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University of Vaasa - Multidisciplinary and Business-Oriented

The University of Vaasa is a multidisciplinary University with more than 5000 students, and it offers degrees at all academic levels from Bachelor to Master and Doctor. Approximately 9 percent of the students and 30 percent of the academic staff are international coming from all around the world. The teaching and research activities of the University focus on business studies, administrative sciences, technology and communication. The language of instruction in the international Master's programmes and several other courses in English.

The University of Vaasa occupies one of Finland's newest campus areas close to the sea, often referred to as the most beautiful campus in Finland. All of the schools and departments are located on the beautiful island of Palosaari. The campus is an interesting fusion of old and new, a combination of continental and Anglo-Saxon architectures. It is located in Vaasa, the sunniest City of Finland. With its 12 000 students, Vaasa is also a very lively student city. Moreover, the beautiful Kvarken archipelago surrounding the city is part of UNESCO's World Natural Heritage sites since 2006.


The University of Vaasa functions in four schools. Teaching and research in the School of Management and the School of Accounting and Finance as well as in the School Marketing and Communication are of a high national standard, and the University of Vaasa is among the largest providers of business degrees in Finland. The key areas of business studies are financing and financial markets, entrepreneurship, consumer behaviour, and internationalization of enterprises. The schools are ranked as Excellent Business Schools in the Eduniversal Worldwide Business School Ranking and their Master's Degree Programme in Finance, Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development and Master's Degree Programme in International Business are EFMD accredited.

The School of Management and the School of Marketing and Communication have their own special strength areas such as communication and administrative sciences. In the School of Technology and Innovations, the University's areas of expertise are automation technology, electrical engineering, computer science, and telecommunications engineering. The Master's Programmes in Industrial Management and Industrial Systems Analytics are ASIIN accredited. The ASIIN quality seal provides assurance that subject specific quality standards of the academic discipline and of the profession for which that programme prepares are met at high level.

The education in the University of Vaasa receives acclaim from employers for meeting the demands of modern working life. All degrees of the University encompass business operations skills and the genuinely international atmosphere of the campus together with opportunities for student exchange give students strong abilities when entering working life. The language of instruction in all the courses offered for international students in the Master's programmes is English. Courses are typically based on lectures with a final examination, or on independent studying which is examined during the academic year. Seminars and various forms of group work with written and oral assignments are part of the curricula, too.

Student Life in Vaasa

University of Vaasa community comprises over 5 000 students and every year around 300 international students from all over the world study at the University. Students in the University have a growing interest in international study atmosphere. There are altogether some 12 000 students in Vaasa, and the available housing and leisure activity opportunities in the city are plenty.

The cultural life of the city has something for everyone. The Finnish Vaasa City Theatre, the Swedish Wasa Theatre, the City Orchestra, the Vaasa Opera Company and numerous other musical groups, choirs and theatres as well as the several galleries and museums ensure a bustling cultural life for the city. Diverse pop, rock and alternative music and cultural festivals are organized in the city especially in summer time.

The University of Vaasa provides tutoring for all new international students. An International Tutor, a fellow student, is appointed to every international student. Tutors help students to get to know the academic environment and assist in other matters related to living in Vaasa and in Finland.

Throughout the academic year, tutors plan different types of activities and events for international students. These events are a great opportunity to get to know the fellow students and experience Vaasa in a new way. The University of Vaasa also organises trips for international students to see other parts of Finland. For instance, an annual trip to Lapland is always a memorable experience for students.

As members of the local student union international Master's degree students of the University of Vaasa benefit from various discounts on and off campus. These include for instance subsidised meals at University restaurants and cafeterias, as well as discounts on travel tickets, in theatres, museums and numerous stores. Master's degree students are also entitled to student health care service.

The University of Vaasa campus is located next to the sea with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. For those who enjoy being close to nature, the Vaasa region is an excellent place for spending leisure time outdoors. The seashore offers experiences for each season from kayaking and scuba diving to ice fishing. The city of Vaasa is very accessible; all necessary services are located near the University and most people keep on cycling throughout the year. Travel connections are comprehensive - in addition to the well-connected airport, train and bus connections, cruisers cross the Gulf of Bothnia allowing travellers reach Sweden in few hours.

Campus Area

The University of Vaasa occupies Finland’s newest campus area by the sea - a combination of coastal landscaping, modern architecture and converted industrial buildings. The University offers a modern study environment with an up-to-date computer and other technical facilities. Also, the academic library is located on the campus. From the student restaurant in the main building, there is a magnificent view of the surrounding natural scenery and the sea.

An International University

University of Vaasa has contacts around the world; partnership universities for student and staff exchange, and also for research and educational co-operation. Every year more than 200 students go abroad for some of the studies required for their degree programmes. Similarly, around 200 international students arrive every year to complete their exchange period at the University of Vaasa. In addition, around 300 international students study in the University's international Master and Doctoral programmes.

The University of Vaasa provides an international atmosphere and a beautiful maritime campus setting, efficient tutoring and a lively social environment in addition to a wide range of courses offered in English. Most of the courses included in the Master's programmes are offered for both international and Finnish students which provides an excellent opportunity to get to know the local students. The internationally mixed study groups offer a great chance to learn from other students and their experiences.

Invest in Your Future!

A closely knit study community, well-planned teaching and efficient student services promote academic progress and completion of degrees. The University of Vaasa educates competent experts for the needs of the modern working life and the employment prospects for graduates are good. The University supports flexibility in studies within the University and in other academic institutions in Vaasa, in Finland and throughout the world.

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