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Universidad Rey Juan Carlos T

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos T

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos T



Founded in 1996, our University is at your service, providing you with quality training, through a wide and excellent academic offer, and contributing to the forefront of knowledge, the result of which is in our scientific research of international projection.

Convinced of our vocation of public service, whether you are a student, or if you are thinking of studying at URJC, we offer you all our capabilities for your training. Our University offers you a staff of teachers passionate about giving you the best training. They are, at the same time, dynamic professionals, flexible and adapted to the new teaching methodologies. You also have updated and quality facilities, as well as laboratories and many other services outside the classrooms. Studying at King Juan Carlos means entering an ideal learning environment that will help you achieve your goals, both personal and professional, in the most exciting future.

For companies and professionals we also have a wide and careful offer of postgraduate training and continuous training. In addition, we put our leading research at your service and that of the whole society, to develop new knowledge and help solve the problems that really matter to citizens.

We are involved in cultural creation and its dissemination, the promotion of sport and a sustainable lifestyle. We want to contribute to the critical study of social problems, and provide innovative proposals from science, culture and art solutions that make our world a more fair and comfortable place.

Although we are born to serve the people of the Community of Madrid, we are involved with all Spaniards and citizens of the European Union. And we are very proud of the special bond that unites us with Latin America. We work closely with the best universities in the world.

We have five campuses in the Community of Madrid: Aranjuez, Alcorcón, Fuenlabrada, Madrid and Móstoles, and several locations in the capital.



Rey Juan Carlos University offers recognized undergraduate studies throughout the European Union in all areas of knowledge: arts and humanities, legal and social sciences, engineering and architecture, health sciences, and experimental sciences.

Our University welcomes students of more than 80 nationalities. It is a University where to develop a critical spirit, train in the academic and professional aspect, and also where to enrich and grow personally and culturally. Studying at URJC offers a learning environment and a unique campus life to boost work and talent.

The Research in the URJC

Rey Juan Carlos University promotes research aimed at economic and social development, promoting and promoting research activity and the dissemination and transfer of knowledge and results to society. The promotion of ID activities is carried out through collaboration with companies and institutions, and participation in national and international calls that allow our researchers to develop their lines of research contributing to the generation, expansion and dissemination of knowledge, and to the Advancement of science and technology.


College life

The Rey Juan Carlos University incorporates a series of programs and actions at the service of the University Community and the social environment into its academic and research activity. Throughout the course, various artistic, cultural and educational activities are developed that complement university life and contribute to the development and integral training of our students.

The link between the University and university education throughout life is also developed through the University of Older program. Our social commitment includes projects of Cooperation and Volunteering, Sustainability and Healthy University.


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    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Calle Tulipán s/n. 28933 Móstoles, Madrid, , Madrid