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University Of Béjaïa

University Of Béjaïa

University Of Béjaïa


University of Bejaia is a public and pluridisciplinary institution that was established on October 1983.Currently, it has more than 45 700 students, 1714 teachers and 1227 administrative and technical staff spread on 08 faculties: Faculty of Technology - Faculty of Exact Sciences – Faculty of law and Political Sciences – Natural and Life Sciences- Faculty of Literature and Languages- Human and Social Sciences- Economic Sciences, Management and Commercial Sciences- Medical Sciences.

University of Bejaia has, currently, about thirty research laboratories, approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research concerning several fields: Modeling and optimization of systems- Materials and process engineering Technology – Organic materials – environmental engineering – Hydraulics – information and industrial technology- Biomathematics, Biophysics Biochemistry- applied mathematics- theoretical physics- Ecology and environment- Economy and development- applied microbiology- Applied biochemistry- training in applied languages and engineering languages in multilingual environment- aquaculture and marine ecosystems.


  • Béjaïa

    Béjaïa, Algeria