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Training for all: the Group's business heart Esccom

The Esccom Group -

The group, created by Michel Rolland, is present in the Alpes Maritimes since 1983. Vocational school and training center, we were able to listen to demands and expectations of each and we adapt by offering various activities. With over 32 years of experience, Graduate School of Business and Management COMmunication and offers many courses for all audiences.

School Education:

With Tertiary Esccom we prepare Baccalaureate Business at Higher National Diploma (BTS) in degrees Bac +3 and Bac + 5 and Professional Titles. We offer training in the following areas: Sales, Marketing, Secretarial, IT, Accounting, Management, Taxation, Management and Human Resources.

We prepare you to European diplomas whose DEES (bac +3) in Marketing and Management Humanities and the European Master Management and Enterprise Resource Strategies. These degrees are high added value in Europe and among companies. Whichever direction you choose, our concern is your professional and academic success. Choosing ESCCOM, everyone enjoys the support, coaching a team of teachers from the professional world, but also having a proven teaching experience. Our students and trainees enjoy comfortable rooms, equipped with efficient IT equipment.

Our expertise allows us to provide more and more often a direct relationship with the companies, which facilitates the search for internships. Two training centers are present in the department: ESCCOM Nice and Cannes ESCCOM.

And do not forget our third center: Esccom Académie Culinaire where we train future professionals in the hotel and catering, and prepare diplomas such as Higher National Diploma (BTS). We offer intensive professional training in a convenient and close part of the reality through our training restaurant. It has a powerful technical platform and a restaurant user friendly application. A Esccom Culinary Academy, you can follow courses in Cake, Food and Service. The Culinary Academy is located in Nice.

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22 Rue El Nouzah
0600 Agde, Occitanie, France



5 Rue Migno
06400 Agde, Occitanie, France
+33 4 93 68 42 11

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