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At Universidad EAN we promote sustainable entrepreneurship, considering leadership and innovation as fundamental elements in the generation of abundance for humanity.

We are aware of the immediate and long-term impact of our actions, which is why we welcome the Objectives for Sustainable Development and Social Progress promoted by UNESCO and defined by the Brundtland Commission in 1987, whose scope is synthesized in "to meet the needs of the present, without jeopardize the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. "


The Universidad EAN has as its mission to contribute to the integral formation of people and to stimulate their entrepreneurial aptitude, in such a way that their action contributes to the economic and social development of the peoples.


By 2027, the Universidad EAN will be a benchmark in training and research in sustainable entrepreneurship, through an innovative delivery of knowledge.

Quality politics

In accordance with its mission and vision, and within the framework of the Institutional Educational Project (PEI), the Universidad EAN ensures high quality standards and continuous improvement in all its processes and services, anticipating the needs and fulfilling the expectations of the different groups of interest.

Higher Purpose

The Universidad EAN declares to be an academic institution whose superior purpose is to contribute to the integral formation and of the sustainable entrepreneurship, considering the investigation, the leadership and the innovation fundamental elements in the generation of abundance for the humanity.

High Quality Institutional Accreditation

On December 29, 2017, through Resolution No. 29499 of 2017, the Ministry of Education renewed the High Quality Institutional Accreditation to the Universidad EAN . As in 2013, the Institution received this support for a period of four years.

This is a milestone in the continuous institutional improvement, which reflects the vocation of the University to maintain high levels of quality in its processes and educational services, for the benefit of individuals, families and organizations that aspire to a sustainable global education, for the integral performance superior and appropriate knowledge useful for its development.

Benefits of Institutional Accreditation in High Quality

This support from the Ministry of Education allows:

  • Promote the improvement of the quality of higher education in Colombia.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the Colombian higher education system and the institutions that integrate it to contribute to economic, social, cultural, technological and environmental development. In addition, for the consolidation of social inclusion and peace in the country.
  • Encourage self-regulation, self-evaluation and continuous improvement of higher education institutions and programs with a view to achieving high levels of quality.
  • To promote the suitability and solidity of Higher Education Institutions.
  • Encourage academics, to the extent that demonstrates the credibility of their work and promotes the recognition of their achievements.
  • To favor the national and international recognition of academic programs and research and projection activities.
  • Obtain recognition from international organizations, institutions of higher education abroad and external quality assurance systems.
  • Encourage the construction and consolidation of academic and scientific communities.
  • Encourage good governance processes of Higher Education Institutions.
  • To favor the homologation and validation of academic degrees, as well as to facilitate the route of international certifications.

Source: Agreement No. 03 of 2017 of the CESU.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Universidad EAN , leader in Colombia in the topic of Entrepreneurship since its foundation in 1967, has been working for some years to consolidate itself as a model and reference in the subject of sustainability in higher education in the country.

Proof of this are initiatives such as the incorporation of this crucial issue from its environmental, economic and social perspective in a transversal way in its academic offer and in specialized chairs such as that offered by the world expert Bernardo Kliksberg; the development of El Nogal Building, including elements of bioarchitecture and water recirculation, the implementation of programs that promote alternative means of transport such as 'PedalEando a la U' and vehicle sharing; and the start-up of the Urban Canopy in El Nogal Building, with its aesthetic, ecological and natural contribution, among others.

By virtue of these and many other advances, at the end of the previous year the work of formalizing this imprint began in the strategic initiative to "incorporate the Focus on Sustainability", which is part of the 2020 Plan, and thus integrate in a real way this attribute to the academic, research, extension and social projection and operation of the Universidad EAN .

A landmark of this initiative occurred on February 18, 2016 when the General Chamber of the Universidad EAN approved the new general policy of the institution, contained in Agreement No. 013.

Based on works previously developed by different institutions and actors of the Institution, and supported by the ECOS Think Tank, as well as members of the General Chamber, the Superior Council and the Senior Management of the University, the guidelines that will mark the horizon of the work of the institution on this front. Entrepreneurship, now endowed with attributes that are relevant for the 21st Century, remains at the heart of the teaching, research and social projection exercise, as established in Article 1 of the aforementioned Agreement (No. 013 of 2016):

"The Universidad EAN declares to be an institution, whose superior purpose is to contribute in training for sustainable entrepreneurship, considering leadership and innovation, fundamental elements in the generation of abundance for humanity."

There is now the task of making this policy continue to permeate the missionary and support activities of the institution, with the support of teachers from each of the Faculties of the University, as well as coordinated work with the Research and Knowledge Management Department , the Vicerrectoría of Extension and Social Projection and, altogether, all the university community of the Ean.



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