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Over forty years of experience alongside organizations

Founded in 1970 on the initiative of Assolombarda and a group of large Italian and multinational companies (including Pirelli, Olivetti and IBM), ISTUD has always accompanied the evolution of Italian management , contributing significantly to the spread of a modern "management culture" in our country. The first Faculty of the Business School was composed of Harvard Business School professors, supported by Italian management consulting professionals.

The ISTUD Foundation is today the only independent high-profile Italian Business School . In its 40 years of activity more than 51,000 executives and middle managers, as well as 2,300 new graduates, have attended its training programs and masters and many professionals, operating in the world of training and research , have been trained at ISTUD since the seventies to today.Chronology

Our Mission

Supporting the growth of companies and managers who want to compete through the creation of a new sustainable economic model, focused on creating value for all actors in the process. This is the Mission of the ISTUD Foundation , the first independent Business School in Italy, which since 1970 has been operating in the field of higher professional training and management research, offering an integrated portfolio of managerial research and training programs, directly applied to the realities and challenges that organizations are facing.

Our Values

Sustainability: the systemic, ethical and sustainable approach.

Our approach

The ISTUD Foundation intends to be a different voice in the field of training and management development , placing at the center of all its activities the uniqueness and potential of the individuals and organizations in which they operate.
At the base of the various proposed initiatives there is a constant research and innovation activity , with the development of an updated know-how oriented to the problems and issues that actually come to the attention of companies, organizations, managers, today.

Choosing ISTUD means "getting in touch" with a leading company in the Italian management education landscape, with almost 40 years of experience in the field of management training and research on organizations .
The demonstrated ability to contribute to the evolution of managerial thinking, the international network, the qualified presence in companies and institutions, the high level of the offer process and the teaching process together with the quality of the Faculty, the fame and prestige of the brand, are some of the main elements that lead to consider ISTUD as a unique choice of excellence in the Italian scene.Business meeting-1209640_960_720

ISTUD : experiences compared

Participating in an ISTUD seminar or path means experiencing a highly engaging training experience , in which the participant is the protagonist of the learning process , in a stimulating environment , with the constant presence of ISTUD professionals to accompany the entire course.
The analysis of concrete situations, the search for effective solutions, the assumption of responsibility, interpersonal communication, negotiation and group work are always valued within the classrooms. Faculty professors, in relation to the different moments of the program and the contents treated, make use of a wide and flexible mix of didactic tools such as lessons, exercises, case discussions .

Basing in our approach is the size of the comparison . A comparison that arises from the dialogue with participants from different sectors and professional families and from the constant debate and exchange with Faculty professors, all experts in the area of ​​expertise, with an effective knowledge of business problems derived from significant experience in management, consulting or search.
All participants are always provided with a wide range of theoretical documentation on the topics covered, as well as a complete and updated bibliography (in addition to the use of exclusive ISTUD materials prepared and customized according to customer needs).

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ISTUD Business School

The MSc in Marketing Management of ISTUD offers you an ambitious and exciting path to enter the world of marketing, communication and digital. ... [+]

Master in Marketing Management

The MSc in Marketing Management of ISTUD offers you an ambitious and exciting path to enter the world of marketing, communication and digital.

The Master in Marketing Management is an ASFOR accredited specialist Master course designed for those who, coming from different faculties, want to enrich their knowledge, develop their operational skills by experimenting with concrete work situations and acquire tools and techniques that prepare them to enter the company and for lay the foundations for a brilliant career and realize their professional aspirations.

The numbers of the Master in Marketing6 months full time training in the classroom and project work3 to 6 months internships in the company40 partner companies97% of placement485 students already graduatedthe master in 3 steps... [-]
Italy Stresa
September 2019
1 year
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ISTUD Business School

The Master is born from the need to create a thorough and solid knowledge of distribution channels and their operational levers related to marketing and sales policies. T ... [+]

Master in Retail Marketing

The Master is born from the need to create a thorough and solid knowledge of distribution channels and their operational levers related to marketing and sales policies. The goal is to establish a strong link between young people and companies belonging to different product segments, from fashion to large retail chains, to support the strong expansion in Italy and in the world of specialized chains, e-commerce and brands that must manage new distribution dynamics.

The strength of the Master is to offer you an intense and practical training to immediately enter the company dealing with buying and selling, e-commerce, visual merchandising, export management, category management, instore marketing, trade marketing, business analysis.... [-]

Italy Stresa
November 2019
1 year
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