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University of Limassol MSc in Computer Science and Business Technologies
University of Limassol

MSc in Computer Science and Business Technologies

Limassol, Cyprus

1 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 8,930



The Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science and Business Technologies program covers computer science technologies that can be applied to businesses to improve productivity, address modern needs, and create new potentials. Technology and digitization are increasingly entering our daily lives, society, business, economy, and government. This is necessary to improve efficiency, and remain functional, competitive and even safe. There is a general consensus that the use of technology in our daily lives and our working practices whether in business or the professions will continue to increase and even accelerate.

The program combines computer science and business technologies with the development of skills in business technical management. The different aspects of the program are developed in parallel. The computer science part starts with introductory topics that provide the necessary theoretical background to comprehend modern programming languages and technologies. Some of these technologies involve databases and the cloud. Another general topic is artificial intelligence for decision-making bi data, as well as the application of machine learning and deep neural networks to the analysis of big-data.

The program is nationally accredited by CYQAA and recognized by KYSATS.



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