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University of Europe for Applied Sciences

University of Europe for Applied Sciences

University of Europe for Applied Sciences


Our specialty

The University of Applied Sciences Europe (Islelohn, Berlin and Hamburg) is responsible for the design and decision-making of tomorrow. The four disciplines of economics, art & design, new media and communication, as well as international service and sports management, interdisciplinarily collaborate in teaching and research to provide students with the best prospects on a digital and global labor market.

The University of Applied Sciences Europe offers 16 Bachelor's and 8 Master's degree programs in full-time, as well as three dual Bachelor programs and an online MBA. The university is accredited by the Wissenschaftsrat and all courses of study by the FIBAA and ZEVA. As part of the global network of Laureate International Universities, which comprises more than 70 universities in 25 countries, the University of Applied Sciences Europe is networked with a community of more than one million students worldwide.

Our courses

At the BiTS we offer Bachelor's and Master's degree programs that you can study part in full-time, but also in part-time. Two central principles apply here for all programs: learn practical and think internationally.

Learning Practical

In addition to well-known scientists teach many renowned personalities from various sectors of the bits. The contact to the economy is closely and exchange alive. A goal is to early to integrate as many aspects of the job requirements into the study. The lively exchange also offers the possibility of successful practitioners and personalities to look directly over the shoulders.

To train close to the needs of the economy, all the courses at the bits are aligned in practice. Different compulsory internships give you more than just theory. The numerous student initiatives also offer an opportunity to develop themselves in addition to studying in your field of interest. To collect during their studies first relevant experience for your future career.

our locations

Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn - the character of the three sites could not be more different. Students can choose between capital flair, northern German port city and close to nature located campus university on the American model - according to preference and type. Because the decision to study and a university is always a location decision. The idea "What I want to be?" Is for many closely linked to the question "Where do I want to be?".

The locations of BiTS answer diverse needs: Thus the Campus in Berlin is located in the heart of the metropolis close to the Potsdamer Platz. The Campus Iserlohn is surrounded by greenery and recreational activities directly at Seilersee. The campus is located in the Altona district of Hamburg in the immediate vicinity of the port and the Elbe.

Our goals

Our main goal is your success. We support you fully prepared to launch their careers and to go your way. Against this background, we train our students from about entrepreneurial thinking and acting junior staff.

The transfer of knowledge and skills

Today it is a combination of skills that will enable a successful career: Substantive knowledge and social skills, management knowledge and poise on the international stage are the foundations of a career as an executive in the private sector. In all areas of business from entrepreneurial management trainees is now sought, in theory, is well trained and has already gained relevant practical experience while studying at home and abroad. We will prepare you to meet these requirements.

The results speak for themselves: Our graduates can find within a very short time to start your career.


  • Berlin

    Dessauer Str 3-5 , D-10963 DE, Berlin

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  • Iserlohn

    Reiterweg 26b, 58636, Iserlohn

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  • Hamburg

    Museumstraße 39 , 22765, Hamburg

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  • Potsdam

    UE Innovation Hub, Konrad-Zuse-Ring 11, D-14469, Potsdam