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Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

International Affairs The International Affairs Office of Ibmec/Rio manages quarterly, semestrial and yearly programs for students wishing to study at Ibmec/Rio and facilitates studying abroad for our own students. The Ibmec International Affairs Office covers around fifty agreements with partner Business Schools and universities in more than ten countries. About Ibmec With over 45 years of experience, Ibmec is one of Brazil’s top business schools. Our undergraduate c… [+] ourses have earned the highest marks by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. Our mission is to develop students as protagonists in a world without frontiers. Ibmec has over 50 different partnerships with non-Brazilian Institutes, receiving and sending around 300 students per year on our exchange programs. Our portfolio consists of Undergraduate, Graduate, Master and Extension courses. The excellence of our teaching reaches across the country through Ibmec Online and serves partner organizations in Brazil and abroad, through Ibmec In Company. We are distinguished from other institutions as we present a teaching methodology with DNA strongly supported by business, a faculty composed of masters and doctors with market experience, as well as agreements with several leading institutions that provide international experience to students. About Brazil Brazil is home to one of the world’s most diverse culture resulting in richness of flavours through music, food and literature. Due to its wide territorial extension, Brazil has climates for all tastes. The average annual temperature is 35°C in the North and 20°C in the South of the country. When visiting us be amazed by the warmth of Brazilian people. Enjoy our beautiful beaches and landscapes, in contrast to the bustling nightlife. Units We operate in three major Brazilian cities - Brasília, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro – each with its own units. We offer graduate courses in units of DeVry Group Brazil, located in major cities in the Northeast region: Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Recife, Salvador and São Luís. Furthermore, our teaching excellence spreads throughout the country with online courses. We have a strong international presence since we established partnerships with the best institutions in the world – a list that expands every year. Contact If your home university does not have an exchange agreement signed with Ibmec and you want to come here to study, please contact us. [-]

English Training Lounge

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An English language school that you control... At English Training Lounge we understand that the modern world does not stop simply because we need it to! This is why ETL offers an English language school that is as flexible as you need it to be. We deliver English language training at a time and location of your choosing! We are not a 9 to 5 English as a second school because we know that life is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We at English Training Lounge are… [+] proud to offer the world an English as a second language school that is literally at your fingertips! English Training Lounge - an English language school for the global classroom Welcome to wherever you want to be! ABOUT ENGLISH TRAINING LOUNGE Study English at a time and place that suits you Study with an experienced English teacher Connect to a global English learning experience A MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER - DAN NEWTON English Training Lounge came into being in December 2009 as an idea I had to further support vocational ESL students at a college I was teaching at in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. In 2011 English Training Lounge was registered as a limited company and we went from a support group to an English teaching and training school with a global reach. It was clear that the needs of many English language students were not set in stone and that each student had their own particular English learning desires. We put together a number of surveys to find out exactly what type of English teaching and training potential students wanted. The data received showed a large amount of dissatisfaction with traditional ESL learning courses and that a lot of what was taught in the classroom had little to no relevance to the students academic or career pathways. With this information I wanted to design an English language school that was about the learner, offering what they need and want in order for them to get the most out of their learning experience with us. I knew that ETL had to be as flexible and as varied in its English language teaching and training as the needs of each of our students. In short, we had to be specific in our curricula and offer as many English learning routes as required by all ESL learners. We aim to be the world’s leading online and face to face language School/company and believe the key to success is straightforward training courses that cater to our clients' and learners' needs. Depending on the client's requirements, we can deliver a fully personalized training programme or if needed a more structured, traditional learning pathway - all at a time and place that is convenient for the learner. I hope that all who come to study and train with English Training Lounge have the best experience possible and progress in their English studies to reach their future goals. Daniel Newton - Founder and Director of English Training Lounge, ETL COURSE FEES AND TRAINING BLOCKS Our learning courses a delivered in training blocks of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours with the option to add-on more hours if required. For the Corporate client we offer a bespoke block of study that is inline with their specific English training needs - (Training block hours depend on the course of study and English requirements). ASK YOURSELF, 'Where do I want to be in life?' English Training Lounge was founded on the principle that English language will take you further. Further in your personal life, further in your professional life and further in your academic life. The greatest gift England has given to the world is the English language. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn and develop English language skills, or any other language. At ETL we will take you that one step closer to realizing your full potential… welcome to wherever you want to be! HOW IT WORKS The English Training Lounge method of learning gives the learner the ability to speak English in a confident and authentic way. This offers a marked improvement in the learner's listening and comprehension skills. This in turn leads to a more fluent and rhythmic English reading ability and pronunciation. LESSONS ETL offers programmes of study that fit easily into anyone's lifestyle. ETL learners connect with our trainers in person or online via a number of conferencing platforms, Skype @etl-english being the most popular. After every 50-minute lesson the learner follows a checklist of things that they can now do and say in English or chosen language of study. With the trainer's helps, the learner starts to highlight and recognize their mistakes and areas of their English/language abilities that need improvement. With the guidance of the ETL the learner actually starts to discover English or language of study for themselves! [-]


Master Brazil São Paulo Rio de Janeiro Porto Alegre March 2018

The ESPM ESPM was born in 1951, through a project by Rodolfo Lima Martensen, at the invitation of Pietro Maria Bardi, then director of the São Paulo Museum of Art (Masp) - and supported by Assis Chateaubriand, president of the Associated Diaries, in the time the largest media group in Brazil. With the name of School of Propaganda of the Masp, it occupied, initially, a room of the museum. Under the direction of Martensen and with the slogan "Teach who does", the school at … [+] that time met market professionals to teach their free course; but has kept to the present the philosophy of always associating practice with theory, which today characterizes most of the higher courses. And already with the name of School of Propaganda of São Paulo remained installed in the MASP until 1955, when it moved to own facilities, in the same building, and gained the denomination "Superior". In 1971, Otto Hugo Scherb assumed the direction and proposed the change of the name to Superior School of Propaganda and Marketing, maintained until today. With the support of Antonio Delfim Neto - then Minister of Finance and also an exponent of USP - the course was adapted to the format of four years of communication courses then created and soon afterwards recognized by the Ministry of Education. Mission, vision and values MISSION To generate value for society by forming transforming leaders through education. Vision 2020 To be the most important teaching, learning and research institution - in communication, management and technology - oriented to the market. values Economic, social and environmental sustainability Valorization and promotion of Brazilian culture Social system based on free initiative, freedom of expression, ethical standards and meritocracy Transformation, creative and innovative, as the main motivating element of our actions People who are committed, respected and valued [-]

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rio de Janeiro

Master Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

A city on the constant lookout for something new. Rio de Janeiro has always been the summary of everything that is Brazil. It is the point where cultural diversities converge, and the theatre where all the country leading cultural movements and events stage their débuts. Rio is home to the samba and the bossa nova, to Brazil modern architecture and contemporary art, to concrete poetry and the neo-realist “Cinema Novo” movement. The city rich plastic creativity, inve… [+] ntive capacity, fascinating colour schemes and “re-invented” materials are a genuine sign of Brazil multiple identities. This is a spontaneous and non-academic form of design in practice, a sort of crossdiscipline where fashion, graphic and product design meet in search of an evolution of forms and experiences. Within the boundaries of Rio Genius Loci, IED will focus its teaching programs to take in not only Design, Fashion, Communication and Visual Arts, but also the innovative principles of sustainable architecture and of strategic and service design. [-]

Universidade Cândido Mendes (UCAM)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

The Candido Mendes University's sponsor the Brazilian Society of Education, the oldest private institution of higher education in the country, founded in 1902 by Count Candido Mendes de Almeida, along with the Trade Academy of Rio de Janeiro. In 1919 it was created the School of Political Science and Economics of Rio de Janeiro, the first high school of economics in Brazil. The Academy becomes, in the 50s, the Trade Technical School Candido Mendes, dedicated exclusively… [+] to high school. In the same decade, Candido Mendes de Almeida Junior creates the Faculty of Law Candido Mendes, based in Carmo Convent, the Praça XV de Novembro, establishing a standard of excellence in the area of ​​legal sciences and being pioneer in forensic practice teaching. In the 60s, the current rector, Candido Mendes, inaugurates the University Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro - IUPERJ dedicated to post-graduate studies, master and, later, a doctorate in Political Science and Sociology. The quality of teaching and research program developed in IUPERJ has national and international recognition. In the 1970s, the then Faculty Candido Mendes Ipanema expands and develops programs of technical and scientific training and business administration courses, which give rise to the campuses of Campos dos Goytacazes and Nova Friburgo. Also in Ipanema, the Cultural Center was created Candido Mendes, who became the reference point of the Carioca culture and pioneered a number of initiatives in the areas of cinema, theater, visual arts, poetry, video and extension education. From 1997, the year in which the Candido Mendes is accredited by presidential decree, as a university specializing in Humanities and Social Sciences Applied, new courses and campuses are created, including the units of the Tijuca Center (Pius X) Padre Miguel, Jacarepagua and Meier, in addition to Niterói and Araruama, state of Rio de Janeiro, and Vitória, Espírito Santo. In 2001, the Institute of Humanities arises, integrating teaching, research and extension, with extensive scientific research program. Adds two centers of studies and graduate courses in the forms of bachelor and undergraduate, and graduate in Social Sciences, History, Literature, Photography, Art and Culture, Tourism and International Relations. The Candido Mendes University stands out from its peers because it is an institution historically committed to excellence in research activities and graduate, holding centers and research institutes, seven master's programs and two doctoral, as well as dozens of courses sensu post-graduation. Publishes six journals. The institution opened, starting in 2011, new campuses in different regions of Rio de Janeiro, for example, units of Santa Cruz and Bangu, in the West Zone, and the unity of Penha located in the north of the city. Spread over a total of 15 units with 21 undergraduate and many others in the sequential and technological terms, the activities of the Candido Mendes University, supported by more than a century of tradition and excellence, which has established itself as a national and international reference in Science Humanities and Social, together more than 20,000 students and 1,000 teachers and researchers. [-]

Universidade Iguaçu (UNIG)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

The institution The Iguaçu UNIVERSITY - UNIG was created from the maturity of the faculties of Nova Iguaçu Unified by MEC Ordinance No. 1318, of September 16, 1993, published in the Official Gazette of 09.20.93, section I, p. 14017. Its sponsor the Higher Education Association of Nova Iguaçu - SESNI, nonprofit, philanthropic nature, with headquarters in the city of Nova Iguaçu - State of Rio de Janeiro. The UNIG integrates presently five campuses, namely: … [+] I campus Nova Iguaçu Campus II Teaching Clinic Campus III Vocational Training Centre Dr. Paulo Machado Fróes Campus V Itaperuna It is based in the Campus I, through which it interacts, in the social, economic, cultural and political with the Lowlands and the northern state of Rio de Janeiro, leading technology and fundamental knowledge for the progress of these regions to the State and for the country. Starting its activities in 1970, the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Nova Iguaçu, offered the first tertiary education unit of the Baixada Fluminense. This pioneering occurred with the implementation of Arts courses (Qualifications: Portuguese-Literature and Portuguese-English), Mathematics, Physics, Life Sciences, recognized in 1974. In 1976, the Faculty of Education was also recognized contributing significantly to basic education in the region. Four years later, in 1974, with almost all of the initial courses already recognized, was the implementation of the Law School, legitimate aspiration of iguaçuana community. Aware of its responsibility and attentive to improving the quality of education, after the consolidation of units in operation, SESNI again plead new courses: Medicine in 1976, and Dentistry and the Course of Technology in Data Processing in 1988 and 1989, respectively. All courses offered by UNIG emerged identifying the characteristics of the region, being observed market demands regarding identified professional profiles. The creation of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Nova Iguaçu was a decisive step in addressing the serious health problems of the local population, in view of the lack of medical care and poor sanitation conditions identified in this region. The UNIG Teaching Clinic makes up significantly, the history of health in the region. Throughout its existence, and to promote significant changes in the surrounding region, UNIG has transformed itself in a continuous process of administrative, pedagogical and technological improvement. Strive for quality education and other services offered, pursuing excellence, it is a principle that has, over the decades of its existence, and inspiring their decisions. Cause development in the state, noting demands in their area of ​​competence, innovating in line with progress of this arising, it is the focus of actions for this guideline. The decision to expand its activities to the municipalities of São João de Meriti and Itaperuna, consolidated in 1996, demand for the fruit of the municipalities, offering six seven undergraduate courses, respectively, brought to the state under the driving force of progress in community before restricted to the city of Nova Iguaçu. In 1997, it included new graduate courses to those already offered: Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Education and Physiotherapy. The implementation process of new courses, as well as the expansion of existing ones to other municipalities, has been continuously accompanied by actions in order to ensure and increase the quality of services offered. As a university, the UNIG's mission is to generate scientific and technological progress in the country and serve the community directly, drawing on the resources and means available. This mission requires an agile and flexible administrative model, capable of capturing and translating the expectations of society, particularly the dynamics of the market, which involves professional training. Therefore, the UNIG has a modern administrative structure, where the Dean is assisted by three Pro-Rectors, namely: Academic Dean - PROAC Administrative Dean - PROAD In setting their policies and priorities, UNIG search the revitalization and improvement of undergraduate education, promoting research as a creative agent and renewal of knowledge and encouraging graduate, broad and strict sense, in an integrated manner to courses programs extension. Manage continued expansion of this University represents a great challenge. Expand, growing in quality, adapt to society's characteristics in which UNIG is inserted, and also strive for generating new technologies, disseminating and renewing scientific knowledge implies significantly greater challenge. Overcoming this challenge has been the keynote of the administration UNIG, in line with the sponsor organization, Higher Education Association of Nova Iguaçu - SESNI. [-]

Universidade Santa Úrsula (USU)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

Mission USU's mission, to educate for freedom, for autonomy inspired by Christian values, through human and ethical formation, attentive to the realities and complexities of today's world, rooted in the charism of St Angela, as the Served motto (will serve). Principles • dissociation of teaching, research and extension, as stipulated in the Federal Constitution, as well as the training of professional staff of higher education, research and extension and the domain o… [+] f human knowledge the form of the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education. • served - "serve" is the university placed at the service of the human being, the family, society and the church, providing this service to its raison d'etre. • FREEDOM construction and autonomy in the dissemination of knowledge. • RESPECT to all instances of organized society. Values • QUALITY in service delivery and commitment to the production, conservation and communication of knowledge and the training of competent and committed social workers. • ETHICS applied in all relationships, a pluralistic environment where the debate is an instrument of democratic life. • Respect for human diversity, cultural and nature preservation and dissemination of Brazilian culture. • COMMITMENT the university community with the institution. • Innovation and creativity subordinated to ethics. • Dialogue with participatory management, dynamic and transparent committed to better working conditions and quality of life. • Sustainability, efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness in the development of institutional activities with financial stability and managerial capacity of the institution. • ISONOMY the treatment given to the Institution Units. • Planning and continuous evaluation of university life. [-]

Centro Universitário Celso Lisboa (UCL)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

Celso Lisboa was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the early 20th century. Son of teachers, he began his life dedicating himself to politics as councilor and state legislator in the 1950s. At that time, he developed projects of economic and social relevance and, on its own initiative, founded and maintained the Recovery Center Bela Vista and Social Welfare Work for minors. Reduce social inequality through quality education was a dream, your dream. In 1964, he abandoned… [+] political activities to found the College Atheneu Brazilian, aimed at the middle and high school. Continuing its dream, created in 1971, the University Society Celso Lisboa. Consolidating its success story in 1998, the institution conquer the position of University Center, offering, in addition to courses in management, graduations on health and the environment. The Celso Lisboa is the best University Center for Health and Wellness in Rio de Janeiro. With 45 years of existence, the Institute has trained more than 20,000 students in its undergraduate courses. There are 14 thousand square meters of infrastructure on a single campus in the heart of North Zone, in front of the Superhighway Sampaio Station: 80 classrooms divided into 5 blocks 18 laboratories for practical classes 4 computer labs 3 auditoriums multi-sport gym Academy Library [-]

Centro Universitário Carioca (UNICARIOCA)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

The UniCarioca is a university located in Rio de Janeiro, with 4 units distributed in four different districts of the city: Long River, Meier, Bento Ribeiro and Jacarepagua. Founded on the same day of the anniversary of the city of Rio de Janeiro - day 01º March, UniCarioca has not only on behalf of the "carioca" brand as in its DNA the way of "being carioca": modern, dynamic, innovative, always in evolution. The educational, scientific, cultural and social commitment … [+] UniCarioca is aligned with the challenges and demands of the city of Rio de Janeiro, and is therefore recognized by relevant contribution in the formation of ethical and competent professionals for a labor market increasingly demanding and globalized. In UniCarioca, you have all the tools you need to give wings to your dreams. All air-conditioned rooms and data projector; Wi-Fi network available to students; state of the art computer labs, in partnership with Dell Computers; IT infrastructure continually modernized: the best market practices for continuous modernization of IT infrastructure are used; Library with a collection of 13,557 titles and 35,583 copies available to the academic community and database (EBSCO); different learning areas, according to the needs of each course. [-]

Faculdade Senai-Cetiqt (SENAI-CETIQT)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

SENAI Institute of Technology (IST) Textile and Confection CETIQT SENAI is the largest Latin American center of knowledge production applied to the textile and clothing production chain. The dynamic connectivity formed by the interrelationship of the areas of Education, Innovation, Applied Research and Technology allows the IST SENAI CETIQT offer the textile chain and making the best technology, laboratory services, human resource training, consulting and innovation projects… [+] . The high standard of performance and intersections of these lines of action add value to each other, enhancing both the generation and supply of technology and innovation services, targeted to increase the competitiveness of Brazilian industry. The IST SENAI has CETIQT environments and complete laboratories for teaching purposes and services. Its pilot plants reproduce the industrial production environment, making it possible to develop innovation projects in process and product, as well as promoting the development of integrated educational projects. Always monitored by a highly specialized faculty, form the most sought after and respected professionals in the market. Performance Behind every successful business for a number of prospective studies and research that support not only the companies of the production chain, but also to its own product in Education, Technology Services and Innovation. Education With flexible educational strategies and cutting-edge technology infrastructure, IST SENAI CETIQT offers initial training courses and continuous technical, undergraduate, extension and graduate in classroom methods and e-learning (distance), with national service Network, through the Regional Departments (RDs) of SENAI in each state, plus the specially formulated and targeted programs to industry needs across the country. [-]

Faculdade Moraes Júnior (FMJ - MACKENZIE RIO)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

The FMJ - Mackenzie River is an institution of higher education multidisciplinary, private, whose purpose is to train human values ​​upscale, able to perceive and interpret the current paradigms, envision new possibilities and propose the creation of alternative routes, in the face of demands of contemporaneity. The Institutional Project FMJ - Mackenzie River aims to expand and innovate beyond conventional proposals relevant to today's existing higher education institutions. The… [+] expansion and required innovation, based on a standard high school, have, as a guideline, an understanding of reality, which presupposes the awareness of the community and therefore a knowledge asset, not only knowledge, but also criticism and building society. These features allow the institutional design embeds a trial basis, producing new knowledge on social conditions, which means having as a method to integrate teaching / research and interdisciplinarity, and, as a principle, the interaction with society. Mission, vision and values Mission Educate the human being created in God's image, for the full exercise of citizenship, contribute to the development of self and society through teaching, research and extension, and cultural, sporting, social and spiritual activities, Environment Reformed Christian faith. Vision To be recognized by society as confessional Presbyterian institution, philanthropic and community profile, which is dedicated to the divine and human sciences; characterized by the continuous pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and extension; striving for the integral formation of the human being, in Reformed Christian faith environment. Values ​​and Principles In personal conduct: dignity, character, integrity and mackenzista spirit; In interpersonal relationships: loyalty, mutual respect, understanding, honesty and humility; In the exercise of professional activity: ethics, competence, creativity, discipline, dedication and willingness to volunteer; In the decision process: search for consensus, justice, truth, equality of opportunity for all; The relationship between collegiate bodies, units and departments: cooperation, team spirit, professionalism and proper communication; The relationship with other institutions: responsibility, independence and transparency; In society: participation and service to the community; And at all times, act with love, which is the bond of perfection. [-]

Universidade do Grande Rio Professor José de Souza Herdy (UNIGRANRIO)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

Who we are The history of Unigranrio began in 1970, the year Professor José de Souza Herdy created the Fluminense Education Association (AFE), sponsor entity of the then United Colleges Rio Grande. Accounting and Administration - in 1972, the first university courses were implemented. The Education and Languages ​​of courses started up the following year, being created in 1974, the Educational Center of Duque de Caxias (CEDUC) to act as Application College. The 1980… [+] s recorded the creation of the first health area courses - Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy - followed the courses of Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Chemistry. The act of recognition of the University of Rio Grande Prof. José de Souza Herdy - UNIGRANRIO was due to Ministerial Decree No. 940, published in the Official Gazette of June 17, 1994, and was then created courses in Law, Information Technology and the Executive Secretariat. In 1995 came integrate this cast the course of Veterinary Medicine and the Portuguese-Spanish qualification letters of course. The 1990s noted the formation of Medicine and Physiotherapy courses, which have enriched the area of ​​health. In the first half of 2000, the Unigranrio launched the Physical Education course. In 2003 he created the course Bachelor of Social Work and numerous higher education technology, and in the first half of 2004, we started the courses of Bachelor of Nutrition, Degree in Arts Education (Visual Arts) and Graduate in History. Today Unigranrio has more than 40 undergraduate courses and Technology Graduation, 12 units in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Mission Promote quality of life, with the basic instrument the educational process. Vision Is an institution that delivers to society, striving in offering an education that participates actively and permanently in the communities in which it operates, and to act as agent of social transformation through its educational projects, research and extension. Values Are values ​​experienced by Unigranrio: Faith - Freedom - Peace - Solidarity - Honesty - Justice - Dignity - Tolerance [-]

Centro Universitário Moacyr Sreder Bastos (UNIMSB)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

College History It all started more than seven decades in the Campo Grande neighborhood with the College Afonso Celso, educational project committed to the ideals, the needs and culture of Rio's West Zone. The first university teaching unit, established in 1969, was the faculty of Economics, Accounting and Administrative Sreder Moacyr Bastos. Over those years, we learn that the image of a university is the image of each of their students - their training, their knowledge,… [+] their world view, their capacity to face obstacles. And, above all, their awareness of citizenship. The student is our greatest asset, our mirror. So we never allow a purely market vision of education overlaps with ethical values. Tradition and modernity, quality of academic excellence and pioneering spirit, competence and credibility, technological advancement and the best infrastructure in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro / RJ. All these characteristics define the University Center Sreder Moacyr Bastos, which forms not only good professionals prepared to face the job market, but above all good citizens. Our mission has always been to contribute to the construction and dissemination of knowledge, enabling the citizen to the transformation of social and professional media. And the desire to achieve this goal, from the moment we start to integrate the Educational group UNIESP became even stronger within each of us. Mission Our mission has always been to contribute to the construction and dissemination of knowledge, enabling the citizen to the transformation of social and professional media. And the desire to achieve this goal, from the moment we start to integrate the Educational Group UNIESP became even stronger within each of us. Infrastructure The Headquarters Campus of the University Center Sreder Moacyr Bastos is located in the center of Campo Grande neighborhood, west of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. Having two inputs, the Campus is easy to locate and allows access of people from different parts of the city and also from other municipalities. The main entrance to the Campus is on Rua Trinity Engineer, # 229 and is better access to blocks A, B, C and D of the educational complex. The second entry, located at Rua Costa Amaral, No. 360, is the best access to those intended to block E (Building Evandro Lins e Silva). The Headquarters Campus comprises, in addition to classrooms, the following areas:. Theater Sreder Moacyr Bastos; . Cinema room Prof.. Esther Figueiredo Ferraz; . Multi-sport gym; . Laboratories of anatomy and chemical and biological sciences; . Media Centre Minister Francisco Dornelles, composed of multimedia auditorium, radio journalism lab, newspaper writing lab, laboratory advertising agency and advertising and television journalism lab; . Core legal practice, formed by two laboratories, pilot office, courtroom, Judge room, and especially reserved for the judiciary space; . UniMSB art gallery ;. . CIEE put Sreder Moacyr Bastos; . Tour Santander banking services; . Library; . Parking for students with special needs, teachers and employees, with entry by Manai Street, # 116. The Headquarters Campus of the University Center Srede Moacyr Bastos, further comprises the administrative sectors, the coordinators of undergraduate, graduate and extension and the rectory. [-]

Fundação Técnico-Educacional Souza Marques (FTESM)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro February 2016

History The Technical Educational Foundation Souza Marques was founded in 1966 as a result of the dream and of Professor José de Souza Marques work. Since then, through a planned growth, FTESM multiplied its activities in the field of higher education, ongoing process of modernization of their curricula and teaching systems. During this period the FTESM has formed with quality and dedication several generations of Brazilian and placed on graduates labor market and … [+] postgraduates of the highest competence in the areas of Medicine, Engineering, Nursing, Management, Accounting, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, letters, Teaching and Teacher Education. By merit of this permanent improvement work, FTESM provides its students, and an academic background for success in their professional activities a social preparation towards the full development of their responsibilities as citizens. Philosophy The biggest challenge that chooses the mission of Colleges SOUZA MARQUES is the constant improvement of the teaching-learning process as a means of human and intellectual formation, allowing our students to be able to face the intellectual work by growing the size of thought, criticism, justice, solidarity and ethics. Dream about tomorrow opens paths, extends limits and exceeds the existing, allowing the production of the new, which should be created through the management of knowledge developed in higher education institutions. Mission "To promote, through education, human act par excellence, our students grow in knowledge, attitudes, habits, beliefs and abilities." [-]

Miami Ad School - Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

A Miami Ad School/ESPM é uma escola de criação igual aos seus alunos: diferente. Diferente porque somos uma escola de ideias. Em 2002, por meio de uma parceria com a ESPM, a Miami Ad School chegou ao Brasil. Nesse tempo algumas tecnologias passaram, outras chegaram. Só uma coisa não passou: as boas ideias. Agora, mais do que nunca, elas precisam estar em todos os meios. Um print pode virar post. Um post pode virar filme. Um filme pode virar tweet. E tudo isso… [+] pode virar aula. Na Miami Ad School/ESPM as aulas são assim: tudo integrado, com cara de vida real. Na área de criação temos os cursos de Redação Publicitária, Direção de Arte e Design Gráfico, todos com duração de 2 anos. O curso Bootcamp de Planejamento de Comunicação - o primeiro desse tipo nos Estados Unidos e também no Brasil - dura 1 trimestre. Temos também mais dois: Bootcamp de Atendimento de Agências e o Bootcamp de Redes Sociais e Engajamento com o Consumidor. Aos profissionais que querem entender mais de um assunto, a Miami/ESPM oferece os cursos do Miami Pro, cursos de menor duração, nas áreas de criação, design, mídia, atendimento e planejamento. A Miami Ad School/ESPM é uma escola sem professores. Temos profissionais do mercado: os melhores, por sinal. Mentes pensantes que ensinam na prática o processo criativo das grandes agências. Depois de passar por aqui, o aluno sai pronto e, o melhor: respeitado. Ensinam aqui profissionais de agências como: F/Nazca, AlmapBBDO, Ogilvy, DM9DDB, Neogama/BBH, A10, Oz Design, Santa Clara, Talent, Publicis, Africa entre outras. Redatores, diretores de arte e designers entram para ensinar. Redatores, diretores de arte e designers saem prontos para trabalhar. A Miami Ad School/ESPM é um lugar para os curiosos, para os insatisfeitos, para os incansáveis. Para aqueles que querem mais. Welcome misfits the world needs your ideas. Estranhou o inglês? Não deveria. A Miami Ad School/ESPM é uma escola global, pela qual seus alunos podem rodar o mundo e aprender nas melhores agências, em lugares como: Nova York, Londres, Hamburgo e muitos outros. E, ao contrário do que muitos pensam, para ter uma boa ideia não é preciso aprender, é preciso desaprender. Somos a primeira escola do mundo em que o principal método é desaprender. Enquanto os outros ensinam a seguir as regras, ensinamos a quebrar as regras. Enquanto os outros ensinam a olhar por um ângulo, ensinamos a olhar por todos. Não existe uma fórmula, somos avessos as fórmulas. E por isso somos a escola de criação mais premiada do mundo. Já ganhamos CLIO, CANNES, ONE SHOW, D&AD, YOUNG GUNS, entre outros. A Miami Ad School/ESPM é uma escola de criação que dá o sangue por quem tem sangue nos olhos. Aqui é o lugar certo para ser incansável, insatisfeito, curioso. Só assim é possível evoluir e ser exatamente como as boas ideias: único. A Miami Ad School/ESPM oferece os cursos em São Paulo e no Rio! Mas, nada impede você de estudar em qualquer canto do mundo em que a escola tenha filiais e parcerias. Se você deseja estudar em uma filial Miami/ESPM na Europa encontrará escolas em Madri, Hamburgo e Berlim. Já nos Estados Unidos poderá estudar nas cidades de Miami, Mineapólis, Nova York e São Francisco. A oportunidade de conhecer novas culturas e pessoas e aprimorar suas capacidades criativas está bem aqui! Estudantes da escola do Brasil e de todos os lugares viajam pelo mundo estudando e trabalhando nas mais conhecidas e premiadas agências do planeta. A Miami Ad School/ESPM oferece o programa Quarter Away, em que você pode escolher o seu destino e embarcar de cabeça na sua viagem! Com esse programa, os alunos têm a chance de estudar dentro de agências parceiras (a partir do 6º trimestre de curso) ou então fazer um intercâmbio de estágio (a partir do 7º trimestre). [-]

Universidade Estácio

Master Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

Fundada em 1970 por João Uchôa Cavalcanti Netto, com a implantação do curso superior de Direito,Seu nome é em homenagem ao militar português fundador da cidade do Rio de Janeiro e primeiro-governador geral da capitânia do Rio de Janeiro. Durante a década de 1980 a UNESA dedicou-se a abertura doutros cursos de ciências humanas, tendo se convertido em universidade no ano de 1988.1 Com isso na década seguinte cresceu abrindo cursos pouco tradicionais na área de comunicação e negócios; … [+] o que foi uma grande inovação na mercadologia do ensino superior no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, e posteriormente a nível nacional. Nos anos 2000 abriu-se rapidamente as ciências biomédicas. A Estácio tem ampla estrutura de ensino, e oferece cursos de graduação e pós-graduação lato sensu e stricto sensu em diversas áreas do conhecimento. Também é conhecida pela oferta de Cursos de Férias abertos à comunidade, nos meses de julho e janeiro. A Universidade Estácio de Sá também oferece, a formação internacional nas áreas de hospitalidade sem a necessidade de sair do país, através de parcerias com escolas europeias. É parceira da Lausanne Ecóle Hôtelière (Hotelaria), Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (Turismologia), Alain Ducasse Formation (Gastronomia), Universidade de Coimbra (Direito), Greensboro's Northen Caroline University (Gestão de Seguros) e The Walt Disney World Company (Gestão de Negócios Hoteleiros e Turísticos).2 Além do investimento em ensino, também administrou um time de futebol profissional, o Estácio de Sá Futebol Clube, entre 2004 e 2011. [-]

EBAPE Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration

Master Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

EBAPE Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública)   The Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation - was established in April 1952 and has played an important role in training university and government personnel both in Brazil and in other countries in Latin America and Africa.   From the outset, it has run administration courses at graduate and specialized levels, as we… [+] ll as a wide-ranging research program and technical consultancy service for government businesses and entities.   The Master of Public Administration program, set up in 1967 , has trained personnel to take up key positions in direct and indirect administration in state companies and major Brazilian companies.   In the educational field, in addition to the Undergraduate course in Administration, Master of Public Administration course, the Master of Business Administration course, the Ph.D. in Administration course, EBAPE currently offers extension and specialization courses for employees and management of state companies in addition to open continuing education and training programs for over four thousand students per year.   Research projects promoted by EBAPE cover the areas of government and administration, management of the public and private sectors, public policy, social management, education in public administration and insight into the public sector infrastructure. EBAPE also publishes a bi-monthlyPublic Administration Journal (RAP - Revista de Administração Pública), founded in 1967, a bi-monthly Portuguese and Brasilian Journal of Management (RPBG - Revista Portuguesa e Brasileira de Gestão) and an Electronic Jounal - Cadernos EBAPE.BR.   EBAPE fosters cooperation between institutions and exchange programs. Over the years, these programs have been an incentive for developing joint research efforts and technical counseling projects with other Administration Schools.   EBAPE's academic policy is formulated by the Consultative Council made up of its faculty members. The Board of Directors is responsible for administration of the School, though its Academic Training and Research Centers, Lato Sensu Graduate Center and Consultancy, Training and Managerial Development Centers.   In addition to the activities conducted at its head offices in Rio de Janeiro, EBAPE has extended and consolidated its work in regional nuclei around the country and abroad. Special programs in technical training and consultancy are held in Brasília and other Brazilian cities. [-]

The Coppead Graduate School of Business, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Master Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2018

COPPEAD is the Graduate School of Business of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ). Its origins date back to 1973 when it was created as one of the programs within COPPE, UFRJ's Coordination of Graduate Programs in Engineering. From the start, COPPEAD has been guided by a vision to create an educational institution capable of meeting the highest international standards in its field. The first formative years were marked… [+] by a considerable exchange of faculty with some of the best international business schools in the US and Europe. In 1980, COPPEAD moved to its own building within the main UFRJ campus and, soon later, acquired the status of an autonomous institute within the structure of the University, thus becoming the COPPEAD Graduate School of Business.   The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business is committed to excellence in its graduate business teaching and research.   As part of a public university we aim to contribute to the development of Brazil by providing education to present and future business leaders who are able to perform highly both in the local and global environment, and to new faculty who can disseminate and create innovative knowledge in business.   [-]