International Academy of Rome is a member of the BAU Global Education Network, one of the largest international groups of leading educational institutions in the world. At BAU IAR we aim to offer unique educational and professional opportunities to the students of our global network and to the EU citizens interested to pursue their studies and careers in the most emerging markets of the 21st-century marketplace. Our programs are designed for managers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in any sector able to combine management skills and a self-starter attitude with the passion for innovation and mobility beyond borders. At BAU IAR you will learn that business is essentially a form of art and how creativity, innovation, and internationalization make the Made in Italy a premium brand worldwide. The Gate of the Orient in Rome at Piazza Venezia. At BAU International Academy of Rome you will learn and experience the reasons why Italian goods are recognized as icons of style, creativity, and innovation worldwide, and how to enhance your career perspectives and professional life by exploiting the reputation and the potential of the Made in Italy Brand. MEMBER OF BAU GLOBAL BAU International Academy of Rome is a member of a global network of leading academic institutions. MADE IN ITALY EDUCATION Study in-depth the critical success factors and the key competitive sectors of the Made in Italy Brand. EXPERIMENTAL LEARNING In-company visits, meetings, creative labs to maximize your career opportunities in the emerging markets. INTERNATIONAL CLASSES Get in touch with students from all over the world and immerse yourself in a multicultural environment. A TEAM OF EXCELLENCE Experts in the selected areas: professors, managers, scholars, advisors of public and private institutions and companies. EUROPEAN CREDIT TRANSFER An offer based on the standards of the European Bologna Agreement and the ECTS credits system.

Studying and living in Rome

Studying in Rome gives you the unique opportunity to discover the leading cultural, political and religious centre of western civilization, cradle of thousand-year old cultural traditions. Experience life in the city that provides valuable lessons of entrepreneurship and innovation full of archaeological and artistic treasures, centre of fashion, luxury and craftsmanship: a city where the new always comes by the contamination of the old.

Programs taught in:

Rome Italy - Into Your Bloodstream - City and Culture