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Master Programs in Humanities Studies Theology

The longer the history of humankind and culture, the more religious beliefs and systems come to life. Starting with the ancient times, people have believed in a higher power. These beliefs helped them throughout centuries to come up with answers to fundamental and challenging questions about the purpose and meaning of life. Religions are often at the center of cultural conflicts and political issues. Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam are the major world religions and they continue to be highly influential, even though there are scientific and non-religious concepts that have greatly taken over the human minds. If you are interested in exploring these issues, then a Master in Theology may be the degree for you.

A Master in Theology or religious studies compares, describes, and explains religious beliefs, structures and institutions. Even though these two disciplines study similar matters, such as literary approaches towards religion, anthropology of religion, geography and history of religion, sociology and psychology of religion, they differ by their perspectives. Religious Studies offers a third party perspective on the subject and is considered a more philosophical subject compared to Theology. Theology is also connected to professional ministerial training. A Master in Theology offers opportunities for rewarding careers in the spiritual organizations.

If you are interested in a Master in Theology, scroll down and have a look at the programs to see if there is anything you might be interested in applying for. Take the next step toward you Master in Theology, today!