The Sorocaba Engineering School (FACENS) is the first higher education institution of the sector founded in Sorocaba. Maintained by the Sorocaba Cultural Association for Technological Renovation (ACRTS), it is considered to be a nonprofit and philanthropic Federal Organization certified by the National Welfare Council. Subsequently, it offers numerous grants to students who have socio-economic needs. The organization also invests all of its profits in the College, making FACENS an educational center that is growing constantly. It currently offers eight courses: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Mechatronics, Chemistry, Production Engineering and Technology in Digital Gaming, as well as graduate courses and specializations. Its level of education is recognized throughout the job market, generating extremely high percentages of graduate employability (average of 94% over the past eight years). FACENS has outstanding professional and academic faculty as well as a great infrastructure, supported by well-equipped and technologically advanced labs. These are decisive factors for the recognition of the educational programs the College develops, and, more specifically, for the quality of professionals who graduate here.

Mission and Goals

The Sorocaba Engineering College (FACENS) mission is: "To be a model for innovation and to graduate trained citizens who are happy, responsible, entrepreneurial, and capable of creating technological solutions that transform society."


FACENS programs aim to:

  • Stimulate cultural creation and development of a scientific spirit and reflective thinking;
  • Train graduates in different fields of knowledge, who are qualified to enter the professional sectors and participate in the development of Brazilian society, helping it to continue to grow;
  • Encourage research work and scientific research aimed at the development of science and technology and the creation and dissemination of culture, and thus develop the understanding of man and the environment;
  • Promote the dissemination of cultural, scientific and technical knowledge that compose the heritage of mankind, and to communicate knowledge through teaching, publications or other forms of communication;
  • Encourage the desire for constant cultural and professional development and provide opportunity for achieving it, integrating attainments from each generation in a systematic intellectual structure of knowledge;
  • Foster awareness of problems of the current times, particularly national and regional ones, provide specialized services to the community and establish a reciprocal relationship with it;
  • Promote broader interaction by opening participation to the general population, aiming to disseminate the achievements and benefits that result from cultural creation and scientific and technological research generated in the institution.
This school offers programs in:
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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