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Champollion University

Champollion University

Champollion University


A young establishment, the Champollion University - INU Champollion, has established itself in a few years as a recognized player in higher education and research. Its attractive model combining territorial anchoring and openness to the world is built on strong values: the multidisciplinary training of the license to the master, the culture of success and innovation in terms of education, the production and dissemination of knowledge through research. On its three campuses in Albi, Castres, and Rodez, INU Champollion offers its 4,000 students a privileged study environment stimulating a scientific and intellectual environment. The objective is twofold: to promote access to quality higher education for the greatest number of people and to create the conditions for success and development for all.

The Institut National Universitaire Champollion is located on three campuses in the Occitanie region: Albi, Rodez, and Castres. Its head office is in Albi. The establishment links its training and research activities with the Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées.


  • Albi

    Place de Verdun, 81000, Albi