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Université de Hearst

Canada Hearst September 2018

A unique case in Ontario's FrancophonieThe Université de Hearst is the only university institution in the province to offer programs strictly in French. With us everything is possible in a world where distance does not matter.Mission of the UniversityThe Université de Hearst makes university studies accessible to Francophones in Northeastern Ontario, offering them comprehensive programs in their region, according to teaching methods that recognize the importance, for training a… [+] nd for success sustained interaction among students and between these individuals and faculty members.Teaching still ranks first at the Université de Hearst . It aims to develop students' autonomy and sense of responsibility and provide them with training that will serve them well in their personal and professional lives.The Université de Hearst aims to advance knowledge and to transmit it. It promotes the development of its members intellectually, spiritually, morally, physically, artistically and socially and encourages their involvement in the community. Through education, research and community involvement, she contributes to cultural and economic development in Northern Ontario, promotes the French language and Franco-Ontarian culture, and values ​​the sense of belonging. belonging to the Franco-Ontarian community.Through all its activities, the Université de Hearst contributes to the development of a society based on the values ​​of freedom, equality, justice, openness, solidarity, respect for the individual and protection of the environment. .All courses at UdeH are presented in blocks of three weeks since the start of the 2014 academic year.You will be able to focus on one course at a time, thus facilitating the integration and consolidation of your learning. Only a dozen post-secondary institutions in North America offer this benefit, and only the Université de Hearst does it in French for you.Why opt for a block course?Well, the block coursePromotes the concentration of ideas rather than the scattering of them.Optimize time management, resources and group work.Eliminate stressful session ends. Finished the study of five exams at the same time.Focus on outings on the field : outings that could take place a day, a week or during the full block. Wow!How it works?Unlike the traditional semester in which a person undertakes five courses simultaneously from September to December, the Block Course Formula offers one course at a time in twelve meetings over a period of three consecutive weeks.The school year is still divided into sessions consisting of five block courses and a spring break. And yes, a week of free time to recharge your batteries. In other words, the duration of the semester of block courses as well as the number of hours of training of each course remains the same as before or elsewhere. The formula is just great!Learning by experienceThe variety of pedagogical approaches and experiential learning activities are integral to building your knowledge. Field trips, company tours, cultural experiences and conferences are just a few opportunities to immerse yourself in regional, national and international realities.Interdisciplinarity at Lake Superior ParkExcursion on the Moose RiverVisit to the Petawawa Military BaseVisit of companies from the regionFall of New PostIndian tradition bathCenter for Integration of Prior LearningThe University's integration centers also allow you to exercise your know-how and your skills in practical training courses in the fields of translation, research and archival science. economic and community development.Internship in the workplaceBenefit from practical training and experience without extending the duration of your studies thanks to work placements integrated into certain UdeH programs. With the support of the Internship Coordinator, plan your placement in a block or two at a company or community organization. Employers and managers of companies are invited to contact Anne-Marie Cantin by email or at 1 800 877-1781 to express their desire to collaborate with one of our students.Interdisciplinary approachValue of interdisciplinary studiesInterdisciplinary studies take into account the complexity of our changing world and prepare you for it by sharpening your critical thinking and creativity. They will make you a person more aware of contemporary issues, open to the world and willing to play an active role. In fact, it's the kind of person that the people responsible for hiring in many organizations and companies look for.Science to better decode the realThe evolution that we observe in the history of science shows us that at one time it was very useful to cut out the fields of knowledge in order to discover the secrets. Although the merits of this approach remain, current needs to understand many human and social phenomena call for an inclusive approach of diverse disciplines.The originality of UdeHThe Université de Hearst then offers, more specifically through its offer of bachelor's degree programs in human and social issues, a study environment that will provide you with a general culture by approaching topics from a more interdisciplinary angle. In this bachelor's degree program in human and social issues, you will study certain phenomena by simultaneously borrowing glasses from various disciplines, including psychology, sociology, literature, history and geography.Define this notion of general cultureThese programs are based on a coherent set of mandatory courses designed to guarantee this general culture that everyone praises, both in the school system and in the world of work. A unique combination of courses from many disciplines has been designed to recognize in these programs:the place of a solid scientific backgroundthe inevitable legacy of the humanities (languages, literature, philosophy, history)the relevance of approaching objects of study with an interdisciplinary approachthe importance of global and local in the way we look at the worldthe need for practical training, through internships, to complete the more theoretical part of university trainingthe need for fluency in the French languagethe importance of knowing a second language (English or Spanish)Opening on the worldStudy tripEvery year, UdeH goes on an adventure in a foreign country as a study trip. Since 2005, students from the Université de Hearst have visited countries in Europe, South America and Central America. This year, India is in the spotlight. OPA!Credited tripOn the study trip, there are other opportunities for student mobility. The bulk course formula favors the supply of credited journeys: trips during which a language, a social phenomenon or a human issue is studied, observed or analyzed. A Spanish course could very well take place in Mexico, thus providing an ideal cultural context for learning the language.Student mobility programOpportunities for international or Canadian university student mobility are gradually taking shape in UdeH's programming. Joining the discovery to the study contributes to the development of an impressive portfolio of experiences, allowing you to better integrate the world of work and play your role citizen.Recruitment abroadEager to increase the diversity of its student population and to promote student mobility, the Université de Hearst has been turning to international recruitment in recent years. She accepts applications from students around the world who wish to undertake undergraduate studies. [-]

College Boreal

Canada Sudbury Hearst Kapuskasing Temiskaming Shores Timmins Toronto Windsor Niagara Falls Temiscaming North Bay September 2018 + 6 more

Thank you for your interest in Collège Boréal! Since 1995, our institution has been preparing our future leaders, cultural ambassadors, and entrepreneurs. Indeed, Collège Boréal works diligently to cultivate the richness and full potential of everyone. Our objective is to make your experience with us fulfilling and successful; we aim to provide you with the tools necessary to contribute actively to both the community and the workforce and begin the realization of all you… [+] r dreams. Our 36 centres situated in 27 communities throughout Ontario have allowed Collège Boréal to become a leader in the field of Francophone postsecondary education. Designated under the French Language Services Act, Collège Boréal leads the way in the communities it serves, impacting the social, cultural, and economical landscape. Indeed, our vision of aiming to “foster knowledge and stimulate culture” goes far beyond the classroom. Quality installations and highly qualified personnel with expertise in both official languages allow Collège Boréal to offer you training and services based on excellence, preparing graduates for international careers. Our enviable reputation is directly linked to our exceptional results in graduate satisfaction among the 24 colleges in Ontario. We are also proud to know that employers have clearly indicated their trust in Collège Boréal as 96% of them would recommend hiring our graduates. For all these reasons, we warmly invite you to become a proud member of the “Boréal family” so that you may reach your full potential with us. We can assure you that our vision, mission, passion and traditions truly motivate all of our choices and actions. This commitment is the key to our success, as we get closer to our 20th anniversary! Thank you for believing in Collège Boréal! Vision Recognized for the quality, accessibility, and flexibility of its training and services, Collège Boréal is the first choice among French-language colleges. Mission Collège Boréal provides a high calibre personalized education to a diverse clientele and practices leading to foster the sustainable development of Ontario’s Francophone community. Motto “ Nourrir le savoir et faire vibrer la culture “ Values Excellence Humanism Inclusion Innovation Respect [-]