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Sapienza University of Rome Master of Science in Architecture (Conservation)
Sapienza University of Rome

Master of Science in Architecture (Conservation)

Rome, Italy

2 Years

English, Italian

Full time

29 Jul 2024

Oct 2024

EUR 1,500 / per year *


* tuition for our bachelor's and master's programs is € 300-1500/year


The master’s degree covers the topics related to interventions on the existing architectural and environmental heritage. The specific objective of the master’s degree is the achievement of a peculiar sensibility and ability related to the modalities of intervention on pre-existing architectural and environmental heritage, and to the quality design of new architecture, considering the relationships with the pre-existent and the historical city. The master’s degree builds upon the skills acquired in the bachelor’s degree, enhancing them to a specialist’s level, concerning:

  • The historical-critical analysis of architecture, in its broadest sense (from the single manufacture to landscape and environment);
  • The ability to plan and execute, both concerning modern architectural production and the conservation and recovery of pre-existing structures;
  • Specific scientific knowledge is acquired critically.



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