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Introduction to South China

First, the origin of the creation and the status quo

Nanhua University is located in Chiayi area of ​​Taiwan, founded in 1996, by the Buddha Guangshan Nebula masters set millions of people willing to set up, is the founder of the first comprehensive university, at the same time, the school is the first national cross-international joint university System "Foguangshan United University System". There are currently about 5,500 students, 223 full-time teachers, strong teaching staff, assistant professor of full-time teachers accounted for 99% of the proportion of full-time teachers, which has a doctorate ratio of up to 92%, in the private university among the best The The school is located in a quaint pastoral landscape, mountain building, gradually layer, the school area of ​​about 63 hectares, with vast grasslands, towering trees, quiet and elegant campus, green, flowers, its unique The natural environment, the "University of Forest" reputation, more everywhere visible conservation rare insects, natural and cultural ecology is quite rich, worthy of the green campus and environmental education model. Since the school since the school, the first emphasis on general education and humanistic spirit, is the national general education in the south of key schools. At present, there are five colleges and general education centers, such as management, humanities, social sciences, arts and technology. There are 19 departments of the university department, 24 master's degree programs and 1 doctorate. The school's first Department of Life and Death is still known throughout the country, and the Department of Natural Biotechnology, Department of Tourism Management, Department of Architecture and Landscape, Department of Ethnomusicology, Religious Affairs, Nonprofit Management, Natural Medicine Institute , Are the characteristics of the Department of the school. In addition, high-quality general education year after year award-winning, the school has established a good reputation. At the same time, we are committed to promoting transnational learning courses, including international exchange students, overseas study and E learning platform (wireless network / digital media / language learning), etc., are showing the school characteristics and competitiveness.

Second, the school concept

Our school to human culture, specialization, digital, industrialization and internationalization, five balanced development of the principle. Self-positioning as "towards a religious and cultural orientation, with public interest and the spirit of justice of high-quality teaching university." Its unique mission is to "life consciousness", "religious humanistic spirit" and "public welfare ideal" in the education process, and "vitality to bring vitality" spirit, to promote the growth and transformation of teachers and students, to enhance each Students' character, vision and professional ability. At the same time, it also strengthens students' minds of serving other people and cultivates good citizens and can be made for the society. Talent training objectives: (a) to cultivate a character, virtuous and have the spirit of service of modern people. (B) cultivate a broad vision, civic literacy and communication ability of modern citizens. (C) cultivate modern experts with a sense of responsibility, professional competence and creative ability.

Third, the development of features

To establish the humanistic spirit in academy education

The school is a religious school, deep religious and cultural spirit, pay special attention to general education and student personality development. Carrying forward the tradition of ancient academy and rebuilding the humanistic spirit is the development characteristic of our school since its establishment. We have set up university culture city with college education, and are committed to cultivating all talents of character education, general education and professional education. Every year, the "ceremony" is held for the freshman's "New Year's Eve", which combines students with a series of spiritual baptism into a responsible and conscious adult.

Combined with local industry attention to "learning with one"

In the teaching, to "life conscious education" and "students' self-conscious learning" as the axis, emphasizing the environment Tao Cheng quality teaching and apply their knowledge. Not only the implementation of curriculum and industry, but also the establishment of "learning with one" system, academic theory and industry seamless convergence, and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of students employment. In addition, also with the local industry and community pulse, to create the highlights of the Department. And the focus of the future development of the school, such as religion and volunteers, life and death care, health care, wisdom and life, organic agriculture, biotechnology, tourism and leisure, nonprofit organization, and cultural and creative industries.

Based in Taiwan, look at the international, the first cross-international joint university system

We have established the "Foguangshan United University System" with the Foguang University, the University of the West and the University of South Africa. This is the first domestic cross-international joint university system, we combine the advantages of the four schools to provide a wide range of resources to develop students international perspective. In the future, students will have the opportunity to obtain a double degree through the "one school registration four school elective" approach. In addition, the school can be combined with Fo Guang Shan distributed in five continents of the world outside the Dojo and Buddha will be more than 100 points, as the school students international exchange and learning important channels to cultivate students with international mobility.


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