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Universidad Del Cema is a non-profit organization whose beginnings date back to 1978. It offers eleven undergraduate programs, twelve postgraduate programs, and offers a wide range of executive education programs.

The beginnings of Universidad Del Cema date back to 1978, the year in which the Center for Macroeconomic Studies of Argentina (CEMA) began its activity. The CEMA, as a research and teaching center, had the purpose of contributing to the dissemination of knowledge, especially of diverse and modern economic theories. This is how the Master Program in Economics began and, a little later, the Master Program in Business Administration and the Master Program in Finance.

Over the years, the teaching activities were gradually extended to other professional fields and in 1995 the Universidad Del Cema born, beginning the dictation of undergraduate courses, in addition to the traditional Master's programs in Economics, Finance and Business Management that were dictated from the beginning of the CEMA.


San Nicolás

1054 San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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