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22 Master Programs in Humanities Studies Theology Pastoral Care 2024



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Master Programs in Humanities Studies Theology Pastoral Care

A student typically pursues a master’s degree following a four-year degree from a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program. With this type of advanced study, the individual will have additional career opportunities within the chosen field with advanced positions that will generally offer higher salaries.

What is a Master in Pastoral Care? A Master in Pastoral Care provides students with in-depth study that focuses on the nature of pastoral care, interventions and education. With a thorough concentration of theological reflection, the degree will give students the skills to minister to specific populations with integration of psychology and theology. This will increase their effectiveness to congregations and others they may serve. It also offers the students curriculum involving the practice and theory of ministry.

Graduates who obtain this type of degree will benefit from acquiring a comprehensive study in the combination of religious studies, ethics and pastoral counseling to apply to all aspects of their careers. Individuals will also increase their existing communication skill set to work with a wide range of people in different settings, from churches to hospitals.

Costs for this type of degree will vary widely depending on the choice of university. Factors that will determine the financial expenses include location, course of study and the duration of the degree. It typically takes from one to three years to complete.

The career opportunities for an individual who receives a Master in Pastoral care are in various sectors. Positions can include a pastor of a church congregation, a chaplain in a hospital or a minister working as a consultant for youth, the elderly or other areas of clinical work. The jobs are focused around ministry with the integration of psychology and spirituality.

Programs with a focus in pastoral care are available in many countries around the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.