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Now reaching its sixth anniversary, inlingua Victoria College of Languages has taught thousands of students from all over the world. As a dynamic college, inlingua Victoria provides their students with a modern, high-end facility in the heart of downtown Victoria just steps away from the inner harbor. Accredited by the Private Training Institutions Act of B.C. (PTA), inlingua Victoria offers competitive career training diplomas that are recognized internationally. Students dramatically improve their English language skills through many programs such as the very popular General English Courses, EAP, IELTS Preparation, Business English, and more! Proud to be one of over 300 inlingua language centers across the world, inlingua Victoria has contributed to the growing network of 35 countries for over 45 years.

Homestay Accommodation


  • Private rooms and shared rooms
  • Close and easy commute to downtown
  • Services across Canada
  • Meet Canadians, challenge yourself in new ways
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Practice your English in the real world
  • Fast, professional, and personalized
  • Experience the real Canadian lifestyle
  • Friendly, warm, and caring homestays

More About Homestay inlingua Victoria College of Languages is fortunate to have our very own in-house Homestay Coordinator, Antonio! Antonio guarantees your stay to be a language and cultural learning adventure! As we know, Homestay is much more than a place to sleep and eat. We want our students integrating and involving themselves with their Canadian hosts, to get the most out of the homestay and language learning experience. We know that this is your home away from home, and that homestay is one of the most important aspects of your entire experience abroad. Your homestay family is as interested in learning about you and your culture, as you are about them and theirs. Remember that Antonio, your personal Homestay Coordinator, is always available for you to talk to, to get advice from, and to answer all your homestay concerns. To get the most out of your homestay experience, Antonio recommends you spend time with your family. Accept and adapt to the different way of living, and participate in the families’ different activities. Use your English as much as possible.

Speak, Speak, Speak! Homestay is more than accommodation: it’s a life experience!

Student Residence


Experience the culture – Experience inlingua Student Residence! inlingua Victoria has a beautiful Student Residence for students who prefer to live with other students or who enjoy a more independent living option. inlingua Victoria’s student residence is located at 3816 Hobbs Street in Victoria, BC. This home is a short 5-minute walk to the ocean, beach, shopping, and restaurants in beautiful Cadboro Bay Village. The residence is an also quick walk to the bus stop and a 15-minute bus ride to downtown Victoria and the inlingua Victoria Campus!

Amenities Included

The Student Residence home is fully furnished. Every bedroom comes complete with single beds, linens, pillows, towels, desks, study lamps, dressers and night tables. This private residence also includes a private yard with a garden, fruit trees, and an outdoor furnished patio. The residence has a laundry room which is free to use and its kitchen is fully furnished with all appliances, dishes, and cookware.

Single Room

  • Private bedroom with Wi-Fi shared the TV with Cable TV, bathroom, kitchen, common rooms, and on-site parking.
  • Utilities included: Heat, hot and cold water, electricity, shared cable TV, and Wi-Fi.


  • 4 Weeks: $625.00
  • 1 Week: $175.00
  • 1 Day: $30.00
  • Placement Fee: $150
  • Move-Out Cleaning Fee: $50

Double Room

  • Shared bedroom with one other student with Wi-Fi, shared the TV with Cable TV, bathroom, kitchen, common rooms and on-site parking.
  • Utilities included: Heat, hot and cold water, electricity, shared cable TV, and Wi-Fi.


  • 4 Weeks: $500.00
  • 1 Week: $150.00
  • 1 Day: $25.00
  • Placement Fee: $150
  • Move-Out Cleaning Fee: $50


  • A refundable damage deposit of $500 per student is required and payable upon registration.
  • Minimum stay of 4 weeks and all students sign a Student Residence Contract prior to check-in.
  • Move-out fee applies to all stays.
  • inlingua Student Residence Is offered to male and female students over the age of 19.
  • All students purchase and prepare their own meals, and clean up after themselves immediately after using shared areas.

Activities and Social Fun


inlingua Victoria is committed to providing you the best experience outside of the classroom. We believe that activities play a key role in your learning experience. Daily activities are planned for students, ranging from sports to cultural events to sight-seeing and visiting city attractions. Activities aim to engage students in their learning, Canadian culture, and making new friends. Some activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Movie nights
  • Rock-climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Bowling
  • Day trips to Vancouver
  • Whale watching
  • Barbeques
  • Swimming
  • Royals Hockey games at the arena
  • Soccer
  • Ski trips to Whistler and Mt. Washington

Student testimonials


“Talking about inlingua is so easy! I love this place and all the teachers and classmates (from different countries and cultures). I’m very happy to be studying English here. The school is so nice and near beautiful downtown Victoria. I recommend studying at inlingua and experiencing this amazing place. Thanks for everything, inlingua!” -Nayanne, Brazil

“inlingua is like my home. The classrooms and lounge are comfortable. Everyone who works at inlingua is awesome! The school activities are also good. They have many sports and speaking activities. They also have an English Only Policy which allowed me to speak English better. I really love inlingua!” -Reiya, Japan

“I made unforgettable memories at inlingua. I really liked spending lots of time with classmates. I also love my teachers since they taught me useful grammar skills. If I have more time in the future, I will come back to inlingua. I love it here!” -Pi Leng (Elsa), Taiwan

“Even after years of teaching experience, I found the inlingua course to be really beneficial; it gives you a great background on the theory and methods of TESL, and a great framework for creating effective lessons.” -Chris, Canada

“My experience at inlingua was amazing. At inlingua I learned a lot of things not only from my teachers but also from my classmates. I improved my English with my friends from inlingua and my teachers gave me the skills. Thank you inlingua!” -Jimena, Mexico

“I like the teachers here. My favorite part is the classroom and the teacher- he is very funny and the class is never boring.” -Joey, Saudi Arabia

“I think inlingua is the best language school in Victoria. All the teachers are friendly. They always organize awesome activities. If you are looking for a language school, you have to sign up for inlingua NOW! I love inlingua!” -Goanik (Nick), South Korea

“I had some amazing teachers who taught me a lot of different techniques and it has helped improve my practice in the classroom.” -Lara, Canada

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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