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The Mission of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting is to provide University education in accredited study programmes taught on the highest level possible, develop scientific research and to carry out habilitation procedures and procedures for the appointment of professors in accredited disciplines.

The Faculty of Finance and Accounting was created 1st July 1991 as a result of organizational changes at the University of Economics, Prague (VSE) during the political changes after the 1989 revolution. It was built on the basis o the tradition of the faculties’ departments of finance, accounting and didactics of economic studies, which is (together with their degree courses), the epicenter of the University since its creation in 1953 and continues to be throughout its more than sixty years of existence.

The newly created Faculty of Finance and Accounting was from its beginning supported by a strong and stable team of scientific and educational professionals who, with the combination of traditional approach towards economic education and exactly planned study programs, have successfully gained a competitive advantage which is kept to this date. This stable team was cooperating with the Faculty since its creation, forming a group of eminent professionals from both the academic field and external field such as companies and government institutions, who significantly participated upon the post-revolution changes within the Czech society.

Thanks to this unusual constellation, the Faculty became one of the top of the economic faculties in the Czech Republic and it is being successful in keeping this prestigious position today. The Faculty of finance and accounting offers all three levels (bachelors, master and doctoral) of studies in Czech language.

Since 2015 the Faculty is proud to be able to offer Masters and Doctoral level of studies fully in English language. The two year Master programme in Finance and Accounting (MIFA) and the three year Doctoral study in either Finance or Accounting and Corporate Financial Management. This fact is yet another proof of the Faculty’s modern approach and attempt in offering its students something more, valuable for their career.

The high quality of the Faculty is reflected in the continuous top rankings of surveys and polls which are put together by professionals, journalists and by students. Another part of the proven quality of the faculty is in the alumni students - graduates.

Their successfully growing careers in banks, auditor and consulting companies, production and business firms, including government institutions and as well within the nonprofit sector are speaking for itself. When evaluating the annual statistics of the alumni employment success rate, our faculty is in the leading positions with almost a zero unemployment rate of its graduates. Quality is as well an important aspect, when it comes to the academic staff of the faculty considering their academic performances, scientific - research publishing activities, which are both supported and maintained by the faculty.

The Faculty in this matter holds the privilege in organizing specialized conferences and publishing scientific journals and cooperating with several external professionals who are incorporated into the activities mentioned above as well as being in the positions of the academic council of the faculty. Thanks to these the faculty is capable in keeping up with the newest information from real-life experience and connecting them to the study and research attributes which support the high academic level connecting academia and day-to-day experience. International activities of the Faculty are not only offering a master and doctoral programme in English but also student have the unique opportunity to study abroad thanks to programmes such as Erasmus or experience an internship abroad.

Achievements of the Faculty which were gained through its existence are binding and will require a considerable amount of effort to be sustained and further develop. I firmly believe that the faculty is sufficiently equipped and motivated to achieve this goal and that it will continue to be considered as a recognized academic institution whose professional opinions are respected and whose graduates will fully apply their quality in practice.

doc. Ing. Ladislav Mejzlík, Ph.D.
dean of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting
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MIFA Master in Finance and Accounting

Campus Full time April 2019 Czech Republic Prague

The original idea of the MIFA programme was to offer a high-quality programme for all students who see their future in Finance and Accounting. This became a vision that created an exceptional opportunity for those students that take their future into their own hands. [+]

The structure of MIFA programme: 1st semester (30 credits): Intermediate Accounting: Generally Accepted Principles (6 credits) Performance Management (6 credits) International Finance (6 credits) Economics II (6 credits) Corporate Finance (6 credits) 2nd semester (30 credits): Financial Derivatives (6 credits) Understanding Economic and Social Indicators (3 credits) Taxation in the CR and EU (6 credits) Business Valuation (6 credits) Business Ethics (6 credits) One elective course (3 credits) 3rd semester (30 credits): Elective courses (24 credits) with Project (6 credits) or Exchange programme or Internship (30 credits) 4th semester (30 credits): Audit and Assurance (6 credits) Economic Integration (6 credits) Master Thesis and Final state exams (18 credits) Optional courses: Financial Contracting, Financial Reporting under IFRS and US GAAP - Comparison and Case Studies, Fiscal Policy, Taxation of International Employment, Bonds Theory and Praxis, Contemporary Rhetoric, Public Economics, Corporate Governance, Public Economics, Corporate Governance, International Business Strategy, International Trade, Project Management, International Mergers and Acquisitions. Final state exam consists of: Finance Accounting Master Thesis Defense Minimum requirements for MIFA Master programme An academic degree (i.e. a BSc (undergraduate) degree or the equivalent at least 180 ECTS credits or 3 years of full-time studies). Faculty of Finance and Accounting accepts applicants in their last year of Bachelor's studies, but the applicant should be done with the BSc degree before the start of the MSc programme. Proficiency in English. No special tests or internationally recognized language certificates are required. Applicants must prove their English knowledge at the entrance exam. [-]


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