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About International Business School – Budapest

From a school that was founded in 1991 as the first private higher education college in Central Europe, International Business School has grown into a great business school. It is an attractive place to learn and teach because of our collaborative culture – a blend of academic rigor, cooperative teamwork, entrepreneurship, diversity and continuous innovation. The academic experience we offer is providing our students from over 100 countries of the world not only with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree but skills and networking opportunities that bring lifelong competitive advantages.

IBS offers degree programs with The University of Buckingham, the best modern university of Great Britain. This long-standing strategic alliance has helped us to develop a flexible, practice-oriented curriculum with a global point of view that nourishes creative thinking, sharp intellect, and inter-cultural understanding.

Our home, Budapest, is a rapidly developing, exciting city where historical tradition and modern business and entrepreneurship combine to provide an invigorating atmosphere for living, work, and study. Our campus in Vienna houses students from 15 countries of the world and offers a truly interactive master's experience due to its small class sizes.

Why IBS?

Attractive offerings

Being a private college, IBS quickly adapts to the needs of a constantly changing international market and modifies its training programmes accordingly.

International environment

International experts, guest professors and students from all over Europe, Asia and Africa make IBS an attractive venue for cultural interaction and networking. Through our exchange programmes, IBS students can study in more than 80 partner institutions of over 20 countries.

British degrees

In addition to accredited Hungarian degrees, our students have the opportunity to study for Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. degrees conferred by the prestigious University of Buckingham.

Thrilling student life

Budapest's bustling student life is a treat to all who come to study here. The young, cosmopolitan environment and multicultural atmosphere make your stay abroad one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Teamwork and skills development

The businessman of the future will have to function both as a team leader and a team member. For this reason, a significant part of professional practice is done in small groups. This helps students to improve their abilities in communication, understand different viewpoints, manage conflicts and master leadership.



International Business School, Budapest

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