterstour.com Tailor-made educational experience During Access Masters events senior Bachelor’s degree students or recent graduates can discover the best matching Masters programme. The events combine a graduate school fair, one-to-one meetings and consulting sessions that enable aspirants to explore educational opportunities in the way that best fits them. One-to-One events enable participants to meet insiders from top business schools – admissions directors, professors, current students and alumni. In doing so, they are in a better position to identify the best programmes for them and improve their chances of admission. One-to-one meetings offer the opportunity to learn more about individual business Masters programmes directly from the source, discover all the details that matter to you most, and compare different perspectives and experiences. The Access Masters Fairs allow participants to get to know many different Masters programmes at a time. During the open fair format, prospective Masters applicants can meet all participating universities and get details about the full scope of their graduate programmes, beyond business and management. This provides a sense of the university environment and the interdisciplinary experience one can immerse into. But these events are not only about helping prospective students find the right programme. Aspirants can also benefit from expert feedback on the strengths and areas for improvement of their MBA profile, professional advice on how to select the right programmes, and what makes an outstanding application. They can also get practical tips on test preparation (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.), scholarship application and other funding options. In short, the Access Masters Tour enables you to explore, prepare and start your post-graduate education in the best way possible. Who can benefit Access Masters events are designed to help prospective Masters students find the Masters programmes that suit them best. Organisers encourage students in the final year of their Bachelor’s degree studies, as well as recent graduates to join the event. Most Master’s degree programmes welcome applicants with no work experience. However, some programmes are targeted at young professionals who already have about two years of professional experience relevant to the intended field of specialization in graduate school. Fluency in English for academic studies is a must because the majority of the programmes presented at the Access Masters events are taught in English. It is important to know also that the One-to-One event format and the Access Masters fairs cater to different types of candidates. The One-to-One event format is designed for prospective students who are interested in business degree programmes. Candidates connect with business schools that match their profile and preferences during up to 20-minute meetings that are scheduled in advance. The fairs, on the other hand, allow candidates to meet dozens of school representatives to learn about various Masters programmes. This variety of programmes and formats enables the Access Masters events to help a large number of candidates to choose their path in life. [-]

Access MBA

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The 2018 Access MBA Spring Tour will guide the most ambitious business professionals to their dream MBA degree and to new career heights. Discover what you can expect from the tour and prepare to make the most from meeting reputable international business schools. Global destinations of the Access MBA Spring Tour Between January and July, the Access MBA Spring Tour will make it possible for professionals from five continents and over 30 countries to meet with MBA admissions’ d… [+] irectors in person. Four of the cities will host the tour for the first time since the creation of the One-to-One event format in 2004. Business professionals in Berlin, Monterrey, Ho Chi Minh City, and Miami will soon have the chance to meet leading international business schools during One-to-One and small group meetings. Tailored to your preferences and potential for growth If an MBA degree is on your career development plan, make sure to join an Access MBA event and experience the most appreciated feature of the format –personal meetings with international business schools that best match your preferences, career goals, and potential for growth. For that reason, the professional background and individual requirements of each One-to-One participant are assessed by Access MBA’s experienced consultants before the event. The evaluation allows business professionals to meet the representatives of those programmes that correspond closely to what each attendee is looking for. Future MBA applicants also get personalised guidance regarding their choice of programme, as well as GMAT and scholarship information from admissions and test preparation experts. In addition, an innovative format was introduced to serve high-profile prospective Executive MBA (EMBA) applicants. In 2018, the Access EMBA Spring Tour will visit London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Dubai where experienced business executives will have the opportunity to meet admissions’ directors from some of the world’s top-ranked Executive MBA programmes. Read: 15 Tips to Secure Personal Meetings with Top Business Schools Diversity of reputable international business schools Access MBA and EMBA attendees gain all the important programme and application details directly from some of the world’s best business schools. It is worth noting that the majority of them have at least one accreditation from the three distinguished accrediting bodies – AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. In addition, over one-third of all participating schools boast the prestigious “Triple Crown” accreditation from all three associations. Besides reputable accreditations, the tour features diverse MBA programme formats – full-time, part-time, distance, online, blended and modular, but you can also explore a wide range of study destinations. You can expect to meet admissions’ directors of MBA programmes in Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US, among others. What is more, you will be able to meet with some of the best performers from the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking including Saïd Business School and Cass Business School (UK), INSEAD and HEC Paris (France), ESADE (Spain), University of Chicago Booth School of Business (US) and many more. How to get invited to One-to-One MBA meetings Access MBA One-to-One events welcome professionals aspiring to MBA studies and managerial or entrepreneurial careers, who have a Bachelor’s or a Masters degree, over two years of full-time work experience, and are fluent in English for international communication and academic studies. Senior professionals with over six years of work experience who are committed to senior business growth should consider attending an Access EMBA event. Those who wish to secure individual MBA or EMBA meetings with business schools just need to complete a free online profile and registration form that the Access MBA orientation experts will carefully evaluate. Once experts gain a detailed understanding of your MBA project, motivation, and preferences, they will identify the most appropriate options and schedule meetings and workshops with selected business schools, admissions and test preparation consultants. Then, it is all up to you to make the most of this opportunity and jumpstart your career growth with the right MBA programme. [-]

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara

Master MSc Mexico Guadalajara July 2019

The University is proud to be thoroughly Mexican and, at the same time, to emphasize its orientation to international education. The UAG has some of the best educational facilities in the country, covering an area of more than 10 million square feet, distributed in 5 campuses in the area of Guadalajara city: Main Campus (C.U.), the Institute of Biological Sciences, the Health Sciences Campus, and the University in the Community (UNICO). The UAG also owns other campuses in… [+] the states of Colima, Nayarit, and Tabasco. In addition, the UAG has two hospitals, one Experimental Agricultural Center and three university hotels and convention centers. The UAG has a current enrollment of more than 15,000 students, 85% of whom are Mexican, while 15% come from 25 different countries. The institution employs around 300 full-time and 900 part-time, highly qualified, faculty members. Within the areas mentioned above, the UAG offers 38 undergraduate programs, more than 60 master’s programs and graduate specializations, 3 doctoral degrees, and 15 associate degree programs. The Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara has always been distinguished among Mexican universities by its long and fruitful participation in international education initiatives, which are coordinated and supported by its International Programs Office (DPI), which is the main link between the UAG and many international institutions worldwide. Throughout its history, the UAG has preserved its Mexican roots and cultural values, while, it is also recognized both at home and abroad as an internationalized university. The UAG has graduated tens of thousands of foreign students all through the seventy-eight years of its existence. The UAG is worldwide recognized in the education field because of its excellent academic programs and its active involvement in the most relevant international organizations such as: IAUP (International Association of University Presidents), OUI-IOHE (Inter-American Organization for Higher Education), UDUAL (Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean), CONAHEC (Consortium for North America Higher Education Collaboration), and GULERPE (The Latin American Group for the Reform and Improvement of Education), among others. The UAG has participated in study abroad organizations such as NAFSA (Association of International Educators), EAIE (European Association for International Education), CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange) and AIEA (Association for International Education Administrators), just to mention a few. The UAG holds cooperation agreements with more than 100 institutions from all over the world. Therefore, UAG students and faculty members are provided with outstanding opportunities to participate in many training and mobility programs abroad. Additionally, around 2,000 degree-seeking students from other countries come to UAG to benefit from our broad range of academic programs, mainly in the field of medicine. Foreign students can also participate in our exchange programs for one or two semesters, or they can also come independently to study our Spanish Language and Culture courses. The International Programs Office of the UAG has implemented a series of specially tailored programs in all academic areas with a number of international higher education institutions to fulfill certain specific needs. Such programs can last from one week up to a whole year, from joint master’s degree programs to advanced courses, summer terms, special programs, custom-made programs, joint research projects, etc. In order to expand its international dimension, the UAG created the Center for Asian and Latin American Studies, the Center for Canadian Studies and the International Language Center. [-]

Unitelma Sapienza

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Mission and history Unitelma Sapienza is the only on-line Italian university that is maintained by a consortium composed of public enterprise and directly linked to the best Italian public university: the University of Rome "La Sapienza", with 130,000 students and a staff of 4,000 teachers and researchers. Unitelma Sapienza, through the use of advanced information technology and methodologies in distance learning, promotes access to higher education, without the constraints… [+] of space, time, providing services to students and workers out of office, who are unable to attend regular educational activities. Teaching, training and research within the campus, combine the necessary economic, managerial and legal knowledge required to manage complex business within the "information society" Unitelma Sapienza pays particular attention to the development of research, in particular within scientific and economic sectors as well as in the management of information technology, with particular attention to theories, models, processes, technologies, and applications for the development of a virtual campus through the Internet in higher education. A special focus is given to tutoring: we have tutors concerned with academic activities and tutors that are mainly concerned with the motivation and the achievement of career goals of the student. Both of these figures are meant to increase interactivity with students for a more cooperative learning. Organization and management The Chancellor who is usually a professor and an eminent figure is elected for a six-year period, serves as the titular head of the University, represents the University, in academic activities and presides the Academic Senate presiding also overall major ceremonies. The present Chancellor, prof. Francesco Avallone has for several years working on research related to stress and organizational well-being. The Senate is the senior academic body of the University decides on academic policy, planning, coordination and evaluation of teaching and research activities and is composed of both faculty members as well as staff members. Legally and constitutionally it is responsible for the academic activity of the University - ie, teaching and research. The University “Department of Law and economics” is a broad-based department that caters to all academic and research activities. producing first-class research across the range of the discipline. The Department is committed to excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Board of Trustees is the corporate body established by Statute with complete responsibility for the government and welfare of the University and all the interests pertaining thereto including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It is represented by eminent figures from Italian academic institutions and Civil Society, Responsibilities are: The determination of the major goals of the University and the approval of the policies and procedures for implementation of such goals. The review and approval of the operating and capital budget of the University. Such other responsibilities as law, governmental directives. The University ensures that all of its activities are subject to quality assurance, evaluation, and enhancement through periodical assessments by its main governing bodies. International relations Unitelma Sapienza is committed to enhancing the international level of participation for the University and its student population; in particular: In opening new possibilities for student participation in EU calls for international student mobility through (Erasmus); Improving the participation of the academic and administrative technical staff in EU calls for international mobility of faculty and staff; Developing and producing online activities geared to an international market, also through agreements with third parties; Within this context, the project activities include the inauguration of a section of its website in English language; the activation of training courses offered in English only (Master in International Cooperation, Finance and Development); the production of training courses in two languages (Project Planning and Project management); the English translation of some existing masters ( Neonatology); building a network with prestigious international online universities. In 2015, six teachers and two officials will travel abroad under the Erasmus program for study and research whilst for the second year round small groups of students have already participated in the Erasmus student mobility program. The university will host the international conference on constitutional law Italy-Iberian-American (5th-8th October 2015). The university is chosen by foreign teachers to exchange research (most recent dr. Simona Guerra, Visiting Scholar, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Leicester. The university, finally, in partnership with research institutions and Italian and foreign universities , presented in 2015, the following projects under Community funding: Erasmus Plus KA2 Learn-plus "Distance learning for Knowledge and Entrepreneurship; Erasmus Plus KA3 Diversity 3.0" “Equal opportunity for Equity, Social and Inclusive Innovation" and participates in the project “Bridging the gap between public opinion and European leadership: Engaging in dialogue on the future path of Europe"; The University promotes seminars and study conferences held in the presence and streamed. [-]


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Since 2001 contributing to the growth of Infrastructure, Energy and Engineering professionals Structuralia is a training school specialized in infrastructures, engineering, energy and architecture founded in 2001 by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the large business groups OHL, Dragados (current group ACS) and Santander Central Hispano (current group Santander). Consolidating our international and service vocation, Structuralia has offices in Madrid, Santiago… [+] de Chile, Mexico City and Bogota , as well as a notable presence in other Latin American countries such as Ecuador and Costa Rica. Structuralia has students in 50 countries around the world. Structuralia is an international leader in the field of specialized training in engineering, architecture, energy and infrastructures, in any of the methodologies for learning. We develop, on our own initiative or on behalf of third parties, content-author in collaboration with the highest international experts, currently gathering in our cloister more than 500 authors. Structuralia is a pioneer in incorporating new technologies into its comprehensive training solutions, having developed a specialized catalog of more than 2 4000 teaching hours in formats that integrate interactivity, virtual simulation, 3D developments and audiovisual contents. For all of the above, we train every year, in face-to-face, e-learning and mixed modalities, thousands of professionals (mostly engineers) and workers from more than 300 client companies around the world. What makes us different? Know what has made us leaders of the sector University Degree Programs Structuralia wants you to get the maximum benefit from your training. That is why our masters and superior programs, in addition to continuously adapting to the needs of professionals and companies, provide a university degree accrediting your studies. For each study program, the most suitable university has been chosen for its experience and development in the field that is the subject of the training. Business bonus for on-the-job training All the companies that are quoted in professional training have a "Training Credit" for the training actions carried out for their workers, which depends on what is quoted for vocational training in the previous year and which is recovered through bonuses. Structuralia is an entity inscribed in the State Register of Training Entities and Organizing Entity of the Training for those actions taught by Structuralia. From Structuralia we manage the processing of the bonuses at the State Foundation for Training in Employment (Tripartite Foundation for Training in Employment) at no additional cost to all the companies that train with us. The beneficiaries in order to have access to the subsidized training are those workers who pay for vocational training. You must be an active worker hired by a company with a work center in Spain and listed in the General Social Security Scheme. The following are excluded: self-employed, trainees or trainees and officials. Training for companies Structuralia offers its clients different services to provide the solution that your company needs for the training of its professionals. That is why, every year, more than 300 companies around the world specializing in the engineering, construction, energy and infrastructure sectors rely on us for the training of their workforce Our goal is to satisfy your needs with integrity and responsibility, providing you with quality and excellence solutions. Closed Classes: we give courses from our specialized catalog to groups "exclusively" for your company or organization, with personalized monitoring of your group (periodic reports, results measurement, administrative management shared with the client, ...) Development of Multimedia Courses: We develop courses tailored to our content-author or the content and authors of the client. Platform of Formation: For our clients and with door of access in the web of the client. It allows to reproduce in the Internet the environment of a training center face-to-face. Integral Solution: We customize for you our technological platform as a tool for managing your global training project and we design with you your training plan with our contents and contents. Face-to-face training with experts (Latin America only): Specialized face-to-face training in its own offices and with the top international experts in the infrastructure, energy and engineering sectors. Why Structuralia? Discover all that Structuralia can offer you Experience and internationalization Consolidating our international and service vocation, Structuralia has offices in Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Bogotá and Lima, as well as a notable presence in other Latin American countries such as Ecuador and Costa Rica. Structuralia has students from 22 different nationalities. Structuralia is an international leader in the field of specialized training in engineering, architecture, energy and infrastructures, in any of the methodologies for learning. We develop, on our own initiative or on behalf of third parties, content-author in collaboration with the top international experts, currently gathering in our cloister 530 authors. We train, in face-to-face, e-learning and mixed modalities, every year to 8,000 professionals (mostly engineers) of 300 client companies worldwide. Universities and collaborators Guarantees of prestige and valuable employees Structuralia promotes its specialized superior programs in collaboration with universities and institutions of greater prestige at national and international level, maintaining a strategic partner relationship with each one of these universities in each one of the sectors in which it gives service. We also seek the collaboration of entities and reference companies that really contribute value, for the creation and delivery of our training programs. Teacher's office Faculty formed by 530 authors We have professionals with extensive experience and references in each of their disciplines, who are leading some of the largest projects in our field worldwide and are the authors of our more than 400 courses. With 24.8 years of average professional experience, 85% are managers of companies in the sector. [-]

Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes

Master Mexico Aguascalientes July 2019

The postgraduate program represents the highest level of the Educational System in Mexico and its main objective is the training of professionals, specialists, scientists, humanists, technologists and professors-researchers capable of applying, innovating and transmitting current, academically relevant and socially relevant knowledge in different areas and disciplines; capable of influencing the development of Aguascalientes and Mexico. The Autonomous University of Aguascalientes… [+] has been consolidated as the State's Highest House of Studies and is projected nationally and internationally for its academic quality, increased educational offer, research and technological development, as well as cultural dissemination and support work which has earned it its prestige and recognition, since it has 92% of its institutional programs and 100% of its interinstitutional postgraduates within the National Postgraduate Program of Quality (PNPC) of the National Council of Science and Technology in Mexico , the highest scientific and technological body in the country; while at the international level we continue to incorporate programs for the evaluation of various agencies. The Institution also has 14 medical specialty programs linked to the health sector, programs oriented to the profession, of which 78% are in level 1 of the evaluation carried out by the Interinstitutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education ( CIEES); and 21% are accredited by the PNPC. Also, 36% of the postgraduate programs have been evaluated at an international level specifically by the University Association Iberoamericana de Postgraduates (AUIP) and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP): the Doctorate in Administrative Sciences, Doctorate in Sciences Biological Sciences, Doctorate in Sociocultural Studies, Master's Degree in Educational Research, Master's Degree in Science: Plant Biotechnology or Toxicology, Master's in Science with Agronomic or Veterinary options, Master's in Computer Science and Computational Technologies, Master's in Tax and Master's in Administrative Sciences, achieving with it the positioning of our graduate programs in levels of quality of global competition. At present, two doctoral programs are being evaluated. The UAA has an integrated offer of postgraduate educational programs that responds to clear needs of permanent education, with a high level of quality backed by the recognition of these by organizations and / or standards of excellence, and with elements of flexibility that allow attendance different training needs of the professionals involved in them. Likewise, this is a diversified offer that includes programs oriented to both the profession and research, as well as institutional and inter-institutional programs that meet criteria of social need and the capacity of the University to offer them. The search for accreditation of graduate programs at both national and international level has been a clear reference for the efforts made at the University . On the one hand, because it has oriented the development of the postgraduate course towards the achievement of high quality standards; on the other, because in order to achieve this, a system of assurance and improvement of the quality of the postgraduate course has been designed and implemented, which has resulted in a high percentage of accredited programs and a high average terminal efficiency. The hallmark of the postgraduate programs of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes is. Relevant curricula. Student-centered programs, where a tutor will be assigned a follow-up member of the Academic Council of the program and a tutor who will guide him in his training. Subjects can be taken inside or outside the Institution, favoring the mobility of students and their competitive training in the global world. The acquired training allows to develop Research, technological development, innovations and the solution to social problems. The Postgraduate Programs of the UAA are supported by an academic plan of their own, qualified, experienced and sufficient to attend to the students ensuring the training as a researcher and professional of high level. Most of the professors are recognized by the National System of Researchers, competent in the generation, application and transmission of knowledge, with national and international recognition. The constant updating of knowledge is of paramount importance for every professional. For this reason, the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes invites all professionals to Ensure their Academic Excellence by studying a postgraduate in this house of studies and to be competitive and offer concrete solutions in their professional activities. When studying at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes they will obtain: Knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ​​to face their professional development, research to confront the labor world and contribute to the development of Aguascalientes and Mexico. Linkage with own teachers, experts in the area, with experience through the activities of scientific, technological and professional research raised in the curriculum. Linkage with national and international professionals thanks to the advice of the tutor responsible for their training. Experience in multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and teamwork, sharing the advances of the thesis or practical work with students from different disciplinary areas. For all of the above, the General Directorate for Research and Postgraduate Studies invites you to learn about the Educational Offer offered by the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes to update and strengthen your professional and research training. Welcome.!!! [-]

UNIR México

Mexico Buenavista July 2019

UNIR Mexico Is a Mexican university of private character approved before the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) In 2013. It is part of the Academic group UNIR, International University of La Rioja, A leader in online education in Europe that has established itself as an educational solution for thousands of people around the world. The International University of La Rioja in Mexico Offers a high level of demand to ensure optimal European university quality. This is achieved… [+] thanks to its innovative methodology based on Online live classes, Which allow immediate contact between student-teacher-partner, and the constant accompaniment of a Personal tutor. An effective method that is based on continuous assessment, to ensure the constant assimilation of knowledge, and the completion of final exams that guarantee the success of our students. UNIR Mexico Is a university adapted to the new times and society today. A new university concept in which technological aspects of the latest generation are integrated and put at the service of a close and quality teaching. More than 32,000 students worldwide have opted for this educational model, more than 12,000 students have already graduated, and another 20,000 continue to prepare in our virtual classrooms to do so. The titles of Bachelor and Master Which offers UNIR Mexico Have official validity and are incorporated into the national education system by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in Mexico. MISSION The mission of the International University of La Rioja in Mexico is the comprehensive training of students in the skills demanded by today's society. UNIR México is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of all the stakeholders involved in the process (students, teachers and researchers, administration and services staff, public administrations and society in general) through quality online training Which seeks continuous improvement and excellence. We have a special sensitivity to cater for those who for various reasons can not access the site centers, or who can, prefer to opt for more open and innovative solutions to emerging technologies open on the network. Social responsibility guides the policy of UNIR Mexico towards such basic topics as: Enabling access to university education to anyone with suitable previous training, wants to do it and eliminate the barriers of distance, timing, place, cultural and social to prevent it. Implement teaching and research resources through the development of emerging technologies, thereby possible to offer a high-level education, with special attention to those requiring cultural, technical and social changes. Values The values ​​of UNIR México are: Commitment to student success. Customizing teaching tasks with accompanying students throughout their studies and job placement support. Constant innovation in teaching and learning methodology care. Development and promotion of entrepreneurship. Responsiveness to the expectations of the groups of students, teaching and research staff, administration and services, public administrations and society in general. Offer degrees and programs that meet the needs of society. Careful attention to the quality of teaching and resources. Open to the international dimensions of university education approach. [-]

IESDE School of Management

Master Mexico Puebla City July 2019

Founded in 1993 in Puebla, Mexico, Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Dirección de Empresas (IESDE) is positioning itself as a reference business school in Latin America. Established to develop professional skills among executives and to train top management leaders. IESDE aims to prepare students under an integral scope, and for 20 years has taught more than 2,000 professionals, CEOs, and managers from Puebla and other cities in Mexico. In 2012, IESDE signed a collaboration … [+] agreement with INCAE, the best business school in Latin America (according to América Economía MBA Ranking 2013), with the purpose of writing together case studies on companies from this region. Testimonials Priscilla Lotman Operations Manager Front Shore, Willemstad, Curaçao "The Executive Master in Financial Management Program was truly a career-changer for me. I found my “niche” during one of the exchange programs and I am now continuously working to expand and improve the financial industry in Curaçao through Islamic finance and sustainable and ethical finance. This program provided me with the right tools and confidence to do so." Marlene La Cruz Maduro Manager Business Special Loans at RBC Royal Bank NV Curaçao "I started with the Executive Masters in Financial Management Program in June 2010 and finished in November 2011. It was a great experience to participate in the program. The courses were very interesting and furthermore, all professors were very qualified. The fact that we could also follow courses in Lebanon, Holland and New York made the program extraordinary. Namely, by doing this we could share the experience with students from other countries. I strongly recommend participating in this program." Sami Fakhoury CEO Tamweel Capital, Lebanon Graduate 2010 "The Executive Master in Financial Management program helped me enhance my knowledge in Financial Markets it also gave me the opportunity to meet and benefit from the experience of great professors that are leaders in the Financial Industry. Now I can proudly say that I am a holder of an internationally recognized diploma." Margarita Heredia Soto Director of Academic Affairs at IESDE and GEMFM Mexico Program Coordinator "IESDE is not just a business school specialized in top management, it is a space where entrepreneurs and leaders spend time together, share experiences and learn from each other. IESDE provides the tools that participants need to improve their management and leadership skills enabling them to successfully face the changing global world. IESDE has an academically prepared faculty with an extensive professional experience which allows very interesting sessions. In conclusion, IESDE transforms lives, both professional and in personal ways." Herberto Rodríguez Regordosa Vice President for research and graduate programs at UPAEP University "The joint venture between the GEMFM Global Inc. and IESDE to launch the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management in Mexico, is a breakthrough: together both institutions are offering a world-class program, taught by world-class experienced faculty and carefully tailored for finance professionals that need a perfect match between knowledge and practice to add value to their organizations." Prof. Dr. Jaap Spronk Full Professor of Financial Management Science, Academic Dean MBA Programs, Academic Director GEMFMPrograms, RSM "The 18-month part-time Executive Masters in Financial Management is a challenging program. It distinguishes itself by using a PRET approach as well as a multi-dimensional view of financial decision-making. The PRET approach is the combination and integration of problem orientation, decision tools, theory, and empirics. This means that you will get a solid foundation in finance but combined with a hands-on managerial way of working. The setting of the GEMFM, in the very diverse and dynamic environment of RSM cooperating with IESDE, makes it a very rewarding experience. We will be happy to welcome you to the program!" Mauricio Pardo FT MBA 2013 Consultant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Mexico City "The diversity of the RSM classroom has surpassed my expectations. My classmates are well selected and high-quality professionals and are keen to participate, which produces a benefit for all of us. Everyone has contributed to the classroom. I find out about other people and their plans; I get new ideas and learn something new every week from the other students as well as the teachers. I’m growing and I love it. I am accustomed to working with Mexicans and Latin Americans and have worked with Europeans, but had no opportunity to work with Asians or Africans before and knew this would be very enriching for me. I’ve noticed that diversity in the MBA classroom is not only about culture but also career background; we get different points of view from those with a background in marketing or consulting, for example. Lesley Juarez Edwards "The leadership program really drew me to RSM. I’m not a “finance person”, I'm more on the leadership side of things. What I needed was the foundation of skills across all management disciplines that an MBA gives. Even though I was working hard on stuff I was not familiar with, like finance operations management, I really needed something to motivate me further. The MBA experience pushes you here to learn to learn, think strategically, to really think by yourself and see everything in a completely different way. I just questioned everything. The MBA means that you start getting new information and opening your eyes to new stuff that you didn’t know existed." Christelle Abboud Senior Financial Advisor Capital Markets "As a Senior Financial Consultant, I spent a tremendous amount of time looking for a complete executive program that would add a real value to my career. And today, I consider myself extremely lucky to have selected the The Executive Master in Financial Management program at ESA, as it proved to be the most appropriate program, taking into consideration the international caliber of the teachers, the meticulously chosen program and modules and, last but not least, the great selection of the participants. This program has helped me refine my general knowledge in Finance and in Business in general. It also helped me acquire new ways of thinking and new views on global topics. On a personal level, it allowed me to follow a strict discipline while also offering a considerable flexibility and understanding to my professional needs. In addition to that, I would like to highlight that it was very pleasant and helpful to meet interesting people, all very successful in diverse fields, and be able to share experiences and develop new friendships. I personally highly appreciated the possibility of adding a second degree in investment banking, by only attending a one-week intensive program, and of course, I took the opportunity without even hesitating: the whole trip was very well organized and the professors made it worth every effort. My experience at ESA was fulfilling on many levels and I would not mind repeating it if I find again, a suitable program that will cater to my aspirations." " [-]

English Training Lounge

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An English language school that you control At English Training Lounge we understand that the modern world does not stop simply because we need it to! This is why ETL offers an English language school that is as flexible as you need it to be. We deliver English language training at a time and location of your choosing! We are not a 9 to 5 English as a second school because we know that life is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We at English Training Lounge are proud to offer… [+] the world an English as a second language school that is literally at your fingertips! English Training Lounge - an English language school for the global classroom. Welcome to wherever you want to be! ABOUT ENGLISH TRAINING LOUNGE Study English at a time and place that suits you Study with an experienced English teacher Connect to a global English learning experience A MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER - DAN NEWTON English Training Lounge came into being in December 2009 as an idea I had to further support vocational ESL students at a college I was teaching at in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. In 2011 English Training Lounge was registered as a limited company and we went from a support group to an English teaching and training school with a global reach. It was clear that the needs of many English language students were not set in stone and that each student had their own particular English learning desires. We put together a number of surveys to find out exactly what type of English teaching and training potential students wanted. The data received showed a large amount of dissatisfaction with traditional ESL learning courses and that a lot of what was taught in the classroom had little to no relevance to the students academic or career pathways. With this information I wanted to design an English language school that was about the learner, offering what they need and wants in order for them to get the most out of their learning experience with us. I knew that ETL had to be as flexible and as varied in its English language teaching and training as the needs of each of our students. In short, we had to be specific in our curricula and offer as many English learning routes as required by all ESL learners. We aim to be the world’s leading online and face to face language School/company and believe the key to success is straightforward training courses that cater to our clients' and learners' needs. Depending on the client's requirements, we can deliver a fully personalized training programme or if needed a more structured, traditional learning pathway - all at a time and place that is convenient for the learner. I hope that all who come to study and train with English Training Lounge have the best experience possible and progress in their English studies to reach their future goals. Daniel Newton - Founder and Director of English Training Lounge, ETL COURSE FEES AND TRAINING BLOCKS Our learning courses a delivered in training blocks of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours with the option to add-on more hours if required. For the Corporate client, we offer a bespoke block of study that is in line with their specific English training needs - (Training block hours depend on the course of study and English requirements). ASK YOURSELF, 'Where do I want to be in life?' English Training Lounge was founded on the principle that the English language will take you further. Further in your personal life, further in your professional life and further in your academic life. The greatest gift England has given to the world is the English language. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn and develop English language skills, or any other language. At ETL we will take you that one step closer to realizing your full potential… welcome to wherever you want to be! HOW IT WORKS The English Training Lounge method of learning gives the learner the ability to speak English in a confident and authentic way. This offers a marked improvement in the learner's listening and comprehension skills. This, in turn, leads to a more fluent and rhythmic English reading ability and pronunciation. LESSONS ETL offers programmes of study that fit easily into anyone's lifestyle. ETL learners connect with our trainers in person or online via a number of conferencing platforms, Skype @etl-english being the most popular. After every 50-minute lesson, the learner follows a checklist of things that they can now do and say in English or choose the language of study. With the trainer's help, the learner starts to highlight and recognize their mistakes and areas of their English/language abilities that need improvement. With the guidance of the ETL, the learner actually starts to discover English or language of study for themselves! [-]


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Today your transformation begins Join us and form part of the native ecosystem that is leading digital transformation and renewing the professional world. ISDI is an institution created by leading professionals for acceleration change towards a new, more competitive and more efficient business model and to maximise the potential of individuals, professionals, companies and markets in Spain and Latin America. In March 2009 a group of Internet professionals met together with… [+] the idea of creating a school that would train professionals and entrepreneurs in digital business, offering contents that meet current needs, using 21st-century methodologies, and employing the best Internet professionals as teachers. Distinctive training for a new era We train the leaders of digital transformation We are specialists in the training and development of digital talent. We offer a holistic vision of digital business as well as specialised training in different disciplines. Training for professionals led by professionals Classes are taught by more than 300 digital professionals active in the most important companies in the digital world. Classes taught by more than 150 digital professionals active in the most important companies in the digital world. Immediately applicable to real business A methodology based on the immediate ongoing application of the knowledge gained in a real business environment. Our Alumni Network Continuing Training Class materials updated for life, because the digital world is constantly changing. Exclusive refresher workshops for ex-students and talks covering the latest in the digital environment. Guidance and Support in Your Professional Career We help define your profile and improve your positioning in the labour market. Help with Launching Your Business Mentoring service and other support for our entrepreneurial Alumni. Talent Board With hundreds of posts open every year, exclusive offers for students and access to the best jobs in the sector. Ongoing Networking Contact with top professionals and experts, as well as with benchmark companies involved in the processes of digital transformation. Support to Entrepreneurship ISDI Start Exclusive pre-acceleration programme for Alumni projects designed to help guide them with their startup, make faster progress, make fewer mistakes and grow. IMPACT Accelerator Accelerator created by ISDI with European funds for financing, training and mentoring 60 startups. With a focus on Mobile, this is one of the 10 best accelerators in Europe. Business Angel Fund We invest in entrepreneurial projects with short and medium term positions, at seed, startup and digital transformation stages. Co-working Centres Our headquarters are home to training, meetings and events related to ISDI ecosystem entrepreneurial projects. Research and Dissemination Whitepapers, Studies and Observatories Covering Digitalization with which we support the development of digital knowledge. Spanish Business Digitalization Barometer: A project from the ISDI Chair and the Universidad Complutense that monitors business digitalization. ISDI Talks: Keynote presentations and talks by international digital experts. Publications: Optimismo Digital Blog, IS DIGITAL Magazine, IS DIGITAL Blog. [-]

University Of Colima

Mexico Colima July 2019

UNIVERSITY OF COLIMA Mission statement The mission of the University of Colima, as a social, public, and autonomous organization, is to contribute to the transformation of society through the comprehensive education of high school students, professionals, scientists, and creators of excellence, and to actively promote the creation, application, preservation, and dissemination of scientific knowledge, technological development, and the manifestations of the fine arts and culture,… [+] within a framework of institutional transparency and timely accountability. Vision statement towards 2030 In 2030, the University of Colima is an institution that is globally recognized as one of the best universities in the country as a result of its quality and relevance, which fulfills its social responsibility by systematically and creatively contributing to the equal, democratic, and sustainable development of the state, the nation, and the world. Institutional values The values and principles that give meaning to our institutional life are freedom, equality, critical and cooperative attitude, humanistic and democratic spirit, tolerance, responsibility, respect, honesty, and ethics. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE The University of Colima was founded in 1940. It has an academic population of 27, 005 students (13,814 high school, 12, 670 bachelor and 521 postgraduate) and 2,186 professors (745 high schools, 1, 441 bachelor and postgraduate). It offers 66 undergraduate programs and 37 graduate programs. The Secretariat of Education of the Government of Mexico, known as SEP, certifies the high quality of the programs of the University of Colima annually. Internationalization policy At present, the University works with a quality institutional plan. Its internationalization policy is aimed at being committed to the preparation of its professors and students in order to understand, work, contribute, and coexist successfully in the society of knowledge, as well as in multicultural settings. The University is a member of organizations whose main objective is academic cooperation and that promote international, intercultural, and global competencies which give us the opportunity to help students enhance their professional profiles. That is why, the University of Colima is a member of the National Association of Universities and Higher-Education Institutions (ANUIES), the Mexican Association for International Education (AMPEI), the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC), the Inter-American University Organization (OUI), the International Association of Universities (IAU), University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP), the Union of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (UDUAL), the Higher Education Common Space (ECOES), the Ibero-American University Association for Graduate Studies (AUIP), Conférence des Recteurs et des Principaux des Universités du Québec (CREPUQ), the Network of Universities with business sector- Latin America, Caribbean and Europe (REDUE-ALCUE). Agreements We have signed 434 academic and scientific-collaboration agreements with various higher-education institutions, aside from those linked with our institutional peers in networks. Our partner institutions are place in 36 countries: Argentine Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Panama, People's Republic of China, Peru, Plurinational State of Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Republic of Colombia, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of Cuba, Republic of Ecuador, Republic of El Salvador, Republic of India, Republic of Korea, Rumania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Uruguay. Foreign language programs Our foreign language programs are open to local and foreign students who may be involved in a multicultural classroom in the same way they would find their natural environment during their career, once they graduate. Our language program allows students to practice, listen, speak, and write in a student environment that resembles the scene of a school abroad. The courses are English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Náhuatl, and Korean. Products of international collaboration Teaching methods Academic-collaboration has enabled us to innovate education, at least in the fields of health science and architecture. Since 1999, the University started transferring from a traditional education towards a student-centered approach by implementing Project-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Small-Group Learning (SGL), which has also been implemented in some other study areas within our institution. These efforts have supported the autonomous learning development, the use of ICT, problem-solving skills, and collaboration through teamwork, besides the second language learning. Double-degree programs The University of Colima currently offers 17 double-degree programs, as options of international education in undergraduate and graduate levels. Fields of these programs are: Economics, Tourism, Marketing, International Business, Foreign Trade, Public Relations, Ocean Engineering, Industrial Design, Law, Psychology, Computer Science, and Chemical Science with the partner institutions that are located in France, Thailand, United States, Panama, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Academic Networks and international joint projects in cooperation Faculty members undertake joint activities with Academic Networks and International Cooperation Projects with their colleagues in more than 126 institutions based in 46 countries. We have 52 research projects of international collaboration and work in 64 international academic networks. The processes and outcomes resulting from these endeavors are jointly published in international journals. Courses taught in English The Bachelor's Degree in International Business and a bilingual preparatory school are currently the two English program options for international students. Besides that, 69 other courses taught in English are being offered within 10 regular academic programs in the fields of Marketing, Foreign Languages, Economy, Tourism, Science, and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Candidates may ask about these courses before sending the application form. The University of Colima is in the State of Colima, on Mexico’s west coast, facing the Pacific Ocean. Colima’s most distinctive landmarks are its volcanoes: the Fire Volcano and the Nevado Volcano (snow-capped), which harmonize with Colima’s countryside. Colima is also the name of the capital city. Colima’s capital is home to the largest share of the population of the state, and it is well known for its customs, preserved and transformed throughout time. Some of these customs are the production of local sweets and typical beverages, such as tuba, tejuino, ponche, and tepache. [-]


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About us Teaching Experience: +33Y Total Scholarships: $43M Scholastic Art Awards: 1,127 National Teaching Awards:29 Portfolio Track System ™ TRACK YOUR PROGRESS ON THE GO We make it easy to get help when you need it. Ask us questions on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. We're happy to help. Oogie Art Global Art Program Art Leadership Program, Artist Assistant Program, Summer Art Abroad Program Hear What Our Students Are Saying. Many of our students take c… [+] ourses with us for years. Listen to their stories to get a better idea of what Oogie Art is all about. Student Spotlight: Alex Khomyakov from Oogie Art on Vimeo. Our Students Get Into Amazing Colleges. We work individually with each of our students to help them gain admission to the highest ranking undergraduate programs in the country. Cooper Union Rhode Island School of Design Harvard University School of Visual Arts New York University Brown+RISD Dual Degree Program Parsons School of Design Columbia University Pratt Institute Brown University UPenn Carnegie Mellon University Boston University Stanford University Yale University Washington University in St. Louis Boston College Princeton University University of Michigan SAIC etc We Break Our Own Record Every Year. Recently, our students have been winning more Scholastic Art & Writing awards than any other art school in the country. Our classes have helped thousands of students Because our approach is based on decades of experience, you can expect extraordinary admissions and scholarships results. 93%: our 12-month Student Retention Rate +33: total years of teaching experience 9:1: average student-teacher ratio per class 100%: admission success rate to colleges $37k: average scholarship dollars awarded to our graduates 5.6: average number of awards won by each of our students 40%: percentage of students without plans to major in art $35k: total scholarship dollars won by Oogie Art students Oogie Art Loves To Meet You REGISTRATION IS ONGOING! CLICK HERE FOR THE SCHEDULE. Student Spotlight: Hiann Lee from Oogie Art on Vimeo. [-]

COINED Spanish Experiences: Learn Spanish in Latin America

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Coined is a global organization leader in Latin America in the International Education field. Our Spanish Schools located all over Latin America are the best option if you’re thinking about learning this fascinating language. We are passionate about what we do and our mission is to develop Life-Changing experiences. With that in mind, we offer International experiences in the Education, Languages and Work fields. All of our programs are life-changing experiences and involve a… [+] full immersion whether taking a trip abroad or receiving someone from another culture. With Intercultural Centers in 47 cities in 14 Hispano American countries, we are specialists in programs that have Spanish as the main ingredient. Our “Experiencias en Español” involve over 4000 participants per year. COINED Schools Our Spanish Schools located all over Latin America are the best option if you’re thinking about learning this fascinating language. From the main office all activities, syllabuses, promotions, advertising are coordinated and standardized. That allows us to monitor the process from the beginning to the end and guarantees our participants the best quality service. We were born in 1971 organizing bilateral exchanges among German and Argentinean high school students. As time went by we became innovative offering intercultural exchanges when the transportation and communications weren't like today. We knew that by making these intercultural experiences possible we were collaborating with the construction of the better world. Then we founded the first school for Spanish as a foreign language to promote the 3er largest language in the world and the first Latin American destination, Argentina. We expanded with new programs and destinations, specializing in programs in Español. Simultaneously we generated programs tailor-made for Spanish and Latin American participants could live intercultural experiences all over the world. Including our work experience programs: volunteer and internships available in different countries of Latin America. Our strengths We consolidated personal development, professional and intercultural of our programs' participants through a structure of our cultural centers and associated organizations worldwide. We renew Our commitment to offering the best quality servicer. As a result of our hard work and dedication, we have active participation in the international education development along the most important organizations within the industry. Contact info@intercoined.com [-]

The Princeton Review

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Better Grades. Better Scores. Better Schools. How We Help Students: Test Prep Courses Private Tutoring On-Demand Homework Help Admission Counseling Best Fit College or Grad School Our Mission For more than 30 years we’ve helped students and professionals get into their dream schools. We provide the tools needed for success in high school, college, graduate school and beyond to help our students become well-rounded applicants. Our proven methodology of t… [+] est-taking strategies helps students achieve a guaranteed better score. We offer a range of test prep options, including one-on-one private tutoring, semi-private and traditional classes, and online prep to fit any schedule and learning style. With our on-demand Homework Help and Admission Counseling for college and grad school, we help our students become more than their test score by providing resources for better grades and a stronger application. Our Facts 96% of students say they improved their grades. The Princeton Review is #1 at getting students into top colleges. 4 out of 5 Princeton Review students get into their top-choice school. 6,000 students get help every night from The Princeton Review. [-]

ADEN Business School

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ADEN is an international educational network accredited by ACBSP, whose main activity is its Business School, Founded in 1992. It is focused on the professional development of executives and business managers, both modality as e-learning; and currently it has 26 offices spread across 17 countries in Latin America and Europe. It relies on applied research conducted within the University Senior Management. It also enjoys the endorsement of prestigious American and European… [+] universities to certify their training. It is characterized by the innovation of learning models aimed at the practical application and use of methodologies interactive, experiential and recreational classes by teachers who pass on their vast managerial experience and transfer best practices among companies throughout Latin America and Spain . EDUCATION ORIENTED PRACTICE The pioneer ADEN transfer system is different from traditional business schools, it emphasizes action-oriented learning, applying the theory to the world of business. 26 VENUES in 17 countries Advanced technology training programs with global vision THE BIGGEST BUSINESS NETWORK OF LATIN AMERICA Since its inception, ADEN was essential not only to expand their teaching methodology executives, but also prepare them to face an internationalized world. For this reason he decided to implement an educational network that allows each of its students to gain valuable experiences from other cultures who share the same language. MISSION Form business leaders through an international educational network for the study and application of the most advanced knowledge and management tools, based on a community of executives who promote the professional growth of its members and cooperate with improving the competitiveness of enterprises and development of the countries where ADEN is. VALUES Dignity: consider the person as an end in itself, recognizing its intrinsic value, their freedoms, rights and responsibilities. Solidarity assume the commitment to cooperate, through the educational role and actions of solidarity with the common good of those who live in countries where ADEN is. Consensus / Community: develop a sense of community among members of the group, made up of students, teachers and staff of ADEN Business School. Pragmatism: understand and promote the value of knowledge, theory and truth, with a practical approach, to contribute to the cultural development of the region and entrepreneur. Diversity: integrate and accommodate executives without differentiation of gender, nationality, race, religion, or political or ideological affinity. [-]

University of Veracruz - Universidad Veracruzana

Mexico Heroica Veracruz July 2019

The admission requirements for Universidad Veracruzana, by examination, are set out in the official call published around the month of February of each year, through the following site: http://www.uv.mx/aspirantes/ UV at a glance Universidad Veracruzana (UV), founded in 1944, is one of Mexico’s largest public higher education institutions. Its five regional campuses are located throughout the State of Veracruz, which stretches along the east coast of central Mexico. It o… [+] ffers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes to nearly 80,000 students in several fields. UV stands out due to its close collaboration with both the public and the private sectors. Its social involvement with the more disadvantaged communities in the state is also commendable. It supports a variety of indigenous groups during their academic preparation while respecting their linguistic and cultural identity. It also promotes sustainable development, seeking citizen participation and the best quality in all the services it offers. UV is well-known for its support to the development and promotion of art and culture. It is home to a variety of classical, popular and traditional music groups, as well as prestigious theatre and dance companies. University Campus UV is located in five university regions throughout the state of Veracruz: Xalapa (capital of the state) - Rector of the University Veracruz Orizaba - Córdoba Poza Rica - Tuxpan Coatzacoalcos - Minatitlán Facilities 74 Faculties 47 University Libraries 40 Research Centres and Institutes 11 Auto-access Centres for Language Learning 7 Outreach University Houses 7 Library and Information Services Units 6 Language Centres 6 Art Schools for the General Public 4 Intercultural Universidad Veracruzana - UVI Centres 2 High Technology Services Laboratories 2 Centres of Musical Initiation for Children 1 System of Open Education 1 Anthropology Museum 1 Department of Foreign Languages 1 School for Foreign Students 1 Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Clinic 1 Art Gallery 1 Publishing House Academic Offer UV offers over 300 programmes in different levels, including undergraduate programmes, specializations, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees, in areas such as Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Humanities, Technical Sciences, Business and Economics, Fine Arts, and Health Sciences. www.uv.mx/docencia/programa/ofertaacademica.aspx Intercultural Universidad Veracruzana - UVI UVI is an academic entity created to serve both the indigenous and non-indigenous population of mainly rural areas in intercultural regions of the State of Veracruz. It offers a Degree in Intercultural Management for Development with five different subject areas: Languages, Communication, Sustainability, Law, and Health. It is located in four strategic regions throughout the state of Veracruz. UVI provides access to higher education, fosters sustainable development, promotes the local languages and cultures, and builds a two-way relationship between the academic programmes offered by the university and the UVI itself. Research UV is home to 40 research centres and two high technology services laboratories in several fields, including: Archaeology & Anthropology Bio-medics Climate Change Ecology and Fisheries Economy Management Education Historic & Social Sciences Linguistics Nanotechnology Neuro-ethology Plastic Arts Public Health Social Studies Tropical Sciences Internationalization higher education, fosters sustainable development, promotes the local languages and cultures, and builds a two-way relationship between the academic programmes offered by the university and the UVI itself. Universidad Veracruzana is always open to new academic partnerships and collaboration with educational institutions around the world. It currently has over 170 international agreements with partner universities and organizations from 28 countries for student and faculty exchange, as well as for scientific and cultural cooperation. Memberships Columbus Association (Columbus) International Association of Universities (IAU) Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (OUI-IOHE) Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES) Mexican Association for International Education (AMPEI) Unión de Universidades de América Latina (UDUAL) Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Posgrado (AUIP) Art and Culture Universidad Veracruzana is well-known for its support to the development and promotion of art and culture in all its forms and genres. It is a venue to a variety of traditional, popular and classical music groups, including the renowned Xalapa Symphony Orchestra (OSX), one of the oldest in the country and whose home, the Tlaqná Concert Hall is considered to be one of the best concert halls in the country. UV also organizes prestigious festivals, such as the International Jazzuv Festival, literary events like the International University Book Fair (with 15 international editions) and a number of art exhibitions and performing arts, including music, dance and theatre events. [-]

Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara

Mexico Guadalajara July 2019

Universidad Panamericana was founded in 1967 as a business school. The original group of scholars and business people who founded the Pan-American Institute of Top Business Management (IPADE), soon began promoting what is today Universidad Panamericana. The Pan-American Institute of Humanities (IPH), the precursor to Universidad Panamericana, was founded in 1968. In 1978, IPH was elevated to the rank of a university, and took the name Universidad Panamericana, even though… [+] both IPADE and IPH had initially conceived knowledge as being unitary and universal- that is, a university. Universidad Panamericana has four campuses which give service to almost 12 thousand students in 33-degree programs. The first campus was inaugurated in Mexico City in 1968, the second in Guadalajara in 1981 and a third in Aguascalientes in 1989. Campus Santa Fe, also located in Mexico City, was inaugurated in 2011. As one university with one spirit, UP works daily on three foundational pillars: teaching, research, and transmission of culture. In virtue of an agreement between the Governing Board and the Prelature of Opus Dei, Universidad Panamericana has entrusted to that Prelature the spiritual attention and doctrinal guidance of all its activities. The University, in its few decades of life, has come to occupy a place as one of the top universities in Mexico. MISSION Educate persons who seek the truth and commit to it, promoting a Christian humanism which contributes to building a better world. VISION As a university, become a global referent through academic quality, ethical formation, and a Christian view of life. Be a university whose alumni are socially responsible and aspire to professional and personal fulfillment. INSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES Institutional Principles A Christian view of life The search for truth through scientific rigor Person-based education Formation of liberty and responsibility Respect for human dignity Well-done work, with a sense of excellence and service to others If you are interested in an institution where persons assume responsibility for what they should know and do, then UP is for you. It's possible that someone has recommended that you look for information on the University. A large part of our student body has gotten to know about us through a friend, a relative, or a neighbor... This kind of personal promotion is a consequence of our institutional catchword: If you want to be useful, serve. We believe indiscreet, but sustained progress, in professional competence based on study and perseverance throughout the semesters and the years, in hard work, honesty and loyalty. In sum, the characteristic traits of this University are two aspects of one spirit: the absolute priority of service to each person, and service to a company as a fundamental productive unit. Thus, we seek in each of our employees a background of professional competence grounded in personal human qualities. Strategic lines of the University Academic drive Research Image and positioning Christian identity Infrastructure Finance MOTTO AND SHIELD Motto Our motto and shield identify the fundamental principles which move us as a University: “Ubi espíritus, libertas” (Where the spirit is, there is liberty). Shield The University shield is made up of two key elements: a red square and a blue band that appears in the left lateral represent the coat of arms used by Christopher Columbus during the discovery of America. These symbolize Pan-Americanism. In the right lateral, on a background of gold, appears an oak tree, a symbol of strength. Its roots are the different sources of an integral formation: the four ramifications symbolize the four cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance); the acorns and leaves represent the other virtues, derived from the first four. [-]

Universidad Regiomontana

Master Mexico Monterrey Mexico Online July 2019

The Universidad Regiomontana is an institution of higher education in Monterrey, México. The U-ERRE system has a high school (Sixth Form) and a large number of different campuses centrally located in the metropolitan area of Monterrey. At the undergraduate level, there are three interconnected campuses and offices - Business Administration Aulas I, Humanities and Social Sciences Aulas II, and Engineering and Architecture Aulas III. 32 undergraduate degrees are offered, … [+] 10 of which are engineering degrees. The Graduate School also offers Master's degrees in Business Administration, Administration of Industrial Process, Administration of Safety and Occupational Health, Communications, Business Law, Fiscal Law, Labor Law, Private Law, Education, Electronics and Controls, Tourism Management, and Logistics. A number of programs are also offered online. The university offers a number of sports activities which have had notable competition, such as volleyball, baseball, soccer and tae kwon do. The university also offers a number of post-graduate degrees. It is developing an aggressive major reboot process where the entire system will consist of an expansion and transformation underneath its own structure and the regional community working out a new image and academic focus, with new programs, classrooms and foreign teachers who were invited by the new directive council headed by Ángel Casán Marcos. The university is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) and offers bilateral student exchange programs with other universities around the globe such as Germany, Liechtenstein, France, United States, Australia, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Saudi Arabia. It will soon be opening an exchange program with Ireland, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, and New Zealand. U-ERRE is located in Monterrey, the capital city of the northeastern state of Nuevo León, known as La Ciudad de la Montañas, for being surrounded by the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains. U-ERRE has 8,000 students, which allows for more personal attention. [-]