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IESDE School of Management



The Institute of Advanced Studies in Business Management (IESDE) Is much more than a business school specializing in senior management: it is a space to transform the life, profession, career, business and environment of entrepreneurs and managers who attend our programs.

That is, it seeks the integral development of its participants.

IESDE is positioning itself as a benchmark among Latin American business schools. For 20 years he has influenced the development and transformation of his more than 1,500 graduates: business leaders and directors of various and prestigious organizations in Puebla and the region.

At the end of the program, our participants have lived an experience that transforms their person and their organization; Develop or perfect their leadership skills as well as leadership skills that allow them to better adapt to the constant changes facing organizations in a global world.


The fundamental purpose of IESDE is to convey the knowledge and practice of business management. Also, through the leadership of our graduates, transforming the organizations, thus promoting the socio-economic development of Mexico in a sustainable way.

The principles on which our work is based are:

  • The improvement of leadership as a fundamental pillar in the management activity.
  • The development of managerial skills of the entrepreneur and his training.
  • Promote a discipline with global vision and business.
  • Imbue a high decision criterion in the participants.
  • Include a sense of ethics and social responsibility in business activities.


  • Puebla City

    15 Norte 1-A Col. Centro Puebla,, 72000, Puebla City