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Mode Estah is the Ecole des Hautes Etudes for the fashion and luxury sector. Independent school, on a human scale, it is the place where one thinks and where the transversality of the skills engages you fully on the ground.

Strong of the conviction shared with the professionals that the know-how is a major asset, ModeEstah offers its students a wide range of trainings which animate the daily life of the sector of the Fashion and Luxury.

The school creates its pedagogy with companies to support the rapid evolution of the labor market and trades that continue to evolve to enrich our sector, design and innovation, creation and know-how, image and communication, events and marketing, management and business creation.

A private institution, Mode Estah offers three courses after baccalaureate and remains the Mode Estah leader in Mode Estah studies:

  • Designer Designer Niv.II curriculum (Title certified by the State)
  • Model Creator Curriculum Niv.II (Title certified by the State)
  • Curriculum Management of Fashion Design and Luxury niv.I (Title certified by the State)

Mode Estah delivers the CNCP level I and level II diplomas for creation and innovation and for the management of Fashion Design and Luxury.

This year Mode Estah 27 years old. For 27 years, the fashion companies give their orientaton and Mode Estah adjusts its programs, methods, organization of the school all the evolutions of the fashion sector.



32 Rue de Paradis
75010 Paris, Île-de-France, France

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