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Next Education Group MSc Business Psychology - London Metropolitan University, UK
Next Education Group

MSc Business Psychology - London Metropolitan University, UK

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

12 Months


Full time

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Jun 2024

GBP 4,950



In an era of rapid change and disruption, organizations must innovate swiftly, necessitating a transformation in structure. The pivotal challenge lies in preparing and guiding individuals through change. The MSc Business Psychology - London Metropolitan University, UK at London Metropolitan University uniquely cultivates transformation specialists, highly valued globally. Explore this avenue to master influencing people and leading organizational change.

What’s Happening?

Modern business organizations all around the world have recognized that skills in business psychology are fundamental not only for occupational psychologists but also range of business professionals including marketers, human resource professionals, organizational communication professionals, and organizational consultants. Furthermore, with the pandemic that disrupted the operations of all sorts of organizations all around the globe, most organizations were forced to adopt digital strategies to ensure their survival.

With this digitalization of workplaces occurring at an unprecedented rate, many experts have recognized that the focus on human aspects in workplaces needs to increase at a similar rate to ensure the mental well-being of employees. Thereby, Business/ Organizational Psychology presently is one of the fastest-growing occupations around the globe.

MSc Business Psychology will allow you to be a competent leader in this challenging era of business, be it in marketing, human resources, training, development, or any other sector of employment. This course reflects the increasing market need for professionals who can apply theories of psychology in business contexts and is open to any individuals aspiring to obtain knowledge and skills of psychology in all business environments including leadership, change management, training, consumer analysis, and advertising. The focus of this program is the application of psychological principles, and the set of modules is designed to promote skills and knowledge in managing human behavior and well-being in business and organizational contexts.

The approach of this course has a distinctive practical emphasis, preparing you to apply knowledge of psychological theory and evidence to solving real-world problems and improving business performance in a variety of areas.


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