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In 1471 thanks to a Bull of Pope Sixtus IV the Republic of Genoa can confer degrees. In 1670 the Jesuit University is founded and under the French Empire, it is merged to the Imperial University of Paris. After Napoleon’s fall, it is again within the Kingdom of Sardinia. In the entrance hall of the University Palace, there are the busts of Mazzini, Garibaldi, Mameli and Bixio that, together with Genoese professors like Cesare Cabella and Cesare Parodi, bravely took part in the movements of the Risorgimento. The University of Genoa has a leading role in the current reform of the university system, with a new Statute came into effect on 29th December 2011.



The University of Genoa presents about 300 courses – including post-lauream courses – organized according to the aspirations and attitudes of the young, considering the importance of high qualification and with a dimension based on the requirements of the labour market at a European and - in many cases - global level. The University of Genoa is the University of Liguria as it is present on the entire regional territory with educational centres also in Savona, Imperia and La Spezia.

The University offers the students a solid cultural and scientific education and gives them many instruments to face the professional future. It offers real possibilities of integration between theory and practice, also through stages with institutions and companies and training periods abroad. There are many different forms of collaboration and cooperation with foreign Universities and Institutions that allow a high mobility of professors and students from and towards foreign countries. At the moment, with more than 3,000 foreign students, the University went over the 8% mark of the total amount of registered students, establishing even more - and unlike the national data - its position as a point of attraction for the students that choose Italy for their University studies. The University of Genoa gives great importance to the quality of teaching and research, being this one a fundamental element for assuring the knowledge development that is the base of real innovation and competitiveness.


Research allows to reach results of acknowledged prestige also at an international level and to develop excellence. Regarding teaching, the relational pattern between students and professors enhances the reciprocity of the relationships and an open and flexible learning setting, employing the new computer tools: e-learning platforms, accessibility for disabled to the University site, 7 Academy Points (classrooms for distance learning distributed on the regional territory).

In collaboration with the Regional Agency for Education Services and Job (Agenzia Regionale per i Servizi Educativi e per il Lavoro - ARSEL) and the Region of Liguria, the University of Genoa applied itself to improve the welcome of non-resident students and their life conditions, through significant investments for scholarships and accommodations in a city that is more and more dynamic and full of cultural challenges.



The University fees are to be paid in two instalments, the first one is equal for all the students while the second varies depending on the attended course and ISEEU (equivalent financial situation index) certificate. The first instalment is equal to Euro 470 and the second one varies from a minimum of Euro 0 to a maximum of approximately Euro 2.250. The second instalment rises from a minimum of Euros 1.750 to a maximum of Euros 2.250 for students who do not provide the ISEEU certificate.
However, the University of Genoa offers the students many incentives (total and partial exemptions, profit and degree bonus, reductions) and also the opportunity to perform paid collaboration activities.

For more information, visit (in Italian) or
contact the International Student Office (SASS):
Phone: (+39)01020951525
Fax: (+39)01020951527

The SASS service offers also the foreign students the support they need in order to settle in the city and spend a useful study period. All the necessary information towards the enrolment can be found at:

Scholarships Opportunities

Scholarships for Master / PhD projects

  • EMARO (European Master of Advanced Robotics)
  • SERP-Chem (International Master in Surface, Electro, Radiation, and Photo-Chemistry)
  • EMShip Master in Naval Architecture
  • ICE (Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Interactive and Cognitive Environments)
  • EURMed (Etudes Urbaines en Région Méditerranéennes)

Scholarships for Students mobility Projects:

  • EMMA-EST Erasmus Mundus Action II - Mobility with Asia
  • eASTANA- Erasmus Mundus Action II - Mobility with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
  • HERMES (Higher Education and Research Area between Europe and the Middle East)
  • Alyssa



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