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A SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE IN PARIS IFA Paris was founded in 1982 to integrate the legacy of French fashion in the globalized world of today. It is the only school offering programs taught in English for the first and second cycle. IFA Paris is aimed at an international student population with students from all walks of life.

IFA Paris is registered at the Académie de Paris under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth, Education and Research. It is also affiliated with Campus France, the French national agency for the promotion of higher education.

IFA Paris is pleased to announce the relocation of its Paris campus. The new building, located at 18-24 quai de la Marne in the 19th arrondissement is three times larger than the old campus; The new premises offer additional facilities and facilities for students, including several workshops to facilitate practical work.

Located directly on the quay of the Marne, IFA Paris overhangs the famous canal, in the heart of the 19th district today in full development. This vibrant artistic district is home to many cultural attractions, such as MK2 cinemas, Point Ephemera for concerts and ballets, as well as the multi-purpose 104 with its extensive program of shows, shows and haute-couture fashion shows. Prestigious art schools also have their address in the 19th century, where, for example, the National School of Architecture of Paris-La Villette (ENSAPLV), the National Superior Music Conservatory, and International School of Audiovisual Creation and Realization (EICAR). Very popular with students, the 19th is one of the most lively districts in Paris, and IFA Paris looks forward to taking part in the adventure.

Paris occupies a special place in the world of Haute Couture and luxury. Considered the cradle of fashion, the French capital has given birth to the most renowned designers and fashion houses such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior. Paris remains the place where designers like Martin Margiela, Rick Owens and Alber Elbaz choose to live and work. The particularity of Parisian fashion extends well beyond the limits of industry, it is also present in cinema, art galleries, museums, theaters and even in everyday life.

Paris undeniably has a long history with fashion and luxury, and its present and future seem equally promising. Paris is proudly displayed as the fashion capital of the world and can prove it thanks to its countless events: Fashion Week takes place twice a year, fairs and fairs, but also fascinating concept shops, not to mention the trend agencies headlights. Major luxury groups such as LVMH, PPR, Hermès, Cartier and Baccarat have chosen to set up their headquarters in Paris. More recently, Paris has turned almost all its economy towards luxury including fashion, jewelry, cosmetics as well as gastronomy, wine and tourism. The City of Light is an unmissable destination for young fashion and luxury professionals who want to understand the history of fashion and its evolution.


Founded in Shanghai in 2002 in partnership with Shanghai University of Engineering Sciences (IFES), IFA Paris is the first Sino-French joint venture in fashion education. IFA Paris is today, in China, the leading fashion school in the fashion and luxury trades. It is considered one of the best performing schools in terms of teaching and creativity. His teachers, almost all recruited in Paris, are all experienced fashion professionals.

IFA Paris is also the only school in Shanghai to offer, through innovative approaches and in partnership with the fashion and luxury industries, undergraduate and graduate programs taught entirely in English.

IFA Paris is targeting a Chinese and international student population in China, whose aim is to create a career in design, design, but also in sales, media, Company or in large companies of the world of fashion and luxury.

In a multicultural and international environment, its mission is to bring out the creative talents of its students, but also to develop their technical, computer and digital skills.

IFA Paris in Shanghai is an academy of higher education registered with the Chinese Ministry of Education and recognized by the Chinese government as well as the Shanghai government. It occupies vast premises which it has organized in order to ensure the conditions for a solid transmission of knowledge and practical knowledge.

The Shanghai campus offers a unique opportunity in terms of learning through a full-time initial education curriculum and highly operational in-service training courses for professionals already in the workforce.

IFA Paris in Shanghai also offers its international students the opportunity to witness the dizzying growth of the Chinese fashion and luxury market. Its objective is that its students satisfy the local demands of the labor market, and, beyond that, those in force at the international level.

SCHOOL OF ISTANBUL After extending its influence and reputation in France and China, IFA Paris is now present in one of the most exciting cities, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia: Istanbul.

IFA Paris offers the following programs in Turkey:

Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology (starting September 2016) MBA, Luxury Brand Management MBA, Fashion Business Executive MBA, Luxury Brand Management Executive MBA, Fashion Business

To strengthen its reputation on Turkish soil, IFA Paris is very proud of its cooperation with the well-known university of Kadir Has. Founded in 1997, the University of Kadir Has was built on the historic ground of Tekel Cibali whose main activity since 1884 was to host a single depot and tobacco factory owned by the state. Between 1998 and 2002 the Tekel Cibali cigarette factory was transformed by the foundation of Kadir Has to change its appearance and become a place of teaching and higher education. After four years of restoration, the campus of Kadir Has finally opens its doors in Cibali the 13 of February of 2002. Thanks to this incredible reconstruction work, the campus has inherited elegant façades, very sunny halls, with large open spaces which offer a quality living space and the most modern research instruments.

The campus of Kadir Has in Cibali is the most concrete representation of the mission of the university which aims to build the future of Turkey by relying on its strong heritage. The result is that this establishment located right in the center of the city brings together a mixture of culture as well as a modern and unique learning that will respond to the new needs of the country and the world. The interior of the Cibali campus alone covers a total of 45,000m2 and offers numerous classrooms, laboratories, libraries and offices of the Kadir Has rectorate. IFA Paris firmly believes that it is a privilege and an incredible opportunity to be present on this campus which undoubtedly will offer a superb place of life and study for our students.

Being one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world, with many museums, galleries, institutions, exhibitions ..., Istanbul opens up new horizons for anyone who wishes to develop personally and especially to start a career in the field of Fashion or luxury.

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