Concluding its third year, the National University of Public Service has successfully continued to pursue its mission of developing public service education and training at the national and international level while advancing the science of the state along with its comprehensive approach in public affairs. Whereas the previous years were primarily characterized by vast efforts of construction, 2015 revealed several remarkable achievements. In accordance with its mission, NUPS is a university of cooperation, offering a model for effective balancing between social requirements, national strategic goals, and university autonomy.


The National University of Public Service defines itself as the “University of cooperation” - an effective model of cooperation among social needs, national strategical governmental objectives, and higher educational autonomy.

The vision of NUPS is to become:

  • the best and most attractive university in Hungary;
  • a solid research and education basis in the development of Hungarian public service and of public service career model;
  • a committed supporter of Hungarian higher education programmes abroad;
  • an active member of international research and educational networks, in alliance with leading universities of Europe and the world.


The mission of NUPS, in the intersection of public service profession and academia, is to serve as an effective educational and academic base for state-building and public service development. Through its educational and further training programmes NUPS supports the development of highly trained and efficient personnel in the field of public administration, law enforcement, defence and other areas of public service. NUPS defines its mission at national, regional, European and global levels.

The national dimension of NUPS’s mission comprises the strengthening of the Hungarian State and the education and research-based establishment of public service.

The “science of public governance and state” that is the research of the state based on a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, comparative and applicable approach serves as the centrepiece of the academic mission of NUPS.

The fundamental values of public service – the ethos of public interest, the demand for integrity and efficient operation – overarch countries and cultures. The objective of NUPS is to improve the value-system of public service through research and education thus strengthening the confidence of the actors of society and economy towards the public sector.

At the regional level, the focus of NUPS is twofold. On the one hand, the nation-policy mission of the University includes the establishment of cross-border relations and the provision of supporting Hungarian higher education institutions in neighbour countries. Accordingly, enhancing of the strategic cooperation with Hungarian institutes in Upper Hungary (Slovakia), Transcarpathia (Ukraine), Transylvania (Romania) and Voivodina (Serbia) is a priority for the University.

At a European level, top priorities include the enhancement of student and lecturer mobility and the strengthening of inter-institutional relations through joint research. Europe is a community of values in higher education and university traditions and is a common area of higher education. In accordance with the Europe 2020 strategy, international mobility of student, staff members, and researchers shall be increased and facilitated, while, accordingly the institutional relations have to be strengthened through joint training and research programmes.

Regarding the global level, NUPS has to determine its international strategy based on the solid foundations of its national and European cultural identity. It has to synchronize Euro-Atlantic orientation with the values of eastern and southern partnerships. The common issues of higher education include the autonomy of universities, ethics of science, the role of public service and state building in the establishment of peace and security. As a member of the International Association of Universities (IAU) the University has to play an active role in the international dialogue of universities.


The intention to build good governance and committed officials, thus enabling the state to respond to 21st-century challenges with the means of science and education is at the heart of NUPS’s strategy.

In order to fulfil its mission, NUPS strives to:

  • provide public service oriented training for the youth, in combination with modern and comprehensive knowledge based on solid moral and values;
  • participate in the further training of civil servants and public administration executives;
  • be successful in public service development 2020;
  • provide outstanding education and continuing education;
  • conduct successful research;
  • provide international quality with state-of-the-art infrastructure and services;
  • maintain sound institutional functioning embedded in a culture of quality and excellence.

The strategic environment and challenges of NUPS can be interpreted in the space of domestic higher education and research, of domestic public service, of international higher education and research, and of international public service relations.

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National University of Public Service

This study programme offers an interdisciplinary approach to the constantly evolving realm of international relations. Our students will be acquainted with a broad range ... [+]


This study programme offers an interdisciplinary approach to the constantly evolving realm of international relations. Our students will be acquainted with a broad range of contemporary issues in international relations, from the phenomenon of globalization, the policy-making of international organizations to international law and the law of the European Union as well as hot topics such as good governance or integrity management.

Upon the completion of the programme, graduates will benefit from a thorough and comprehensive understanding of today’s international affairs as well as the tools that will enable them to critically assess, analyze and answer global and international problems and policy issues. The aim of the program is to train experts capable of undertaking duties at international and EU institutions and agencies, in the administration of foreign affairs, defense policy, and law enforcement as well as in the international departments of NGOs or business entities.... [-]

Hungary Budapest
September 2019
3 semesters
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