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SUNY Korea opened its doors in March 2012 as the first American university established on Korean soil. It is also the first university to join the Incheon Global Campus (IGC). SUNY Korea’s degree programs are comparable to prestigious universities in the United States. Students can enjoy both American education and dynamic Korean culture. We cherish moral integrity and strive to teach our students to serve others with virtue and vision of their own. We also offer affordable on-campus housings, a wide variety of scholarships, opportunities to form a global network, and a well-balanced educational system to raise our students as competent and responsible leaders. We are proud to have students with stellar academic achievements and seek students with exceptional talents. We are also proud to say that our student body is a true reflection of the global community, with over 30% international students. Currently, we are offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs from Stony Brook University (SBU), which is the most recognized university within SUNY. These programs are identical to those of SBU and are taught by SBU faculty. As a result, our students receive the same diploma issued by SBU upon their graduation. Our University continues to expand its program offerings in a variety of academic fields such as engineering, fashion, science, and more. We aspire to be the hub for global education, research, and innovation. To accomplish this, we will form partnerships with top institutions in both private and public sector, and continue doing our best to build a global network with leaders and talents from across the globe.

About SUNY

The State University of New York (SUNY) is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive state university system in the United States. SUNY was officially established in 1948 when New York became the 48th state to create a state university system. SUNY initially represented a consolidation of 29 unaffiliated institutions, including 11 teachers colleges. Today, SUNY has grown to include 64 geographically dispersed campuses that have been established in order to provide high quality education and opportunity. The mission of the state university system is to provide the people of New York educational services of the highest quality, with the broadest possible access, in a complete range of academic, professional and vocational postsecondary programs. SUNY offers a wide diversity of educational options including short-term vocational/technical courses, certificate, associate, and baccalaureate degree programs, graduate degrees and post-doctoral studies. SUNY provides access to almost every field of academic or professional study within the system via over 7,000 degree and certificate programs. SUNY is committed to providing quality education at an affordable price to New Yorkers and students from across the country and the world. SUNY students represent a global community coming from every state in the U.S., four U.S. territories, and 160 nations across the globe.

About SBU

Stony Brook University (SBU) is one of the campuses of the SUNY system, located on Long Island, New York. The University campus lies about 60 miles east of Manhattan and 60 miles west of Montauk Point. SBU was established in 1957 as a college for the preparation of secondary school teachers of mathematics and science. Since then, SBU has grown tremendously and is now recognized as one of the nation’s important centers of learning and scholarship. SBU has been ranked in the top 100 public national universities by U.S. News & World Report and is included on their list of notable programs for undergraduate research and creative projects. SBU is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU), the invitation-only organization of the best research universities in North America. There are 67 undergraduate majors and 77 minors, 102 master’s programs, 40 doctoral programs and 32 graduate certificate programs. Stony Brook is one of 10 universities given a National Science Foundation recognition award for integrating research and education. The internationally recognized research facility of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is located nearby its campus and is managed by SBU.


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