Szent István University, Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism


The rich history of Szent István University dates back to the 18th century. With such a long history and legacy of excellence, it stands as a central pillar of higher education in Hungary and throughout the region. It is named after Hungarian King Stephen I (the Saint). SZIU, being one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education, understands the importance of internationalization and promotes a variety of international activities. The University offers a unique experience of academic content with the aim to reach international standards in education and provide competitive degrees on the European and global market. Degrees are offered in multiple disciplines, but it is distinguished by its programmes in economics and social sciences, the food industry, horticulture and landscape architecture - the last offered by the Faculty of Landscape Architecture.

The Faculty of Landscape Architecture was established in 1992, with the mission of providing graduate and postgraduate (PhD) studies in landscape architecture. Students pursue one of three specialties: garden and open space design, landscape protection and reclamation and landscape/regional planning. The Faculty is the only place for landscape architecture training in Hungary. The training has always followed the trends of the European development of the profession. As a result, the curricula has been modernised several times with the introduction of a new training structure and new courses. Currently, the programmes are running in two main disciplines: Landscape Architecture is taught at undergraduate (BSc), postgraduate (both MSc and MA) and PhD levels, while there is also a MSc course in Urban Planning. The MA and the PhD courses in landscape architecture are also available in English as full degree programmes. Beyond an academic background, most Faculty staff also have professional experience in planning and design projects and participate in domestic or international research projects, ensuring up-to-date, practice-orientated teaching content.


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