The Centre for Digital Media - The CDM


The Centre for Digital Media (CDM) is located on Great Northern Way Campus and houses the Master of Digital Media (MDM) program. CDM is also home to industry studios, and hosts a variety of industry and professional development events. CDM resides in two buildings: CDM|577, the original home of the MDM program (a renovated Caterpillar tractor factory) and CDM|685, that opened next door. CDM|685 houses the majority of the learning spaces and has 76 student apartments upstairs. It features student-centered design—MDM students have a unique opportunity to create and re-create their learning space as they move through the program—including 11 project rooms, a communal kitchen and social areas for both collaboration and relaxation. CDM|577 is the home of CDM’s interactive lab, faculty offices, editing facility and an 8,000 square foot multi-purpose facility called the Hangar. It also has a variety of industry studios, a research network and will soon have a café. In addition, the building has bike facilities, an excellent workout space and hosts a bi-weekly boot camp.



The Centre for Digital Media - The CDM
685 Great Northern Way

BC V5T 0C6 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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