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Universidad Cenfotec is a private higher education institution with academic, administrative and financial autonomy, whose main purpose is the curricular design and execution of programs for the training and updating of professionals, as well as the realization of research programs in the field of digital technologies.

Cenfotec, as a Training Center in Information and Communication Technologies was created in January 2000 by a group of software development companies and independent investors, in order to provide the incipient and growing software development industry, with personnel highly qualified, specialized and quickly operational that would allow it to compete internationally with high quality standards.

In 2003, Cenfotec developed and taught Software Engineering, the first in Costa Rica and Central America. Subsequently, programs were created in the areas of infrastructure support, database administration, cybersecurity, telematics and web design and development, with excellent reception in the technology sector.

This approach, 100% aligned with the business sector, has allowed Cenfotec to have a track record and recognition at the highest level, on the part of both national entrepreneurs and international employers who hire the human resource generated over time.

Cenfotec occupies one of the top four places of higher education institutions with the highest quality in the country in the field of information and communication technologies and in the shortest time of training (according to a survey by the Chamber of Information Technology and Communication of Costa Rica to national businessmen, 2008).113450_12.png


Train people with a rigorous and ethical education in technology as a tool to discover their own potential, self-determine their destiny and generate useful knowledge to positively impact the quality of life and competitiveness in society.


To be recognized internationally among the best institutions of higher education in technology, as a benchmark of excellence in academics and ethics.


  • Spirit of filiation and altruism
  • Integrity, respect and compliance in all facets of our actions
  • Sense of achievement thanks to the effort

Quality politics

We are committed to forming motivated and highly qualified individuals with up-to-date technical knowledge, values, attitudes and skills that allow them to perform fully as professionals and overcome the demands of the organizations where they will practice.

To this end, the University in its daily work will stimulate teamwork, constant learning, the spirit of service, adherence to values and principles, rationalization and improvement of processes, feedback from our clients and collaborators and the quality of academic and administrative services.113451_adolescent-attractive-backpack-1462630.jpg


Know and understand technological trends and the conditions of their adoption in our environment Innovate in technological and pedagogical solutions to facilitate learning processes Develop innovative knowledge in the field of ICT #


Guide the updating and development of the academic programs of the University towards the technological areas of interest and opportunity for the students.

Continuously improve the quality of our educational process.

Contribute to solve specific ICT problems to improve their effectiveness and their use in organizations, in order to achieve a real impact in the economic and social environment of the countries of the Central American region.


The investigation will be of three types:

  1. Research carried out by the undergraduate or master's degree students in the framework of their graduation work, directed by university tutors. (In certain cases, research carried out by students in the framework of project courses).
  2. Research at the request of public or private institutions carried out by professors-researchers of the University (by demand). Professional research
  3. On the initiative of the University. Professional research

We refer to the first type of research as academic research and the next two as professional research.

Research at the University will be more applied and practical, than fundamental or theoretical.113452_beard-bonding-community-708440.jpg


In order to meet the objectives set in point 1, the University's research will cover the following thematic areas:

  1. Know and understand the technological trends and the conditions of their adoption in our environment
    • Technological trends and market needs
  2. Innovate in technological and pedagogical solutions to facilitate learning processes
    • Learning by project
    • Virtual education
    • Teacher evaluation
    • Quality evaluation
  3. Develop innovative knowledge in the field of ICT
    • Information and communication technology
    • Software development
    • Web and mobile technologies
    • Technologies and data analytics
    • Cybersecurity
    • Management of technology and IT services


San José

Santa Marta, San Pedro de Montes Oca, del Cruce de la Escuela de Santa Marta 400 metros noreste carretera al Cristo de Sabanilla, San José, Costa Rica
11501 San José, San José Province, Costa Rica

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