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MIA – Digital University Digital University is an International Business School specialized in Master's, certificate, and executive programs based on the use of innovative educational and technological tools. The University's mission is to discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge and to educate the next generation of global citizens, by offering innovative and affordable programs and learning opportunities to both domestic and international students. The University programs are designed taking into account the emerging requirements of the job markets and provide students with the skills and competencies needed to build a successful career at the international level. The Master, Certificate, and Executive programs are dedicated to young and adult professionals and leaders and have a strong international component providing a comprehensive view of the global business, of the main emerging economic sectors, and of the digital technologies and systems.

Why choose MIA Digital University

  • Develop a Global view of the main emerging business sectors.
  • Study online with a flexible and interactive system.
  • Be part of a community of international students and professionals.
  • Develop advanced technological skills allowing you to succeed in the work environment.
  • Receive comprehensive knowledge and practical training helping you to advance your career.

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Study Model

MIA – Digital University is an institution dedicated to the research and development of innovative learning methodologies that enrich the educational experience of students, allowing them to effectively achieve their professional and personal goals. All teachers and school managers collaborate in the design of training programs, choosing active teaching and learning tools, promoting the practical application of their knowledge, and in the scope of the results. The University offers its students the possibility to study online in a flexible environment, guaranteeing comprehensive training that allows them to achieve their personal and professionals goals in a flexible way. Through the MIA – Digital University virtual learning environment students will be trained through an interactive teaching and learning method with the constant advice and support of their tutors and professors. The acquisition of key personal and professional competencies is based on a system of continuous evaluation carried out through the resolution of practical cases, simulations, assignments, and projects that allow the application of the acquired knowledge in real situations.

Thanks to its relationship with the business world, MIA – Digital University offers excellent training that allows achieving the key competencies to hold managerial positions in European and international companies.

Find the right program for you

Match your needs and willing and take the right path.

MIA Digital University offers a variety of programs focused on the evolution of digital technologies to face the global and changing market demands. Whether you are a young graduate or a professional, you can find the program that takes you on the right path to build or improve your career.

Students Testimonials

Fabrizio Rodio
Graduate from the Master Global MBA

"MIA Digital University is a great institution to develop your academic and personal skills. The courses I attended during the Master meet my career expectation and the knowledge and skills I achieved allowed me to further my potential in my passion and goals"

Nicola Caria
Graduate from the Certificate in Digital Marketing

“I am proud to have completed the Certificate program in Digital Marketing Master at MIA Digital University. The online courses afforded me the opportunity to pursue my dreams through a program that was flexible and convenient for my schedule”