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University of Tehran, Kish International Campus

Master MSc MA Iran Tehran September 2018

About KIC Kish International Campus Kish International Campus was established in 2007 in order to facilitate the enrolment of foreign students. Graduates of the UT Kish Campus have the linguistic and professional abilities to function effectively in an international environment; the technical skills to operate in an increasingly complex technical world; the intellectual capacity and flexibility to adapt to constant changes and the leadership potentials to make the fullest… [+] possible contribution to the development of the community for the good of its people. In harmony with this mission, the University will select Iranian and international students who can succeed in harnessing diverse and modern academic and research capabilities. Through the development of strong scientific links with local and foreign educational and research institutions, the Campus continues to uphold the highest quality of both research and education. Efforts have been made for the Campus to remain at the cutting edge of science in different fields and to adjust its strategies to meet the market demands. The location of the Campus is the beautiful coral island of Kish, the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, with all its tourist and business attractions. International Activities The Office of International Relations provides information and assistance to international students, faculty members and researchers. It also establishes links between UT and other Iranian universities on the one hand and foreign universities, research institutes and centers on the other. The Office of International Relations offers advice and services to all international students and scholars. It provides opportunities for academic members and students to participate in international conferences, seminars and workshops. It also enjoys close relationships with many international associations and cooperates in offering its services for joint conferences, membership in international associations and sabbatical leave. Present Activities Arranging official visits with university dignitaries from all around the world Expanding international cooperation with world's best universities Inviting overseas Iranian and foreign professors and scholars for holding lectures and workshops at Kish International Campus Expanding international student exchange program Developing advanced and short-term training courses and joint training programs Facts and Figures Present Status The academic staff of Kish International Campus consists of more than 190 part-time adjunct professors and affiliated members. The University includes 3000 undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students. Library Statistics The Campus library has a reasonable collection of books (21927) both in Persian (12792) and English (9135). The campus also enjoys a comprehensive electronic library (e-books and e-journals). [-]

Al-Mustafa Open University

Iran Qom September 2018

Al-Mustafa Open University is an international cultural and academic institution which aims to disseminate Islamic knowledge, humanities, and socialites’. Taking advantage of latest technologies available in virtual space, Al-Mustafa Open University provides equal opportunities for every person who has an interest in gaining Islamic knowledge as well as humanities irrespective of the person’s religion, faith, gender, and nationality. It provides the basis to train pious exp… [+] erts in academics and specialists in order to produce, explain and spread the pure teachings of Islam, the holy household of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the holy Qur'an. Status and credibility This open university is affiliated with the university of Al-Mustafa PBUH and has an official permit from the ministry of education, research and technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The certificates and degrees provided by the university also have international credibility. Establishment goals and missions To nurture committed academics and scholars in the field of Islamic studies and humanities; To promote Islam and the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt peace be upon them to the entire world by means of virtual content production and spreading fascinating religious materials in various languages. To facilitate and provide support for the students of Al-Mustafa PBUH to pursue their studies in virtual environments. Addressee of this university Muslims around the world irrespective of their faith and nationality; People who are interested in culture and Islamic teachings from various ethnic groups and nationalities; Different strata of society including women and men with different levels of education. (University / General) Academic courses This academic institution has strived to design and implement various versatile academic and practical programs on various academic levels of basic, bachelors and Masters. It also provides short courses as well as modular courses in order to cater the needs and expectations of the students worldwide. Major advantages of Al-Mustafa Open University It has more than ten years of experience and excellent records in various fields of Islamic disciplines and humanities in cyberspace; Comprehensiveness and diversity at different academic levels namely associate, bachelor's and master's in the fields of law and jurisprudence, the Koran and the hadith, morality and education, philosophy, theology and mysticism, Islamic studies, history and civilizations, religions, languages literature, Humanities and Social Sciences, etc. Offering a variety of short and modular courses tailoring to the needs of its audience; Benefitting from the latest technological achievements in the field of education and communication; Online access to academic resources; Availability of the courses in various living languages of the world; Benefit of gaining scholarly advice; Official and internationally recognized certificates and degrees The learning curve Learning in this university provides the benefit of using the newest methods of distance education, including the use of internet and mobile systems of interaction. In this way all the stages of registration, course selection, academic evaluation, training, research and cultural services are mechanized. The students benefit from rich, diverse and fascinating contents provided to them. Under the tautology of experienced teachers and professors, they climb their way towards higher levels of virtues and excellence. This provides grounds for them to experience life with dignity and self-esteem under Islamic teachings. Geographical location The head office of the university is located in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s holy city of Qom. It has many branches and representative offices in different parts of the world. Necessity of virtual learning Limitations of physical learning on one hand and the interests of students wanting to learn various disciplines and sciences along with the rapid advances in information technology on the other gave rise to a new innovation and vision of effective education providing equal opportunities to all. One of these emerging ideas is the Internet distant learning (e-learning). In this method, the entire process of assessment and acceptance of a candidate, course selection, course presentation, questions and answers between teachers and students, exams and academic evaluation, educational –research services are done electronically. The students can access their account whenever they’d like to from any part of the world. By making use of technological features, the teachers and the administers monitor and evaluate the progress of the student and provide them individualized learning and lesson plans. [-]