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International School of Advanced Learning



Our team is made up of three international educators and lecturers, united by a shared drive to provide high-quality ESL programs for both young adults and business professionals in the Boston area.

Our alma maters include Brandeis University, Boston University, Belorussian State University, Skidmore College, and La Sorbonne IV. Between the three of us, we speak a combined 10 languages, which include Slavic, Germanic and Romance languages.

Being immigrants ourselves, we believe that we are uniquely poised to understand and assist ESL students as they come upon the barriers of learning English as adults. Drawing on our varied and extensive educational training, and reinforcing it with our first-hand immigrant ESL experience, we have been able to create a school that both teach English and assists our students in building a life for themselves in America or finding success as a bilingual professional abroad.


We understand how difficult it is to search for a well-paying and stimulating job, especially when your English language knowledge isn’t as advanced as you’d like it to be. We also know how frustrating it can be to have practical and marketable skills while lacking an adequate means of expressing them.

Our philosophy is guidance.

By providing a reliable framework through career-oriented language education, we will help you navigate the path to the job of your dreams. Whether you already have a grasp on the language and need help in applying yourself towards your goals, or if you don’t know which direction you’d like your life to take — but know that you need English to get there — we will work with you to guide your life forward.

We believe in the empowering qualities of guidance through education and assurance. By helping you understand the process of finding your ideal job or career path, you will be able to use your own skills, background, and enthusiasm to realize success.


Knowledge is power. Our goal is to provide a unique and–most importantly–affordable approach to language education.

Every student that walks through our doors has particular needs. Our distinctive “building block” approach allows students to customize their education to suit their personal learning journey and attain their personal goals.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to adult education, and so we worked hard to create an array of programs to allow everyone that walks in our doors an opportunity to learn in the way that makes sense for them. A working professional with a busy schedule will benefit more from a short-term intensive course, while a young adult who with a flexible schedule can take advantage of a long-term immersion program.

At the same time, we want our school to also be a safe haven — a center for aid and education for both our foreign neighbors living full-time in Boston and to our temporary students visiting the city. Our extensive offering of student services is set up to be a lifeline in Boston and a helping hand to our entire student body.


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