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University of Ostrava

University of Ostrava


The University of Ostrava (UO) is a public research university educating nearly 9,000 students in six faculties. Our Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social Studies, and Faculty of Education offer a wide variety of disciplines and unconventional combinations of majors.

As a dynamic and intellectually challenging modern institution, the University of Ostrava provides an international environment in which to study. Our campus is spread primarily throughout the old city center providing a stimulating environment to contemplate the living arts and sciences. Teaching at UO is research-driven, and its programs are often taught by active researchers.

The university is proud to retain lecturers, professors and researchers that are leading figures in their fields of expertise who are scientists and inspirational and open-minded personalities with a vivid sense of creativity.

The small size of the university and its relative youth (founded in 1991) allows for a strongly individual approach to our students and flexible reactions to the needs of modern society and the labor market. The university offers high-quality education and many possibilities for those who wish to fulfill their visions: whether in language study, founding a student organization, or gaining practical experience. The university actively searches for opportunities for students to raise their qualifications and help them commence their careers.

The University of Ostrava has established cooperation with several local organizations (such as a local studio of the public Czech Television) that provide students with valuable work experience. Community engagement is an integral part of the university’s mission of education and research. The UO and its faculties, student organisations and scientific institutes establish and promote hundreds of public events every year; which include free workshops, lectures, seminars, experiential events, scientific adventures, charitable events, international gatherings, sporting and cultural events, art exhibitions, happenings, alumni reunions, concerts, and theatre plays.

The University of Ostrava is an essential part of the city and its social life and continues to cooperate with a steadily increasing number of cultural organizations and local institutions. Read more about the UO's community engagement role below at the “UO @live” section.

Mission and Vision

A university with a mission, open to the world, working for the region.

The University of Ostrava is an institution which sees its role in the development of the humanities and medical, science, and artistic fields in the local region, which has been traditionally associated with industrial and technological spheres.

It aims to contribute to solving urgent problems of the Moravia-Silesia Region in social, environmental, and health areas and to shape Ostrava as a true university town. To this end, it intends to continue using its potential to reflect the identity, culture, and history of the region as well as to cultivate it through artistic creative activities.

The University of Ostrava is ready to bring progressive tendencies of European science and scholarship in the region and to create favorable conditions for internationalist cooperation and a friendly environment for foreign academics and students.

The university strives to be an institution that purposefully promotes quality scientific activities while systematically seeking out new research areas and teams with the potential to achieve excellent results.

The University of Ostrava opens itself to the challenges of contemporary society and develops a responsible, individual approach to a wide variety of students, including specific groups (seniors, socially disadvantaged students, students with special needs), and advocates equal access to education and friendly communication with the public.

Why study at the University of Ostrava

  • Top quality research-driven education
  • Leading figures in their fields of expertise
  • Individual teacher-to-student approach
  • A wide variety of study fields
  • Young, fresh, modern, open-minded spirit
  • Strong emphasis on individual growth
  • Flexibility and responsiveness due to the small size and youthful vigor of our university
  • Emphasis on the 3rd role of the university – to act as local community leaders
  • Great space for both students and academicians‘ supplementary activities
  • The lively and poetic atmosphere of the formerly industrial city of Ostrava


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