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A school made of people.

Raffles Milano has the numbers to offer a high profile training course: has experience in the education sector, financial and organizational strength, sensibility to market demands, the ability to generate cutting edge ideas on how to secure education and Work, ideas and business, creativity and sustainability. But above all, it has the right people to do it.

The school that is now there.

The one in which they prepare you to face challenges that you still do not know. The one where you will try to the extreme and learn how to play with the limit direction. The one that speaks your language, and the other 13. The one you would never want to leave.

Raffles Milano

A new fashion and design school in Milan? Yes, and his name is Raffles Milan. A school with a spirit and a non-traditional approach. A school designed for those who want to look straight ahead in the eyes. And above all a school that has gathered around itself a formidable team of teachers, in many cases prominent names in the international scene of style and design.

At the starting line there are three-year courses in Product Design, Visual Design and Fashion Design, in Italian and English and a series of Master to learn from the protagonists.

The strength of a borderless network

Raffles Milan is strengthening the international network of Raffles Group, founded more than twenty-five years ago in Singapore and now booming, with 26 colleges in fourteen countries.

The choice to include Milan in the name reflects the tension to excellence and profound affinity with a city that has long been recognized as a capital of the project's culture in the world.

A school that gives more

Raffles Milan's training method is inspired by that of the "Renaissance workshop", and points the compass on the effectiveness of working on real projects for real buyers.

Teachers and students are instantly involved in a relationship without separation walls. Dialogue, search for new roads and teacher / student trust are the basis of an individual growth path and team that trains the future. That is, he prepares to live it as the natural evolution of the present. Students take measurements of tomorrow's taste and dreams.

A school that is already a job

Raffles Milano is the school that was not there, but the companies longed for, so hard on the ground to do it no less than that of knowing.

The projects have a goal, a context, a stock of resources, a wealth of previous experiences, a number of reasons to be born, and of course a series of walls to break. This is what students breathe at every step.

The world of work is at the base of educational paths. In Triennial Courses, students learn by doing, with the utmost connection between theory and practice, between idea and execution. In the Masters, students meet in the hall with the market players and have the opportunity to work at their side.



Via Felice Casati, 16
20124 Milan, Lombardy, Italy

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