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Master Programs in Humanities Studies Language Studies

Master’s degree programs further augment the abilities of students who are already familiar with their field. Designed for students who have completed a four-year program, they typically require an additional two years of full-time study. Students must demonstrate mastery with the subject before graduating.

So, what is a Master in Language Studies? These advanced degree programs focus on the structures of human language. Students generally learn about the histories and common traits of language families and how languages have helped to shape cultures and world events. Topics of study often include phonetics, syntax, semantics, and morphology. Delving into specifics of grammar, these students learn to find the nuances of meaning that lead to greater understanding of human development.

Analytical skills are enhanced throughout the program. Students practice by forming arguments about controversial texts. They develop methods of critiquing and evaluating the effectiveness of language. They become better communicators in both written and spoken language, and they can help others improve their skills as well.

Tuition and fee rates vary. Prospective students should contact the admissions departments of individual colleges and universities for cost information. Students should also consider their living and travel costs as part of their educational expenses while enrolled.

Graduates are prepared for roles in a variety of industries. Clear communication is a key leadership trait, and many of these professionals easily assume management positions for professional organizations. Marketing firms can hire them to craft brand messages, and they may be qualified to work as writers or journalists. Some enter the education profession and work as teachers in primary and secondary schools. With some additional training, they may also qualify to work as speech therapists assisting those with developmental disadvantages.

Not all programs are the same, and if you are interested, you should consider as many options as possible before deciding. Online coursework is often the best option for your location and schedule. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.