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MSc Programs in Energy Studies Energy

A Master of Science is a post-secondary degree that can be obtained once you have completed a bachelor’s degree program. It takes approximately two years of full-time study and increases your marketability as a prospective employee significantly.

What is a MSc in Energy? The production and use of energy is an ever-growing field, and as such requires skilled individuals that can grow with it. An MSc in Energy generally focuses on energy management as well as energy sustainability. It typically covers topics such as finance, technology, and quantitative measurement methodology in the energy field, as well as technical details like energy production and maintenance of those systems.

Working toward a MSc in Energy offers you the opportunity to learn more than just those skills related to the professional field, such as risk assessment. It generally also offers skills that can assist you in your personal life, including time management and organization.

The cost of a degree program depends upon the school you choose. Contact your school to get a rough estimate of the expense involved and what that expense covers.

Careers in energy grow and change as the market and technology changes, but a MSc in Energy can allow you to go in any number of directions. You should be qualified for a myriad of positions in the private sector at an energy company, such as sales and marketing director, design professional, accounting and finance lead and more. Alternatively, you could choose to go into government work as a planning and zoning administrator for energy resources. You could also seek to freelance as a writer or educator or go into business for yourself as a consultant.

A MSc in Energy is available wherever you are. If your local college or university doesn’t offer the program you seek, an online program is an excellent alternative. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.