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Rome Business School International Master in Media and Entertainment
Rome Business School

International Master in Media and Entertainment

Rome, Italy

1 Years


Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 8,900



A Master’s in Media and Entertainment is a graduate-level program that provides students with an in-depth understanding of the dynamic and ever-evolving world of film and entertainment. This program is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and technical expertise needed to excel in the media and entertainment industry.

Shape your professional path through 4 pillars:

Real Link with Companies

An international network of companies’ partners to help young and senior professionals in building their careers and RBS to create the best learning experience possible, thanks to Business Practice LAB, Company visits, in-class exercises and exclusive lecturers.


Rome Business School is proudly the most international business school in Italy, being able to immerse our students in a stimulating environment, thanks to our international faculty, our exclusive Bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Tuscany and mixed ethnicity in our classes.

Professional Impact

Our higher purpose is to build managers and leaders. For this reason, we’ve built our Master around our student’s professional and personal growth, providing different services and experiences, just like our Career Service, multiple company meetings, Company Shadowing, Individual Coaching sessions and a soft skills program.

Higher Purpose

Following our motto, Better Managers for a Better World, an entire section of our Master is fully dedicated to a higher purpose in business, Corporate Social Responsibility and the creation of a sustainable approach and mindset to business.

Why Choose Our International Master in Media and Entertainment

Career Acceleration Program

+27% Average Salary Increase. A tailored Career Acceleration Program specifically designed to shape each student’s professional profile to enable them to become a competitive figure in the modern employment market

International Bootcamp

Choose from 9 international boot camps in Silicon Valley (US), Nigeria, Qatar, Nigeria, Tuscany, Paris, Barcelona, China, London and 4 other continents. These boot camps offer an immersive and stimulating experience that is centred on business-related topics.

Business in Action

In partnership with WarnerBros. Discovery. Spend 10 hours in the Practice Lab, where theoretical concepts are put into practice and participants learn through experience. All labs are run by managers from national and international companies, who teach participants how to prepare and present real company cases.

The Italian Hub of Cinema: Rome

Rome has a rich legacy in motion pictures dating back to the early 20th century with the creation of the Cinecittà Studios. Rome is also the hometown of Federico Fellini, the so-called “Eternal City” has sustained its reputation as a vibrant city of film, and now supports a large sector with over 1,300 active enterprises in the film industry, generating an annual added value of about 750 million euro.


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