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SESEF - Società Europea per i Servizi e la Formazione

SESEF - Società Europea per i Servizi e la Formazione

SESEF - Società Europea per i Servizi e la Formazione


The School of Management has been a point of reference in Italy since 2004.

When in 2004 we organized the first specialist Master's degree with our intensive full-time formula, we were in fact the first school in Italy to create a post-graduate Master's degree with this new type of learning.

But the characteristic of SESEF was also, right from the start, the internationalization of its training courses organized not only in Italy (Bari, Rome, Milan and Turin) but also in London and Barcelona with related internships activated throughout Europe and for some projects also In the USA

Our services for you

  • Concrete teaching methodology based on exercises, simulations and case study discussions
  • We award scholarships, free accommodation and zero-interest financing
  • Guaranteed internship with partner companies present throughout the national and European territory

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology has only one objective:

"bridging the educational gap between university experience and the needs of the world of work"

The areas of action can be divided into 3 macro areas:


Particular attention will be given to Knowing how to be, because developing this area means MULTIPLYING the possibilities of INSERTION after the Internship (the famous Placement)!

So what does knowing how to be in a working context mean:

  • Relate: communicate, get in tune
  • Interpret: perceive and decipher the context
  • Coping: creativity, autonomy and decision
  • Knowing how to be in the organization system
  • Knowing how to be in social contact
  • Knowing how to be professional (problem finding and problem solving)
  • Knowing how to be in the experience acquired

In conclusion therefore, our method is simply PRACTICAL, the teachers are not only experts in the subject, but also professionals in the sector, their lesson will never be merely theoretical, but always and constantly a lesson in life lived in the company.

This is why our slogan is:

We train you for your job!


The numbers of an elite school

We choose our students carefully to offer them the best possible training experience.

Years of experience
Partner Companies

    Scholarships and Funding

    Sesef is offering 15 partial scholarships worth 2500 euros and the possibility of free accommodation in Rome (for the entire classroom phase), which you can take advantage of if you are awarded a scholarship.

    To apply for one of the scholarships made available you must:

    • Send us your CV and cover letter
    • By carrying out a motivational interview via video conference


    SESEF among the 10 most chosen schools in Italy

    The official data collected by the Puglia Region highlights that our school was also preferred to highly esteemed universities, positioning itself in the top 10 of the most chosen schools in Italy.

    • We have been operating for 20 years
    • We have always been attentive to the needs of companies and students
    • We have a placement that exceeds 80%
    • We are always close to our students even after the end of the Master


    • Rome

      Rome, Italy