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Designskolen Kolding

We respect the raw material entailed in each student and staff member and value dialogue, equality and diversity.

DK’s student intake is based on talent. This distinguishes DK from traditional universities. We cultivate and value talent and challenge it by teaching our students to reflect on their own process and by teaching them to collaborate by completing tasks related to specific contexts of use, preferably in interaction with industry.

DK builds on the tradition of Danish Design and focuses on design that is meaningful. We believe that relating to history and tradition enables the creation of something new. The school’s approach to teaching is that we don’t provide the answer, we discover it together.

At DK we work with tools, techniques, concepts and methods. We build on knowledge and research and emphasise sensory perception and experiments; uniting the hands and the mind.

DK has university status. We offer an academic setting that comprises a number of recognised researchers focusing on the emergent research field of design and a growing output of PhD projects. At the same time, we value professional practice and give priority to offering excellent workshop conditions enabling our students to work with the materials on a 1:1 scale. We require our school faculty to be practitioners in their field, and our esteemed visiting faculty ensures inspiration from professional practice.

We offer three different Master programs:

Design for People:

Design for Planet:

Design for Play:

“Design School Kolding may be small compared to other schools, yet great in terms of human interaction, skill, and dedication.”
Alina Moat, Master’s degree student, Design School Kolding



Designskolen Kolding
Ågade 10

6000 Kolding, Denmark

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